Kozzak's Recipes

Deruny - Ukrainian Potato Pancakes

Potato pancakes in the Slavic manner. Tasty & easy to make! - 34.9585

Broiled Tomatoes W/sour Cream

Great tasty side dish from Russia! - 31.927

Borshch Ukrainskii

Historically borscht is know to have originated in what is now Ukraine sometime in the mid-13th. Century. Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary & even Serbia lay claim to this great soup but historical evidence proves that it originated in Ukraine.... - 47.4133

Magyar Lecso

A tasty sauce that is a staple in Hungarian cuisine. Good on vegetables, good on meats. Good as a dip. - 37.7393

Tkemali Sauce

Tkemali sauce is slightly sour & is used on a wide variety of meat, poultry, seafood & even vegetable dishes. The Republic of Georgia has as many recipes for this sauce as they do women in the country! - 44.5756

Naing Kuk - Korean Cold Cucumber Soup

Cold soup that is unique & easy! tatsy as a summer soup. - 39.566

Russian Eggplant Caviar

Delicious appetizer recipe. A favorite all over the former Soviet union. It originated in the Trans-Caucasus Mountian area of southern Russia, rep. of Georgia & Armenia so all of them claim it. This is found on every holiday in every home! - 44.1121

Doc's Pecan Crust For Meat-poultry & Fish

Great taste treat & new outlook on grilling! - 35.3321

Khachapur'y - Georgian Cheese Bread

Great cheese bread from the Republic of Georgia. - 46.6534

Creamy Selyodka

GFreat party appetizer! Pickled herring is also a healthy food! - 22.0896

Vatapa - Brazilian Seafood Stew

Wonderful seafood dish from Brazil. - 41.7523

Spinach Pkhali

Interesting dish made fro parties, special meals, etc. Comes from the republic of Georgia. The accompanying phot is of a beet pkhali. - 42.759

Russian Mint Tea

Delightfully refreshing hot tea. - 21.7163

Istanbul Fried Veal Brain

Delicious change of pace mdish. Ate this at a party in Istanbul & then had it several more times over a period of 8 years. - 38.1693

Moravian Coleslaw

Great variation on a summertime favorite! - 31.6889

Hedgehog Meatballs

A fun food for kids as well as adults. - 29.5289

Macaroni Russian Navy Style - Stil Flota Russkogo Makaron

Meat & macaroni! A\great way to fix an old favorite. This is the Russian Navy's method & it is a traditional meal in the Russian Navy. - 28.5375

Pozharsky Chops

Wonderful chicken dish for anyone! - 30.9452

Great Pumpkin Bread

Great treat! Pumpkin bread is a favorite of mine! - 39.5171

Kotlety Tsiplenokovo Po-kievski - Authentic Chicken Kyiv

Classic Rus chicken dish! Originated in the city for which it is named! - 35.9816

Nel's Shrimp Spread

Great party spread/dip! Scandic in origin & very tasty! - 31.3672

Cajun Fried Soft-shell Crabs

great Cajun seafood delight! A seasonal favorite & quite a delciacy! - 40.1245

Pljeskavica - Meat Patties

This recipe is a favorite of mine comes froma doctor with whom I worked in Sofya-Bulgaria. ORIGIN: Dr. Maja Bustrec, Sofya-Bulgaria, circa 1994 - 28.9702

Kapusta T'ooshyunaya - Stewed Cabbage

Great way to fix the common cabbage! - 35.3963

Cossack Honey Mousse

Honey based dessert. Ethic & tasty! - 29.531

Cajun Eggplant Souffle

Wonderful way to fix eggplant! - 40.4687