Marialauro's Recipes

Quinoa With Shrimp

Yumm, this quick and a very easy recipe that you will love. - 114.564

Drunken Goat Or Mutton

This is a Delicious Ecuadorian dish & easy to prepare - 98.8256

Stir Fry Shrimp The Latino Way

This is a quick and easy delicious dish to prepare - 96.0391

Shrimp With Coconut (encocado)

This is a famous Ecuadorian dish , very tasty and easy to prepare - 98.1549

How To Make Juicy Hamburgers

Homemade hamburgers are sooo delicious and juicy than the ones sold outside - 109.381

Healthy Mash Potatoes With Broccoli

Delicious easy and healthy mash potatoes with broccoli, a way to get your kids to eat vegetables - 109.408

Quick Stir Fry With Spinach And Bok Choy

This is a quick meal and sooo delicious - 109.225

How To Make Shrimp Cocktail Ecua Style (ceviche)

This is a delicious and easy cocktail that could be done either with shrimp or clams. - 113.769

Kidney Stew Ecua Style

This is a quick meal and easy to prepare, without the potatoes it's Low carb - 107.852

Delicious Ground Beef With Green Peas

This recipe is also good for empanadas.... - 103.858


This is an easy way to make rice. - 99.2433


This recipe is mostly popular in the coast of Ecuador of South America in Guayas. - 103.789

Chicken Soup Latino Style

This a heart warming soup and very easy to prepare, Very delicious. - 105.397

Beef Stew The Latino Way

This is a very tasty dish and also easy to prepare. - 101.571

Cows Foot The Latino Style

This is a delicious plate , that you should try. - 103.612

Ecuadorian Shrimp

GETTING READY 1. FOR SHRIMP BROTH: In a pan take the shells of the shrimp and pour 6 cups of water. Bring it to boil and continue boiling for 15 minutes. Tun off the heat. Allow it to cool. Strain it and set aside. 2. Peel the plantain and grate it into a... - 114.223

Unbaked Strawberry Cheesecake

If you haven't made cheesecake yet, you can start trying by watching this video of Beet and Carrot Salad with Potato and Eggs. This is a quick and easy recipe and you can make it even more palatable by using your favorite topping instead of strawberry if you... - 85.1174

Barley And Tuna Soup

Try this hearty Barley and Tuna Soup for a change from your regular soups. In this recipe video you can see, how easy it is to prepare this soup with a handful of ingredients. That soup looks great and it will be a nice treat for winters. Happy Cooking! - 90.5855

Beet And Carrot Salad With Potato And Eggs

If you want to try something new tonight, take look at this Beet and Carrot Salad with Potato and Eggs recipe video. This recipe is a complete meal by itself. Watch this video and learn this hearty salad recipe. - 84.7303

Black Bean And Avocado Salad

Keep getting your protein supply with this Black Bean and Avocado Salad when you are tired of eating meat everyday. This delicious and colorful salad can be a great side dish, or even a filling main dish that will also take care of your nutrition requirement. - 90.3782

Flaxseed Bread

Flax seeds bread is something that might be perfect for you if you are on a low carb diet. The video here shares this excellent recipe that is super simple and interesting to watch. The flax seed bread is packed with proteins and fibers. See this impressive... - 91.5244

Vegetables Pepperoni And Egg Casserole

For those who are on a low carb diet, watch this fantastic recipe for holidays. Look at this impressive video that shares an incredible recipe for vegetables, pepperoni and egg casserole. The casserole is simply awesome with plenty of fresh low carb... - 89.7494

Homemade Vegetable And Cheese Pizza

If you cannot do without your pizzas, here is how you can satiate your taste buds by making pizza at home. This Homemade Vegetable and Cheese Pizza recipe involves making everything from pizza dough and tomato sauce from scratch. And that is what makes this... - 81.3693

Cabbage Soup

Why not make a healthy appetizing cabbage soup on a cold winter day. Look at this super simple recipe for a delicious soup that would surely be a hit with your family. Try out this interesting way to eat your cabbage with this delicious soup to enjoy. - 91.0689

Latino Style Chicken With Potatoes And Zucchini

Are you looking for a easy chicken recipe. Watch this impressive video that presents this super simple dish with chicken, potatoes and zucchini. This recipe is unique and so nicely explained that you can easily prepare the same in your kitchen. Take a look... - 81.4638

Corn Tortillas

Please see video . - 94.7391

Mixed Fruits Salad

Want to increase your fruit intake? Try this Mixed Fruits Salad recipe. There are two variations to the same dish given in this video. One uses sour cream while the other uses yogurt along with mixed fruits. Check out which recipe appeals to you! - 82.287

Homemade Pizza –part 2

This is the second part and final video of how to make pizza at home from scratch. This recipe video of Homemade Pizza - part 2 deals with making the pizza crust and adding the topping of vegetables and cheese. Yummy, my mouth is already watering! - 59.4357

Homemade Pizza - Part 1

If you want to make pizza from scratch, stop right here! This video which is the first part of Homemade Pizza recipe, demonstrates how to make pizza dough and tomato sauce from scratch. This video is definitely a must-watch for all pizza lovers! - 55.1483

Beef Steak And Vegetables Saute

Here is a fantastic video that shares an excellent recipe for sauteed beef and vegetables. Watch this video with step by step instructions and the recipe is great to make after a busy day at work. Take a look at this impressive video and give it a try... - 81.7682

Latino Style Spaghetti With Chicken

Chicken with spaghetti sounds delicious, isn't it. The recipe is so easy to make it with this stepwise video by Maria. Watch this fantastic video and amaze your family with this unique recipe for dinner. They would surely be amazed! - 81.1534

Omelet With Cheese And Chicken

Omelet can be prepared in a unique manner with chicken some chicken and cheese. See this amazing video that shows this excellent omelet recipe that would definitely impress your family. Then go ahead and begin your day with this appetizing breakfast recipe... - 83.1149

Seafood And Vegetables Rice

Why not make a flavorful one pot meal with plenty of seafood, vegetables and rice. Here is an incredible video that shows an excellent recipe for a nutritious complete meal for a satisfying lunch or dinner. The video is nicely demonstrated and the recipe is... - 82.6418

Latino Style, Rotis, Chapatti, Phulkas Or Flour Tortillas

Join Maria in her kitchen as she prepares Indian style homemade tortillas with whole wheat flour. Watch this video and make your own roti, chapatis or phulkas at home. It would not be difficult to make with this fantastic video for your help. Take a look and... - 100.569

Corn Bread

Have you ever tried homemade corn bread? Here is an excellent recipe for corn bread that is super easy and great with a cup of tea or coffee. Watch this interesting video that shows this unique recipe for corn bread. Impress your guests with this delicious... - 86.7578

Cheese Onion Empanadas And Tortillas

We always fall short of delicious snack ideas. Watch this interesting video that shares excellent recipe for cheese onion empanadas and tortillas. Take a look to amaze your family and friends with these wonderful snack treat. This recipe is definitely a crowd... - 89.2183

Creamy Butternut Squash

Butternut squash was never so delicious. Watch this interesting video that shares this absolutely simple recipe which can be made effortlessly at home. Take a look and pamper your family and friends with this delightful holiday treat! - 88.2098

Homemade Bread

Why not try out this super simple recipe to make homemade bread. Watch this excellent video that presents this fantastic recipe to make your own delicious homemade bread. Impress your family with this fantastic bread and enjoy! - 88.1588

Empanadas With Lasagna Stuffing

If you have some leftover lasagna then use it as a stuffing to made delicious empanadas. Watch this impressive video that presents an excellent recipe that would definitely be a favorite. Surprise your family and friends with this super delicious treat and... - 85.8018

Beef And Egg Lasagna : Part 2 - Assembling And Baking

Look at this part 2 of the lasagna video series that shows the assembling and baking of lasagna. The video is excellent and the recipe is would surely turn out to be an appetizing treat. Watch this interesting video and the entire series for the complete... - 93.7213

Beef Lasagna - Part 1

If you are a lasagna lover, try this variation of Beef Lasagna. This recipe uses a combination of ground beef, vegetables as well as pasta. In this recipe, pasta is just softened and not completely cooked before baking. Check out the part 1 of Lasagna recipe. - 58.9431

Banana Bread

Nothing like a moist banana bread with whipped cream or ice cream. See this interesting video that presents an excellent banana bread recipe for all those who are fond of bananas. The recipe is step by step and easy to prepare. Take a look and try it out. - 88.9049

Latino Style Tuna Salad

Impress your guests with an elegant and appetizing tuna salad. Watch this excellent video that shares an awesome salad recipe. Take a look at this amazing video and enjoy a satisfying healthy meal with your family and friends. - 85.0355

Spinach Pesto With Pasta

Surprise your family with a healthy and nutritious spinach pesto with pasta. Watch this excellent video that shows this delicious pasta recipe with plenty of spinach and almonds. The video is interesting and a great way to combine spinach and pasta together.... - 86.9202

Mashed Potatoes And Broccoli With Veal Steaks

Here is a fantastic video that shares a unique way of preparing mashed potatoes with broccoli. See this impressive video that presents this outstanding recipe along with pan fried veal steaks. This amazing combination is really nutritious and worth trying! - 82.2034

Spanish Colored Rice With Tuna And Vegetables

Won't you like to try some Spanish style rice with tuna and vegetables. This impressive video is here to show how simple it is to prepare this dish at home. Watch the video and make this unique rice to amaze your guests in your next party . - 83.5514

Spanish Dry Chicken

Making chicken was never so simple and interesting. Watch this impressive video where Maria prepares chicken in a pan with plenty of vegetables without adding water. Take a look and gear up to make this awesome dry chicken for an appetizing meal. - 81.7617

Roast Chicken : Part 2 - Making

Take a look at this part 2 of the roast chicken video series. The chicken here is combined with potatoes and yam, wonderfully seasoned and roasted to perfection. Impress your family with this fantastic chicken meal and rejoice. - 86.066

Roast Chicken : Part 1 - Preparation

Make your holidays with some delicious appetizing roast chicken. Watch part 1 of the roast chicken video series that is stepwise, interesting and offers great tips too. Look out for part 2 of the video for this complete recipe. - 87.6024

Ecuadorian Guatita : Part 2 - Making And Serving

Watch part 2 of the Ecuadorian guatita series that shows this excellent beef recipe with a wonderful peanut butter and coriander flavor. The video is interesting and shows the way this guatita can be served with rice. Take a look and give it a try... - 96.988

Ecuadorian Guatita : Part 1- Introduction And Making

If you have never tried any Ecuadorian dish, then take a look at this part 1 of the impressive video series that shows an incredible beef recipe. The recipe is simple and would definitely be a hit with your family. See part 2 of the series for the complete... - 98.9057

Stir Fried Shrimp

How about a stir fried shrimp with plenty of onions and peppers for dinner. Take a look at this excellent video that shares this fantastic recipe for a satisfying meal. The video is nicely explained and the recipe is so simple to prepare. Give it a try..... - 82.5286

Chicken Stew

Why not prepare a super delicious flavorful chicken stew for a meal. Watch this fantastic video that shows this excellent stew recipe that would surely impress your family. This chicken stew is definitely a satisfying meal for a relaxing holiday dinner.... - 83.8853