Davecurlee's Recipes

Seared Pork With Apple Cranberry Chutney In A Fine Herbs Sauce

If you’re not a traditionalist and are looking for a non-turkey dinner to serve for Thanksgiving, here is one that will make you look like a professional chef! Chef Lee Ewing joins Kat and shows how to make a fantastic Seared Pork Medallion dish with a Fine... - 116.037

Bread Pudding, Kentucky Hot Brown And Cranberry Whisky Slush With Holiday Leftovers

Are the holidays needing a little bit of extra cheer? Try these amazing Thanksgiving leftover recipes. Even if it’s not the Holiday’s, you can still give your family and friends a surprise with these fantastic recipes. Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwiches, a... - 115.769

Unbelievably Delicious Banana Bread

Nothing is better than homemade Banana Bread. Kat Curlee shows how to make her grandmother, Peaches Smith's, amazing Banana Bread. This recipe for Banana Bread is probably one of the best you’ve eaten. It’s so yummy, you will make it a staple in your home... - 119.724

Quick And Easy Chicken Pot Pie With Biscuit Mix Topping

Those of you who are single, bachelors and bachelorettes, here is the perfect recipe, a delicious and super easy way to make a cold winter night favorite, that will last you for days. You can get your chicken, veggies, bread and all, everything in one pot.... - 118.973

Easy Cashew Brittle In The Microwave

Got a party you have been invited and you've got less time to cook than you ever thought, this will take not more than 10 minutes to put together. You don't want to miss it. This cashew brittle is a twist on the peanut brittle. No candy thermometers or fancy... - 124.296

Gooey Chocolate Fudge Cake

If you are a baking beginner, then no worries, this is a great recipe to begin with. In this video, Kat presents a simple recipe for a delicious cake. Watch out for her tips through the video. - 98.2881

Vegetarian Chili Delight

Are you tired of coming across only non-vegetarian recipes? Then here’s one for you! A pure vegetarian recipe, this one is being done at Kat’s friend’s place. A simple chili recipe, this one seems to be a good try. - 103.056

Chicken-mayo Salad With Paprika

If you are a salad person, then here is a wonderful video. Here is Kat preparing a chicken salad which combines apples, raisins and paprika!! Yup and colorful salad it is! Watch it! - 94.6321

Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies With Cinnamon-maple Glaze

Calling all bacon lovers! Here is another unique recipe video from Kat…Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies!!! That’s right…bacon! An interesting video that I’m sure will tempt you to try it out at least once. - 121.06

Grandma's Apple Muffins

Want to try out a simple recipe? Here is Grandma’s Apple Muffins to start with. Having this yummy muffin for breakfast ensures that you make a fabulous start to your day! This recipe is so easy that even an amateur can get this right! Watch this video for a... - 81.734

Homemade Lemonade With Oranges

Lemonade for a hot summer’s day? Here is Kat’s semi-homemade Lemonade recipe! Oranges and lemon go in together to contribute to making a refreshing drink. Easy to make, try this out. - 102.011

How To Make Bacon Candy

Kat Curlee and Cali Lewis join culinary forces and tackle some cool bacon recipes. - 86.6599

Chocolate Jubilee Cookies

Chocolate cookies for you? Here is a wonderful recipe video from Kat. Lovely cookies with a mix of chocolate and cherries. This is a special treat for you to bake for that special someone on Valentine’s Day! - 121.899

Fireside Coffee

Looking for a solution for a cold winter day? How about a hot cup of Fireside coffee?? Sounds intriguing right? In this video, watch Kat put together the perfect ingredients for a perfect cup of “something hot”. - 111.654

Baked Parmesan Chicken Tenders With Baked Potatoes

Do you love chicken in any form? Here is a video that will make your mouth water! A simple enough recipe to try at home. These chicken tenders are cooked to perfection and seem to go great with the baked potato! - 126.183

Barbecued Ribs Part 2: Serving

So barbequed pork ribs always sound great right? So here is the 2nd part of the video, showing you how to barbeque ribs. The ribs are tested and they have perfected they’re next day grill! - 116.684

Barbecued Ribs Part 1: Cooking

Do you enjoy the occasional well done pork rib? Well even if you’re not…this video will definitely tempt you! The 1st part of a 2-part video, here is Dave Curlee, Kat’s husband doing this first time ever!! He shows you how to rub the meat well, and set... - 117.279

Chicken And Jasmine Rice Burritos

For the diet watchers...here is a wonderful recipe to try out. In this video, Kat displays a great way to prepare a chicken burrito which is low on fat, and filling at the same time. And as Kat says, this can always be customized with ingredients you like,... - 131.76

Mayonnaise, Turkey And Cheese Sandwich

Need ideas for children kitchen activities? Or maybe you just need a little entertainment!! Here is an adorable little Jillian making a simple Cheese and Turkey sandwich, with assistance from mommy. - 108.043

Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jelly Sandwich

Holiday and the children want to help with something? How about something simple? Here is a video of Kat watching Jayna making a sandwich. A simple activity, but enjoyable and safe for the kids. - 113.789

Sugar Free Strawberry Pie

This Sugar Free Strawberry Pie recipe was passed on to me by my dear grandmother, Peaches Smith. Once she found out that her two sons were diabetic, she set out on a venture to make delictable dishes that would become their favorites every time they visited. - 99.4786

Creamy Cheese Cake With Cinnamon Crust

Will any variation of cheesecake work for you? Here is another great recipe video from Kat. A great variation of a cheesecake, this one is simple to make…great for a first timer! - 114.384

Macaroni And Cheese

Macaroni and cheese kind of person? Well here is the video for a traditional recipe with a slight twist! Straight from her grandma’s recipe book, Kat shows a great dish that was a standard feature at their Thanksgiving Lunch. A delicious looking dish, laden... - 127.298

Crispy Ghostly Chocolate Treats

Do you enjoy making kiddie treats? Here’s Kat showing you a Halloween special! Cute little ghosts that are simple to prepare and adorable to look at. Watch this video and I’m sure you will be smiling! - 123.767