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Creamy Rice Lactose-free

Making 1. In a large pot put rice, cinnamon stick, salt and water. Cook for 10 minutes. 2. Add sugar, butter and milk. 3. Simmer for 30 minutes. SERVING 4. Serve in a bowl, top it up with raisins, cinnamon powder and some more lactate milk. - 104.716

Garlic Creamy Asparagus Sauce

Those who like eating asparagus should try this recipe out. This is an amazing side dish which you can serve with any meat or vegetables. The Philadelphia cooking cream used in the video gives a nice flavour to the sauce. - 104.719

Blueberry Pannacotta With Philadelphia Cheese

All those wanting to try an Italian dessert should give this recipe a try. It's a creamy, fluffy and tasty Italian dessert. You can make it before your guests arrive and freeze it. You can use any other suitable substitute if you don't have blueberries. The... - 92.2122

Sandwich Cake With Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Have you ever tasted a savory sandwich cake? You must watch the interesting video. You don't need to bake it. The Philadelphia cream cheese , the original and the salmon version gives the desert a great taste. - 102.809

Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches

Have you heard of making strawberry ice cream without actual strawberries? You have to watch the video to know how. The chef used the combination of strawberry cream cheese with yogurt. This desert is fun to make and serve. - 98.9433

Philadelphia Cheesy Croquettes

All those who are fond of croquettes should try this recipe. You can watch the video before trying the recipe. This is a cheesy snack. Cheese lovers will really enjoy this snack. The readymade Philadelphia cheese makes the recipe an easy one. You can serve it... - 106.257

Creamy Cheese Bread Pudding

If you have a sweet tooth, you are going to love this Creamy Cheese Bread Pudding recipe. This pudding is simply delicious and feels like biting into a Croissant filled with cream cheese. You can even use leftover bread to prepare this pudding. - 84.3461

No-bake Carrot Cake

1. Mix cream cheese with butter, oats and carrots. 2. Mash in bananas until smooth. 3. Mix in sugar, cinnamon and vanilla extract. 4. Scoop up small balls and roll them in coconut. 5. Refrigerate until firm. 6. Enjoy as a dessert cookie or party candy. This... - 35.9481

Philly & Herb Stuffed Red Snapper Package

Are you hesitant to cook whole fish? My video will show you an easy way to bake it on your BBQ. This is the ultimate summer dish with PHILADELPHIA CHEESE and fresh herbs. Light and delicious - Have fun watching me play in my kitchen :) - 48.4436

Helena's Creamy Garlic Asparagus

This is a great little side dish for fish, chicken, meat, or your cooked or raw vegetables. Fresh, creamy and tasty; splurge yourself with this rich while refreshing Creamy Garlic Asparagus. - 46.0817

Philadelphia Sandwich Cake

Would you like to impress your guests and serve them something unusual and delicious? This is my version of a Swedish traditional “Smorgastarta”, which translate to Sandwich Cake. So festive, fun and easy to make, this is the perfect appetizer to serve 2... - 46.3007

Philadelphia Blueberry Panna Cotta

Would you like to look professional and fancy with your dessert? I have the recipe for you; this is the ultimate fluffy, creamy, delicate berry mousse that will impress your guests. You and I are the only ones who know how easy this dish is to make. Enjoy the... - 40.4781

Helena's Cheesy Bread Pudding

This is the perfect dessert to bring for a potluck or family gathering. It is so moist and buttery from the base of Croissants and Chocolate Cake that also makes a beautiful texture. The PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese brings a silky, creamy feel to the bread... - 48.647

Pink Philly Ice Cream Sandwiches

My husband was craving ice cream for dessert so I decided to make ice cream sandwiches with the PHILADELPHIA Strawberry Cream Cheese. They are so cute and delicious and best of all, very easy to make. They are perfect to make ahead of time and you can keep... - 44.6916

Working Wife Risotto

A simplistic and delicious Working Wife Risotto that will please your family's taste buds while being very affordable and filling. Yummy, tasty, heavenly creamy and cheesy - What more can we ask for? Enjoy! - 50.9876

Helena's Cheesy Croquettes

This is a wonderful side dish to serve with any meat, poultry or fish dish. So creamy, crunchy and tasty; you will love this recipe. - 46.811

Herb Crusted Halibut With Chilled Avocado Soup And Green Salad

All of you who are looking for a healthy protein meal then this is it. You have the soup which is the chilled one , the herb crusted halibut served with the salad. Your guests will really enjoy this meal. The video is very interesting to watch. - 128.194

Potatoes Thin Crust Pizza

Love pizza and want to try some thin crust ones - here is the recipe. A different kind of pizza with marinated potatoes as the topping. The caramelized onion and the anchovy adds a good flavour to it. Worcestershire Sauce which is added in the making of... - 133.716

Swedish Meatballs

All those who are fond of eating meatballs should really try this recipe. The meatballs will definitely shine at dinner time. The chef shares the secret of using Worcestershire sauce. It certainly gives a flavour boost to the meatballs. You can serve the... - 118.82

Crusted Pork In Bloody Mary Sauce With Spatzle

All of those who enjoy eating pork should try this recipe. It's a treat to have. Besides the chef shares the secrets to make bloody mary sauce. This dish can be served with some fresh green salad. - 131.856

Lamb In Fresh Mint Sauce With Wild West Rice

A very appetizing meal for all those who like eating lamb. The combination of west rice and the fresh mint sauce just gives a unique flavour to this recipe. The video is quite knowledgeful and the chef has shared the secret sauce used in the recipe. - 131.039

Marinated Tuna With Sesame

A quickie appetizer you can serve your guests if you have tuna at home. The green scallions and garlic used in the recipe adds flavour to the tuna. This recipe is a good balance of sweet and salty. Serve the tuna on a plate of lettuce and you're ready to eat. - 128.24

Nopales Cactus Frittata

Have you ever tried making something with your leftovers like beans, veggies? You should watch the video to know the trick. Crema Mexicana is used in the recipe. Egg is the main ingredient in the recipe. You can serve it with toasted bread. - 123.084

Dessert - Pineapple, Coconut Cake With Vanilla Ice Cream

If eating dessert is your favorite pass-time, then you must try this one. This is a great dessert to have on a hot day. The toppings for this cake are crushed pineapple and grated coconut. A unique combination to try. The video is very clear and ... - 110.846

Fish Gratin With Fresh Red Rock Cod From The Pacific Ocean

Those of you who like baked fish should watch the video. An appetizing baked dish. The dish is combined with potatoes which gives it a different taste. The sauce used is easy to make. Fish Au Gratin can be served with a fresh green salad. - 107.32

Sweet Apple Buns - Part 2

All those who saw part 1 of the video will now see the final step of the recipe. This is the review for part 2 of the video. In this part we learn how to bake the apple buns. A nice and delicious desert you can make for your guests or even take it to a picnic. - 100.55

Sweet Apple Buns - Part 1

All of you looking for the recipe of apple buns must try this one. This is the review for part 1 of the video. This part covers blending all the ingredients nicely for making the dough. You should see the video as there are many ingredients in the recipe. - 102.368

Creamy Rice

Those who are looking for a healthy sweet breakfast will really enjoy this porridge as it's different from the regular one we eat. You can enjoy eating this in festive days. The Cinnamon added in the porridge gives an amazing flavour to it. You will enjoy... - 107.661

Lasagna With Ground Beef, Poblano Peppers & Ricotta Cheese

New comers to the kitchen who want to learn how to make lasagna must watch this video. Chef Helena has given an interesting look to the video. You can always substitute beef with any other meat as you like. Your family and guests will love this dish. - 117.871

Tasty Potato Pancake, Crispy Bacon And Fresh Apple

A yummy treat for all those pancake lovers. The pancakes can be served as a brunch too. The tasty and crispy pancakes can be served with shredded apple and bacon as a topping. The video is clear and guides you well through the recipe. - 96.815

Chef Helena's Cooking Show - Chocolate Baked Banana

If you are looking forward to make a simple dessert then you should try this recipe. The recipe is easy to make without much effort as you can see in the video. You can take it with you on a camp or an outdoor. Serve it hot with icecream on top. - 101.62