Anda ( Egg) Karahi

(1) – Boiled Eggs -6-8 ( Cut in small pieces) (2) - Medium onion sliced – 2 (3) - Garlic paste 1 tbsp. (4) - Ginger paste 1 tbsp. (5) - Coriander powder 1 tsp. (6) - Red Chilly powder 1 tsp or according to taste (7) - Turmeric powder 1... - 45.0392

Anda Karela ( Egg & Bittergaurd).

Its must try as a different and easy recipe. - 36.74

Mishti Dohi( Sweet Curd).

Its a type of Bengali desserts - 35.6151


Heat ghee in a pan. Add wheat flour and cook it on low flame. Keep stirring constantly till light brown. Remove from the flame when it smells aromatic. Transfer it to a large plate and spread. Cool it above room temperature. Sprinkle with sugar and... - 33.5253

Cheese Bun

1. In large bowl combine butter and grated cheese. 2. Open buns and spread mixture inside. 3. Place on large cookie sheet and broil for 3−5 minutes. - 21.8818


• Boil the milk till it reduces to 1/2 its quantity. • Roast the rava till light brown. Add to the milk along with maida. There should be no lumps. • It should be a smooth pouring consistency. Heat the ghee. Take the batter in a glass. • Pour in... - 31.7572


Its a famous dessert in India /Pakistan. Its basic ingrediaents is Pulse ( Daal MAASH). Use a flat bottomed frying pan. The imarti bottle can be substituted with a soft plastic sauce bottle with a nozzle. If not available, take a 12"x 12" thick cloth, make a... - 42.7906


Its a typy of Pastry,but it fried recipe It specially prepared at festival "Diwali", even any festive occaision. - 47.7311

Kachchi Biryani

Kachchi Biryani is a cusine from Hydrabad( India) and Bengal. - 37.1286

Pumpkin With Gram Pulse

It is a common & most popular dish in sub continent,speccially for those are vegeterian. - 42.4819

Lauki Dal Chana

Its a most popular in sub continenet. Specially its common and most favourite for those are vegeterian. It is my favourite, and the dish with nan,fresh salad, and curd,really yummy,yummy. - 43.5703

Gur (jaggery) Ki Kheer.

Its my husband's favourite sweet dish. If use Khajoor ka gur it will be more delicious. The Khajoor ka gur called in Begal" PATALI GUR". In BANGLADESH kheer of PATALI GUR is very famous. My husband spend the major part of his child hood in... - 38.5941

Chicken Nuggets.

It is a side dish. It use also as a snack or an appetizer. Specially kids like very much. - 40.2308

Gajar Ki Kheer

It is popular desert specially in winter. - 33.1867

Malai Kabab.

It is additional dish for any menu. It like by every age group. It also use as a snakes. - 45.3784

Chatpata Aloo

It is my kids favourite also. - 39.836

Reshmi Kabab.

Its a Bar-B-Q recipe. Every in Pakistan like very much. - 40.0036

Meethi Tikiya,or Khajoorain ( Thekua).

It prepare in Karachi and all over Pakista spl at the occaision of muslim festival" RAJJAB" named as MEETHI TIKYEN. It prepare in Bihar( INDIA) spl at the hindu festival Chhat named as THEKUA. In U.P & M.P. state known as Khajoorain. - 45.0626

"chicken Handi" Or "chicken Makhni".

In the recipe if we add butter it knowned as CHICKEN MAKHNI. If donot add butter knownas CHICKEN HANDI. - 45.7577

Chilled Falooda

1. Mix cornflour with a little cold milk to a smooth paste. Boil half the milk and add half the sugar. Pour over cornflour paste stirring well. Return to fire and cook till thick. 2. Soak Sabja seeds in cold water and allow them to swell up. 3. Pour a small... - 32.3697

Chicken Jhat Pat.

Its easy to cook. At that time any guest come suddenly without prior notice. The dish will easily prepare with in short time. - 40.5722

Chicken Rice " Spl For Kids".

Its a type of Pulao. But like mostly by kids. Its nutritios also - 45.0957

Fish Fry.( Pomfort).

Its a fry fish, specially for pomfort . Its taken as a starter with garlic sauce. - 40.1794

Dal Fry

Its a pulse ( Daal ) recipe and nutritious. - 39.3278

Mutabiq Paratha

Its a easy and quick recipe. When any guest come at home and in a short time sereve food its quickly prepare. - 38.7798

Seviyan Ka Muzafir

Sewaiyan (vermicelli) are essential & main dish in festival EID . - 38.6955

Iftar's Essential "fruit Salad(chat) & Dates"

Its a nutritious dish spl diabitic in Ramdan-shareef - 28.3675

Iftar Chole

Its a healthy dish, perfect for Iftari dinners. - 33.8764

Crispy Chicken On "eid-ul-fitr"

This is a nice Indian Chinese style appetizer recipe which can be served on a festive occasion. - 48.0583

Eid Special "chicken Chargha"

This fried chicken is a specialty of Lahore city and popular all over Pakistan. Makes a wonderful Eid celebration dish. - 44.9906

Potato Chicken Cutlets.

Mix all the ingredients with mashed potoes. Prepare cutlets any shape, dip in egg batter ,then cover well it bread crmbs & fry in deep oil. Serve the crispy cutlets with criender sauce & Tomato ketchup. - 32.8614

Chocolate Cake.

It is rich cake but my kids faviourite. - 42.7855

Chicken Hot Salsa

Its have slty & some sweet &sour taste. - 33.0813

Chicken Karahi

PREPRATION- First heat up a karahi, put in oil when oil haet up add chopped onion and sorte it2 minuts. Onion becomes transparents add chicken with ginger-garlic paste,and sorte it. Then add curd, red chilli powder, salt and sorte it 2-3 minuts,now add tomato... - 34.4926