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Jazzed Up Juice

MAKING 1. Pour the juice into the ice cubes tray. You can pour each juice into individual ice trays or can also mix them up, if you wish. 2. Pop the ice tray into the refrigerator to freeze. 3. Add the ice cubes to a glass and top with ginger ale. SERVING 4.... - 103.71

Martian Mallows : Halloween Marshmallow Treat

MAKING 1. In a pan, heat the butter and vegetable oil. 2. Next, add the white chocolate chips until it melts and is smooth. 3. Separate the melted chocolate into two pans. 4. Add food coloring into the 2 pans of chocolate and mix. 5. Insert toothpicks into... - 102.529

Alex’s Secret Baked Chicken Strips

Alex,Soph and Mom demonstrate a quick & delicious recipe, perfect for a little fanciness without too much fuss! - 108.61

Candy Sparklers

This patriotic treat, with chow mien noodles that point every-which-way & candy sugar twinkles is meant to mimic the sparks that glitter from a real sparkler. - 31.4498

Yummy Bacon And Squash Appetizer

Bacon and squash lying in your fridge??? Why not use them with sage and make a quick and delicious appetizer? Watch this video here to see how even the kids can make it. - 104.963

Chocolate Candies And Pretzels

If your kids are fond of candies and cookies, why not encourage them to make some. Watch this video here and see the kids making some creamy and chocolaty candies. Quite sure, that your kids will love making them and having them too… - 103.23

Baked Egg Cups

If eggs are your favorite but you want to try something different from an omelet or scrambled egg, watch this video now. See the two kids cooking with their mother and learn from them how to make a delectable baked egg cup. Here you go… - 92.0387

Simple Pancakes

Nothing can be better than a pancake for breakfast. These pancakes can be made in a variety of ways and can be flavored with a choice of ingredients like fruits, nuts or Choco chips. Watch the video here to see the two kids cooking these pancakes and... - 101.916

Ham And Cheese Breakfast Bake

Kids love to be in kitchen and there are many ways by which we can encourage them too. Watch this video of two kids cooking where they make a cheesy bake of ham, bread and eggs. Quick and delicious, this recipe is great for breakfast… - 105.844

Two Kids Cooking Tv: Pumpkin Pie Pudding

Pumpkin Pie is a staple in the Thanksgiving Meal tradition. In this episode, Alex, Soph & Mom twist the tradition by demonstrating how to make Pumpkin Pie into a Pumpkin Pudding. - 35.76

Title 2 Kids Cooking Tv: Snackulas (aka Tomato Basil Crostini)

Happy Halloween Month Everyone! If you haven't figured it out yet, we LOVE Halloween. This means that instead of the usual 2 shows per month, we're doing 4 in October--and we're all dressed up for all of 'em :D To start of our month-long festivities, we're... - 108.629

Kids Halloween Recipe: Photon Potion

This slushy, green blender drink is perfectly spooky when served in a beaker and topped with whip cream 'fumes' to make it look like a tasty Halloween science experiment. - 31.7567

Two Kids Cooking Tv: Orange Cream Smoothies

Put all of the ingredients into a blender and blend away! - 19.4345

Strawberry Iced Tea

Bring the water to a boil and then remove from heat. Add the tea bags and let steep for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, remove the tea bags and add the sugar, stirring until it is all dissolved. Add the strawberry juice. Transfer to a pitcher and chill in... - 22.2209

Hot Dogs

Run out of ideas on packing your little one's lunch box? Well mom, Alex and Sophie give you’re a run down of what they'd like to carry to school! See this video for more! - 102.082

Fairy Berry Bake-off

This video is a creation of 2kidscooking. You can visit 2kidscooking for complete recipes, and more videos. - 12.7775

Spaghetti Squash With Basil Pesto And Brown Sugar Sauce

Get to eat your veggies in a different way with some sauces and you have yourself our of a routine! Alex and Sophie have up their sleeve a nice recipe using the spaghetti squash, so as to retain the goodness. Check out this video for more! - 109.118

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Another innovation with your strawberries, when they are in season! Enjoy the fruits to their season's best with a dose of chocolate! See how these tow kids make this a simple recipe in this video! - 98.7039

Watermelon Cocktail

For the Halloween episode, the two kids share a quick and easy recipe! They call it the Zombie Cocktail! Serve this refreshing drink into some fancy glasses and voila! - 92.1509

Broiled Bbq Chicken Thighs

Want to try a broil for today day? How about a BBQ chicken? Its easy and take hardly any time at all! If your child is attempting it, make sure an adult is there to supervise! Watch this video on the BBQ Chicken! - 96.7452

Sugar Cookie With Frosting

cookie are fun to eat and even better to make with the kids! Get your child to chose the shapes he or she wants to make the cookie into! Alex and Sophie do the same as a fun activity and the cookie look gorgeous! See the video for more! - 78.0493

Baked Breaded Chicken

An awesome recipe to try with the kids is this easy baked chicken! Simple and delicious. Fun to cook, and that’s exactly what the kids enjoy doing in this video! Would you like to try this recipe out? Stay tuned! - 100.07

Pan Fried Breaded Walleye

Is your favorite hobby fishing? If you happen to catch a good walleye, this is a recipe that you could use to do your fish! The kids here demonstrate how to get your fish going! - 99.5172

Peanut Butter And Banana Treats

If your kids are wanting to have some fun making their own breakfast using their combinations then let them just be! This is a creation by the brother sister duo, and they come up with a sticklicious plateful of alien treats! Watch this video for your kids to... - 98.4658

Press Dough Cookie

Sophie and Mom are reviewing a product given to them, and they show you how to make cookie using the contraption! See the video for more on how to use the cookie factory gadget! - 60.9673

Dry Fruit, Nuts And Chocolate Snack

On earth day, just to show how you appreciate the earth, you want to step on an adventure walk. So when you do what's the best snack to carry along! This video shows you what to carry and what to munch on! - 93.3732

Strawberry Shortcake

Dessert is something that gets exciting to make. Especially if it involves macerating the strawberries and then having them with some whipped cream! See the video on how to make this mouth watering dessert! - 96.6677

Strawberry And Cream Cheese Graham

Strawberries and cream cheese is a deadly combination! Make them on a graham cracker for a snack and they be gobbled up in no time. A perfect snack for after school hours! - 94.4564

Stuffed Trout With Pesto

Want to try making a fish dish with your kids? Then this video is about 3 simple step to making this stuffed fish! An easy demonstration by the kids and mom! - 91.0186

Beets In Orange Glaze

Another dish to make, to get your kids to eat beets! Glaze them with orange marmalade for a sweet effect. See the video on more of this dish! - 96.8656

Tabouleh Salad

A Lebanese salad which is healthy and easy to make is the tabouleh! Mum in this episode makes her kids make this for Mother's Day . This episode shows you how to make a nice healthy dose of the tabouleh! - 110.672

Mixed Fruit Kebab With Chocolate Drizzle

Want to get your children to eat their fruit. Try the kebab method of getting them to skewer them and then eating them with a nice drizzle of chocolate. Alex, Sophie and mum show you how to get this goodness going! - 96.359

Coconut And Lime Smoothie

The recipe in this video shown is a nice enjoyable drink with just a few ingredients, which the kids make on St. Patrick's Day! The recipe is a winner, but the audio in this video is just too low! - 118.727


Mozzarella is about getting the measurements right and the method right! Mom and the kids are attempting this recipe for the second time and end up with a nice stretchy cheese portion! Watch this video on how to make home made cheese! - 101.611

Garlicky Fried Chicken Strips

Looking to involve your kids in the kitchen? Then get them to make some yummy chicken strips! A video showing a fantastic and easy recipe to whip up right in your kitchen too! - 119.703

Jerk Beef

Want to cook up some sliced beef? Try this jerky beef by the kids who get this recipe going with the help of their mom of course! Nice recipe, you could ignore the kiddy presentation! - 103.764

Fried Tuna Burger

Children Love burgers. Add your desired level of spice and seasoning and you end up with some super delicious burgers! Watch Alex and Sophie whip this recipe up! - 94.4952


This week we’re sharing our recipe for Pizzadillas–essentially they’re quesadilla’s with pizza ‘stuff’ inside. We love this recipe because it allows each of us to customize ingredients and it’s lots of fun…not to mention we love pizza of all... - 86.9658

Banana And Berry Trifle

It’s the holiday season and your wondering how to get your kids engaged! Then involve them in some cooking and you not only have fun the kids are going to be super excited! That's what this video is all about, though this is a home made video the style or... - 100.51

Herb Chicken

Make one day of the week where you involve the kids in cooking so that you ensure you have some activity done together! That’s what these mom and kids do on Monday! So for the Monday cooking they have in this video a herb chicken! - 113.815

Oven Roasted Garlic

A yummy dish to be made with the little one. You will have the house wafting with the fragrance f this roasted garlic! A healthy and delicious dish being demonstrated by Sophie with the help of Mom! See the video! - 92.8083

Gourmet Cupcake Maker

Sophie make cupcake using Gourmet Cupcake Maker. Its simple to use, just follow the instructions for mixing for a great cupcake. This cupcake maker comes in handy when you need some quick desserts for your kids because it takes about 30 seconds to bake a... - 89.0051

Personal Pizza Pockets

Personal Pizza Pockets are like jumbo pizza rolls built to order, we love them and we know you will love them too. Pizza is easy to make and customizable to taste– the whole family can have their very own, built to meet their unique needs. Personal Pizza... - 100.632

Shrimp In Lemon Garlic Sauce

A chance to fall in love with shrimps again! This recipe will make the kids want to love this version as this is tastier! See the video on how to get this lemony shrimp going! - 85.1466

Hummus Dip With Pita Chips

Inculcate good habits in your kid by making this healthy dip with the pita bread! Alex and Sophie make this yummlicious hummus dip which is easy and healthy! Watch this video on how to get going! - 109.96

New Year Hors D'oeurves

No one of us can do without New Years hors d'oeurves, right? So, Alex, Soph and I came up with three 2 Kids hors d'oeurves recipes: Lemony-Garlic Shrimp Skewers, Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus, and Mini-Wrapped Hot Dogs. These recipes are great for kids to help with... - 111.019

Mega Meat Sandwich With Veggies

Is the Christmas tree up and lighted? Now how about a perfect recipe to match the occasion! These are sandwiches made by Alex and Sophie to cater to a light meal for the day. Be it lunch or dinner, you can still have a hearty meal with these kids in the video! - 115.366

Christmas Perogies

It's Christmas time and it’s the perfect time to bake some goodies! Alex and Soph bake some perogies which is a traditional polish dish of pasta! Make them with these kid chefs as they take you through a step by step process. A typical home done video, so... - 123.326

Cheesy Christmas Tree

It is the season of christmas, and it’s the time for get together and dinners together. So one recipe for the occasion is this on that not calls in for the occasion but also visually makes it too! Check the video out on how to get this edible tree up and... - 100.488

Classic New Orleans Bread Pudding

Its Christmas season and a recipe that is imperative to be made is the classic bread pudding! A sugar rush for this sweet indulgence! Watch the kids make this bread pudding and make it perfect! - 111.591

Baked Turkey Meatballs

Its thanksgiving week and the kids get to make turkey meatballs! The kids are enjoying the squishing if the meat and forming them into the balls! A delish dish for the occasion! See the video for more! - 96.3894

Garlicky Mashed Potatoes

Garlicky Mashed Potatoes is our recipe for the smoothest, butteriest, garlic mashed potatoes around. Just like the turkey, mashed potatoes, are a Thanksgiving meal staple in our home (and many homes I guess). And, they can easily be made family cooking... - 103.914

Pumpkin And Cream Cheese Pie

Its thanksgiving week! And amongst the traditional set of recipes used every year, here is one that is dishes out by the kids! A nice Pumpkin and Cream cheese pie! See the video for more! - 109.601

Peanut Butter Cookie

If Halloween is round the corner then you might want to stock these spooky spidery cookie in the jar! Sophie makes these delicious cookie with a spooky twist! Watch the video for more! - 111.509

Brains On The Half-skull With Alien Potion And Vampire Cocktails

This week we share two ghoulish recipes and one out-of-this-word delight, Brains on the Half-Skull with Alien Potion and Vampire Cocktails. Our Brains on the Half-Skull recipe is not only scarily delicious, but it’s also super good for you. The halved grape... - 113.742

Cocktail Weiners With Sauce

Another gory snack for the Halloween season are cookies with the kids! The most faint of heart wouldn't be able to resist this delish snack. Stay tuned to see how Alex and Sophie make this! - 108.175

Cheese Omelette

‘Cheesy Eggs’ is what Sophia calls a cheese omelet. Like all of our recipes, we strive for kids friendliness in the preparation. With this recipe things like cracking and beating eggs along with grating the cheese leave most of the work to the child... - 103.087

Tuna And Pickle Sandwich

This episode of the video has a recipe which shares their idea for school lunch! A sandwich in the tiffin and your done for the day. Watch Alex make his sandwich perfectly! - 100.754

Snack Platter

6 year old Sophie shows you how to make a nice snickety snacks which is a platter of chopped vegetables to be had with some ranch dressing! Try making this platter with your lil one! - 88.9605

Berries With Cream Cheese Dip

It’s the berry picking season, and apart from the smoothies and the tarts, another recipe to use up your berries is shown in the video! A video with all the directions clear and precise! - 94.7775