Vikash kumar.'s Recipes

Soft Boondi Laddu

Soft boondi laddu has ruled the Indian sweets market for centuries. This video shows you how to make the king of all Indian sweets at home and it will taste even better as you can have it fresh out of the pot. So are you the one with that sweet tooth, if yes... - 120.927

Deep Fried Bhature

Bhature is one of my favorite Indian breads as it is so crispy yet so soft. This recipe shows how to make a perfectly puffed Bhature which is like the bun on a burger when it comes to having Chole, the famous Indian Chick pea curry. - 98.4487

Bhindi Ki Bhujia

There simply can't be a better and simpler okra recipe than this bhindi ki bhujia. This video shows how we can make a delicious okra dish with bare minimum ingredients and yet it tastes so nice. Try it to surprise your diners; they would love it for sure. - 111.024

Fried Puri

Puri is my all time favorite breakfast bread as it goes well with any curry or jams. This video shows you how to make perfect puri step by step. So, go ahead and surprise your family with a wholesome breakfast - 113.291


Are you looking for Kheer Recipe? This recipe for Keer is just the way it is prepared in Indian homes. The kheer is undoubtedly the most important dish of the array of Indian puddings. This traditional Indian dish is a delicious concoction of milk, rice and... - 50.6458

Suji Ka Halwa

For people who believe in simple desserts, suji ka halwa tops the chart. In this video you can learn the easiest way of making the most popular Indian dessert. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and give it a shot, you will love it. - 111.118

Hot Lemon Tea

Do you sometimes feel tired and don't want to drink a soda, but want to drink something refreshing. Watch this video to learn how to make this refreshing lemon tea and refresh your family and friends with this healthy tea. - 98.8241