Kevamykaikam's Recipes

Raspberry Dessert

This jell-o recipe is one of my all-time favorites from long ago. I could always count on my Aunt JoAnn to make it for holiday dinners. It’s fast, easy, low fat and low in calories. Perfect for post-workout or for a refeed! - 102.789

Peanut Butter Post Work Out Blizzard

This recipe is dedicated to all the peanut butter lovers out there! This is probably one of my favorite post workout treats. Especially in the summer! - 109.357

Amy's Banana Raisin Cookie And Pancake

Have you ever tried eating your eggs or oatmeal while driving? Not an easy task! There are days when I know I need to make something that is portable and preferably fit in my purse. Here is just one example of what I have done on these days. - 102.069

Amy's Strawberry-banana Mini Loaves And Flapjacks

Oats, Make Great Loaves! Mmmmmm....Banana bread. Almost everyone I know loves banana bread, especially my family. With most things that taste good, come lots of calories ;) Well I have found a way to make a mini loaf that not only tastes good, but keeps me... - 97.9641

Amy's High Protein Tuna Melt

I am in love with the La Tortilla Low Carb, Low-Fat Tortillas. I have now gotten my husband hooked on them too ;) He is a sandwich type of guy, but instead of just one sandwich, he usually want two. At 50-80 calories per slice of bread, he's looking at 320... - 96.4912

Amy's Low-carb Pumpkin Pancake

Sometimes I get tired of drinking my 'food'-especially when the weather is cooler. There is something about drinking a cold shake when you are already cold. This is a great alternative for those times. I made these for my family while in Hawaii and they were... - 101.591

Amy's Turkey & Carrot Soup

So, I have had a few requests for 'on plan' soup recipes, so I decided to play around with one of my favorites. The hard thing with soups is being able to devide servings evenly. I think that if I had to do this recipe over, I would add in my turkey AFTER I... - 99.1307

Amy's High Protein Mini Muffins

The video speaks for itself. - 100.849

Amy's Chocolate Pancake

I had this for breakfast this morning. Wasn't feeling like having my egg whites. This felt like a ton of food too!! - 91.9853

Amy's Silver Dollar Pumpkin Pancakes

Although I eat my delicious pumpkin pancakes year round, its officially that time of year where people don't look at me sideways when I tell them what I am eating. I make this one often, so I usually just 'eyeball' the amounts. Here is what I used this... - 101.339

Amy's Version Of Rocco's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Beans In My Cookies!! I know what you are thinking. Beans in cookies? Ewwww. I was so skeptical when I walked by my T.V. and saw Rocco making these cookies on Dr. Oz. Of course, what really interested me was the fact that they were 45 calories per cookie!!!... - 107.26

Amy's Easy Protein Brownie

A brownie that you can eat everyday, at anytime of the day, without worrying about the calories. Watch the video to learn the recipe. - 89.9693

Super Pumpkin Pie

Searching for a great Pumpkin Pie recipe? Your search ends right here. Watch this video now to learn a delicious and simple Pumpkin Pie recipe. And this is not an ordinary Pumpkin Pie it’s a Super pumpkin Pie as the chef calls it since it has some special... - 61.4847

Diet Cup Cakes With Fat Free Icing

Attention all the weight watchers! Here's a great cup cake recipe that is low on fat and is prepared with minimum ingredients. Watch the chef churn out these amazing cup cakes which are prepared without any oil or eggs. - 92.2453

Amy's Ranch Potatoes

For all the potato lovers, here is a great recipe by Chef Amy that you can easily replicate at home. Anytime Ranch Potatoes are really convenient as they can be stored in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Watch the video now. - 108.834

Berry Protein Pancakes

Amy's Berry Protein Pancakes With Cottage Cheese is a protein rich meal. This is a great recipe when you need more protein in your diet. Its pretty simple with just 4 ingredients. Watch the video to see how to make Amy's Berry Protein Pancakes With Cottage... - 104.495

Amy's Version Of How To Cook Protein Powder

How to cook your PP and making it different consistencies. - 81.3137

Low Fat Puppy Chow Part 3 - Finalizing

Its time now to finalize the dish. Watch Chef Amy give the final touch to this delicious Low Fat Puppy Chow. - 77.1682

Low Fat Puppy Chow Part 2 - Mixing

Now since you have got started, its time to proceed to the next step. In this video Chef Amy shows how to mix the ingredients together. - 77.5254

Low Fat Puppy Chow Part 1 - Getting Ready

Attention all the Calorie conscious, this video is a must watch for you. In this part Chef Amy demonstrates the steps you need to follow to get started with this recipe. - 80.7962

Stuffed Peppers For The Weight Watchers

Looking for a healthy main dish suggestion this weekend? Your search ends right here as Chef Amy demonstrates this easy to make stuffed peppers which are healthy too. What are you waiting for? Watch the video now. - 81.6265

Milk Substitute Cottage Cheese Creamer

Run out of milk? Watch this video now so that you can keep this Cottage Cheese Creamer ready to substitute milk in your shakes or frappes. Chef Amy swears by this instant Cottage Cheese Creamer since it comes really handy in the kitchen. Watch it now. - 91.0826

Healthy Post Work Out Meal

Gym sessions and workouts are a regular part of your day? Watch Chef Amy prepare this replenishing and nourishing Post Work Out Meal exclusively for you. - 79.2671

Amy's Food Prep

Please See Video For more information please visit: - 13.9265

Swiss Steak Grandma Style

Are steaks your favorite comfort food? Watch Chef Amy prepare these healthy steaks with a recipe that has been passed on from generations. Treat your family to these delectable Swiss Steaks today. - 77.9962

Healthy Fruit Loaves With Oats

Are you in search of a great and super healthy breakfast recipe? Look no further. Watch Chef Amy prepare these really easy and delicious Healthy Fruit Loaves with Oats. That’s not all, the chef also demonstrates the process of making flapjacks from the same... - 80.9379

Super Healthy Portable Oatmeal Breakfast

Are you always running short of time? This video is a must watch for you. Chef Amy demonstrates some easy tips on how you can prepare this healthy on-the-go breakfast in no time. Watch the video now. - 76.7305

Healthy Oatmeal Cookie

For all the cookie lovers, here is an absolute healthy cookie variation. Watch chef Amy prepare these Healthy Oatmeal cookie with such an ease. Make these healthy cookie for your family today. - 79.6109

Italian Pizza Low Carb Version

For all you pizza lovers, this video is a must watch. Chef Amy prepares a modified low carb version of this Italian delicacy in this video. Allow the simple instructions and treat your family to this delicacy today. - 78.4621

Healthy Protein Pancakes

Love pancakes but following a diet? This video is just perfect for you. Watch chef Amy churn out these almost carb less pancakes that are a great way to kick start your day. The recipe is really simple and you can easily replicate it in your own kitchen.... - 81.7319

Healthy Pumpkin Pie

On a look out for a fat free pumpkin pie? Look no further, this video has an easy to make recipe that you can conveniently replicate at home. Watch chef Amy make this healthier version of Pumpkin Pie now. - 83.5828

Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting

Attention all the cheese lovers!! Here's an innovative way to prepare some amazing Cream Cheese Frosting that can turn around the way your cookies taste. Watch chef Amy whip up this fabulous frosting that is sure to impress all. - 82.9535

Protein Plus Pumpkin Cookie

Want to try some great cookie this weekend? Watch Chef Amy prepare these high protein Pumpkin cookie that you can too try at home. The recipe is really simple and your family will love them too. What are you waiting for? Hit the play button now. - 80.7493

Protein Plus Oatmeal Flapjacks

Attention all the health buffs! Here's a healthy and delicious recipe of Flapjacks that make for a great snack. Watch Chef Amy churn out these amazing Protein Plus Oatmeal Flapjacks in no time. Treat your family to these delicious flapjacks today. - 82.0305

Protein Banana Bread

Want to try the classic banana bread with a twist? Watch chef Amy prepare this modified, High Protein Banana Bread effortlessly in this video. The instructions are simple and can be easily replicated at home. - 79.8306

Healthy Post Work Out Shake

For all the fitness freaks, this recipe is a must watch for you. Chef Amy prepares this really nutritious and healthy Post Work Out shake which is rich in protein. Don't deprive yourself of this glassful of nutrition. Watch the video now. - 80.4493

Healthy Oreo Blizzard

Attention all the health buffs! Here's a great shake recipe that you must try after your workout. Watch Chef Amy prepare this really simple and replenishing blizzard that is full of taste. Don't deprive yourself from this glassful of health. Watch the video... - 80.4588

Homemade Sushi Rolls Oriental Style

Want to try some Sushi tonight? Here's a great video that demonstrates a step by step procedure of making Homemade Sushi Rolls Oriental Style. The chef also shares some tips on how to roll the sushi correctly. Treat your family to this Japanese delicacy today. - 86.5838

Low Fat Chocolate Cake Balls

Got a sweet tooth? This video is an absolute treat for you. Watch Chef Amy prepare these delicious Low Fat Chocolate Cake Balls with two different flavors. Your family is certainly going to love them. Watch the video now. - 80.1514

Weight Watchers Protein Icecream - Part 2 : Assembling And Serving

Now since you have the icecream ready, its time to serve it in an innovative manner. Watch the video now and learn how Chef Amy innovates the plain icecream. - 81.0109

Weight Watchers Protein Icecream - Part 1 : Preparing The Icecream

Looking for protein rich recipes? You have hit the correct page. Watch Chef Amy prepare this super delicious and high on protein ice cream that can be easily replicated at home. Watch the video now. - 81.6555

Mock Peanut Butter Sandwich - Part 2 : Assembling

Now since you are all set with your mock bread prepared with the protein powder, watch the chef assemble the sandwich in this video. That’s not all, you also get to know the calorie count of this dish. - 83.389

Mock Peanut Butter Sandwich - Part 1 : Getting Ready

For all the health conscious lot, here is a great video that demonstrates an interesting recipe of Mock Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. Watch this video to know how to get started. - 81.2775

Protein Plus Gojiberry Cookie

Are you always on a lookout for healthy cookie recipes to snack on? You have just hit the right page. Watch Chef Amy prepare these delicious and high protein cookie that you can easily prepare at home. The kids will love it too. Watch the video now. - 82.4129