Chefman's Recipes

Sake Maki

Sake Maki ( japanese ) or Salmon Roll Salmon is king of fish oil. All fish have fats called omega-3s, but salmon is one of the richest sources. Omega-3s are major players in the prevention of heart problems and may help with controlling inflammatory problems... - 59.8954

California Hand Roll

California Hand Roll. - 84.4545

Yaki Udon

Yaki Udon @ Japanese Seafood Noodle Stir-fry Yakiudon are thick, smooth, white Japanese Noodles eaten with a special sauce, meat and vegetables. It is simple and fresh to make and a popular dish in Japan - 102.237

Futo Maki

Futomaki futomaki A fat roll filled with rice, Futo Maki is one of the most colorful sushi there is. The word “Futo” means “Fat” in Japanese, which indicates that the sushi is stuffed with sweetened cooked egg, pickled gourd, and bits of vegetables... - 67.9948

Japanese Oyako Don

Japanese Oyako Don is a traditional dish where a rice bowl is served with chicken and eggs simmered together. Watch this video to see how it is made traditionally. - 80.0639

Japanese Tekka Maki

GETTING READY 1. Cut the cucumber tuna fish into thick strips, set aside MAKING 2. On the mat place the nori sheet and cover it with a thin layer of sushi rice. 3. Place the tuna strip in the center. 4. Carefully roll the mat using your finger and palms to... - 80.415

Sushi Ebi

GETTING READY 1. Clean the prawns and remove the head, leave the shell of the tail and body intact. 2. Skewer 2 pieces of shrimps in the bamboo skewer. MAKING 3. Boil water in a wok and cook the shrimps until pink and cooked. 4. Keep a container with cold... - 82.3068

Deep Fried Tofu

Deep fried tofu is called age-dashi-dofu in Japan. Deep fried tofu is usually served with Tempura Sauce. Agedashi tofu (or agedashi dofu), often shortened to age tofu or age dofu) is a japanese way to serve hot tofu. Silken (kinugoshi) firm tofu, cut into... - 78.4147

Japanese Breaded Shrimp

Japanese Breaded Shrimp is kid's favorite in Japan. This is an easy recipe and tastes great with the crunch of the bread crumbs and the seafood flavor. Watch this video to learn this recipe. - 85.7224

Dragon Maki

Hi, I Am Chef Man, In this video I will show how to make Dragon maki ( special Roll) sushi. - 64.2231

Berjaya Maki

Hi, I am chef Man, In this video , Show how to make Idako Maki ( In my restaurant call BERJAYA maki) Berjaya means success in bahasa malaysia...( malaysia my country) see a video..thanks - 65.2405

California Maki Sushi

Video Show how to make California Maki - 64.1632