Mandeep's Recipes

Dahi Ka Shorba

an appetizing soup made with yogurt - 46.3069

Bhutta Behatreen ( A Better Way Serve Corn )

a melt in mouth patty of corn with potatoes and cheese. - 40.911

Palak Or Moong Ka Mastana Shorba

the blend of spinach & moong beans had always been good to taste. & this is here for you in form of soup - 41.9746

Tawa Cooked Dhaba Chicken

a really non descriptable recipe but yes very spicy indeed - 43.3933

Gosht Ilahi

simply unique & non descriptable - 42.2363

Double Ka Meetha

an ultimate, delicate dessert with easily available ingredients - 41.6474

Murg Makhmali Zaikedar

the name is fair enough - 40.0777

Chhena Zafrani Kebab

this mouth meltin delicacy makes your mouth fell so good . - 46.896

Gurde Lazeez(tasteful Kidney)

the lamb kidneys are considered to be good for this recipe. but u can use any kind of (not mine) - 47.2581

Aloo Beghum Inaity(potatoes Beghum Inaity Style)

the too spicy potatoes in main course with a rich paratha makes it a full meal but take care of the fiery taste. u can omit the chillies by adding black pepper powder but the taste........? - 36.6291

Shikam Puri Kebab

a mouth melting delicacy of mutton - 43.1054

Mitti Ke Kebab (the Kebes Of Clay)

recipe is called very good if you use both poultry & lamb. the texture makes you think if it is meat or cheese. - 32.0301

Indian Plum Sauce(alu Bukhara Ki Chutney)

This delicious Indian plum sauce(alu bukhara ki chutney) is one of its kind. You can enjoy it as a dip or as a spread. Enjoy the mouthwatering flavors of this exotic Indian dish. - 38.3713

Potato & Walnut Cutlet

this is the unique blend of various ingredients that leaves its mild taste in your mouth for hours & the velvety texture makes the people think again & again about it. - 44.1722