Kacee's Recipes

Beef Cassoulet

Good things still come in small packages! This chicken salad made just for two is a fresh blend of chicken, fruit and a hint of mint. - 30.9283

Chicken And Dumplings

Satisfy your love of comfort food in record time! Make tasty dumplings over loads of creamy chicken and vegetables in just 30 minutes. - 34.9084


You're only moments away from a Creole adventure when you combine recipe-ready cut-up chicken with rice-and-pasta mix, seasoned tomatoes and Polish sausage. - 29.8546

Chicken Fettuccine

This rich main dish has just a hint of Dijon mustard and is easily prepared using Chicken Helper fettuccine Alfredo mix. - 37.2693

Chicken Packets

Good things come in small packages... and this main dish is no exception! - 28.358

Focaccia Wedges

These cheesy sandwich wedges offer a new dimension to plain ol’ grilled cheese sandwiches! - 28.2509

Rotini And Cheese

You’ll love this fun and easy dish! Who can resist rotini pasta, fresh tomatoes and creamy Alfredo sauce baked with loads of shredded cheese? - 32.9151

Cheesy Grits

Classic southern grits are baked to be the cheesiest! - 36.5493