Ranjani24's Recipes

Egg Bhurji

Having the next day be a holiday too of course! This was my breakfast, just plain old scrambled eggs (egg bhurji)- done the Indian way with onions tomatoes, chillies and cilantro- a little heat goes a long way even in the a.m! - 28.9703

Eggplant Curry

This recipe is loosely based on a recipe from a book. The amount of ingredients are all my own approximation but it turned out very tasty, a perfect combo with roti, pulao or biryani (like they serve it in Hyderabad) - 114.377

Egg Curry

I thought the egg curry was phenomenal and a refreshing change from my standard egg curry. Check it out and let me know if it sounds hatt ke to you too!! - 38.765

Potato Bell Pepper Curry

This Indian style curry is made with potatoes and bellpeppers. It is very easy, very quick and very tasty. - 28.8025

Matar Paneer

This Indian vegetarian recipe is prepared with Indian homemade cheese and green peas. It is a very popular dish from India with delicious taste. - 25.9965

Paneer Makhani

This is not a curry you should try to make if you're counting calories. Lightening this curry will not give you the same taste. The flavor of this dish comes from the rich ingredients used, you will not get the same results if you substitute cream with milk... - 41.106

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is the king of all lentils (dals) in India and another must have when dining at any Indian restaurant. It is made out of whole urad dal (black lentils) and rajma (red kidney beans) which are typically super hard to penetrate but when cooked slowly... - 43.4864

Vegetable Upma

Please see video - 12.4369

Grilled Cheese-indian Style

Grilled cheese is my ultimate comfort food, and I make a lot of different versions of it. This is my Desi style grilled cheese. I like cutting it up into tiny triangles and stacking it up on a pretty platter for an easy hors d'oeuvre. - 33.6171

Punjabi Chole

The first time I made this choley I jumped with joy when I tasted it and couldn't believe how closely it measured up to the real deal! The uniqueness about this choley is the brilliant marriage of hotness and sourness, it is magnificent and melt in your mouth... - 43.8953

Aloo Paratha

I made some aloo paranthe this evening, and an aloo ki subzi served at PWG that I found in Madhur Jaffery's cookbook. The meal was spot on and just what the doctor ordered! - 45.2691

Jeera Aloo

If you are unfamiliar with Indian spices/ingredients you can still cook this curry without making a trip to an Ethnic grocery store. All the seasonings used in this are available are Target/Publix/Whole Foods/Trader Joe's/Kroger. - 37.4587

Dal Tadka

I made a video to demo my simple dal..I think I'm really beginning to enjoy filming these home videos...might have something to do with having a LOT of time on hand:)) - 40.8377

Pav Bhaji

It's a Maharashtrian fast food, spicy and tasty often served with dollops of butter. - 15.1536

Veggie Burger

I usually like using the frozen masala burgers from Trader Joe's, but when I ran out of them, I thought I'd make them from scratch. They were really simple to make, and tasted fabulous, I think I'll stop buying the frozen kind now, coz Trader Joe's ain't got... - 39.9784

Kadhi Chawal Part 2

Please see video - 10.7494

Kadhi Chawal Part 1

Please see video - 10.7859

Aloo Gobi

I was lingering through the produce section at the grocery store the other day, when a big head of cauliflower caught my fancy, and images of eating aloo gobhi, parathe and dahi during cold evenings flashed through my head. Food has a very powerful... - 43.6321

Rajma Chawal

This is a preparation of kidney beans in Indian style. You can use canned kidney beans instead of presoaking them. - 27.6387

Lazy Sunday Omelette

There are numerous ingredients you can add to an omelette, and I love dumping leftover veggies, and cheese into my omelettes. It makes a perfect impromptu meal, requires very little planning and can be whipped up very quickly for whenever hunger strikes! - 38.0379

Beer Nuts With A Twist

These peanuts go particularly well with beer, but if you're not a beer drinker and worry about a beer belly, down the nuts with a glass of wine. I like a robust red wine with this, because it balances the sharp flavors from the onion and the heat from the... - 26.8534