Burgtun's Recipes

Grilled Pepper Steak

Wishing for more flavor when you grill? Try this grilled pepper steak recipe that's fast and flavorful and will have others asking how you did it. - 42.1026

Beef With Bow-tie Pasta

When time flies, stir-fry. By stir-frying the beef and asparagus, you’ll have this great-tasting dinner ready in about 20 minutes! - 38.9631

Porcupine Meatballs

Great balls of fun! Here’s a meatball rolling in flavor. - 36.2389

Shepherd's Pie

Chili sauce adds a slightly sweet touch to this potato-topped meat and veggie pie. - 38.0192

Cheese Burger Bowl

Take the chill out with a hearty soup! Make it easy with the help of a Hamburger Helper mix. - 39.5257

Grilled Bacon-cheeseburgers

Crispy bacon and tangy blue cheese dressing add their distinctive flavor to burgers cooked on the grill. - 31.7375

Italian Hamburger Deep Dish

Layers of flavored potatoes and ground beef team up with tomato slices and mozzarella cheese for a bountiful one-dish meal. - 38.828

Hot Dog Casserole

Potatoes create a base for this classic combination of hot dogs and condiments. - 40.3573

Potato And Beef-tortilla Skillet

Bring Southwestern flavor to the table with this hearty casserole. - 32.1191

Potatoes Stroganoff

Who can resist creamy stroganoff coupled with family-pleasing potatoes? - 33.3077

Italian Beef Kabobs

Balsamic vinegar and fresh oregano take beef kabobs to new flavor heights! - 35.2126

Spicy Beef Stir-fry

Take a tasty tour of China at today’s dinner table! Western China boasts robust, spicy dishes like this beefy stir-fry. - 34.3537