FusionGuy09's Recipes

St Honoré Apple Pastry

This fall St. Honoré Boulangerie has been featuring two new fall pastries, the Grillé Aux Pomme and Tarte aux Pommes, both of which showcase the season's quintessential fruit- apples. We stop by and meet with owner and master baker Dominique Geulin to learn... - 111.279

Carrot Soup

MAKING 1. In a saucepan, melt some butter and sweat onions and leaks. Add some chicken broth to maintain moisture. 2. When leaks and onion is soft, add garlic and chicken broth. 3. Add carrots and bring to boil. 4. Add carrot juice and orange juice. 5. Take... - 120.661

Willi Tomato Pasta

MAKING 1. In a big pot, boil short pasta in short water. 2. For making the sauce – In a mixing bowl, combine olive oil, lemon juice, lemon zest, Italian parsley, basil, pepper flakes, parmesan cheese and tomatoes. Let it marinate. 3. When the pasta is... - 114.26

Gardenpalooza Corn Salsa

GardenPalooza is being held at Fir Point Farms and the new owners of Fir Point are really bringing something new to the table, and we are talking food! Jessica and Jack Romaine are the owners of Country Grains in Wilsonville and they are known for their... - 125.747

Mama Mia Mozzarella

MAKING 1. In a big pot warm cazelle cheese in hot water. 2. Once it’s soft enough, take it out in a tray and knead it gently. 3. Stretch it well and drain the extra water. 4. Break of pieces and form mozzarella balls. Squeeze extra water and drop it into... - 112.562

Shrimp And Pilsner Ceviche

Beer in cooking is an underused ingredient. Recently we had the opportunity to attend a Barley's Angels event and we picked up a great recipe there! The Barley's Angels encourage education and interest in beer and brewing among women. They had a day of... - 116.129

Classic Spanish Tapas

Learn how to prepare classic Spanish Tapas and enjoy it. - 113.749

Mama Mia Cioppino

MAKING 1. In a pan heat some olive oil and add minced garlic into it. 2. Add the shell fishes to the pan and stir. 3. Add in the herbs and stir gently. 4. Add fish stalk and white wine. 5. Add pomodoro sauce and spinach into the cioppino. SERVING 6. Serve it... - 117.437

Gluten Free Gnocchi

Eating out, especially at Italian restaurants can be quite a challenge when you have a gluten intolerance or prefer to eat a diet that does not include gluten. More and more restaurants are offering gluten free options on their menu. Pasta dishes use a lot of... - 111.043

French Prairie Strawberry Shortcake

One of the best things about spring is the fresh fruits and vegetable that you can get at your local store or market. But not only that, you can actually go out to the farm and pick the fruit yourself. One of the best places to enjoy the freshest of fruits is... - 112.192

Chipotle Guacamole

Chipotle restaurants are known for their wonderful food and the fact that they use local farms to supply their restaurants with fresh produce. They are also pretty good at sharing! We stopped by recently because they said they were going to share their famous... - 103.239

Vesper Martini Cocktail

We visit the Bull Run Distillery and with the warm weather they share a cocktail that would work well during these hot days of spring and summer. Patrick the owner of Bull Run is joined by Ryan Csanky from the Oregon Distillers Guild to make a Vesper. This... - 101.947

Milo's Monte Cristo Sandwich

One of our favorite places to enjoy a meal is Milo's City Café on Broadway in Portland. Loren who is the owner and chef shares his recipe for the American classic, the Monte Cristo. A great old American Sandwich; three layers of a good soft egg bread, sliced... - 123.76

Summer Mission Chips

It is summertime and the entertaining should be easy but not boring! Here is a different take on the boring salsa and chips. Recently Mission Foods introduced a new line of organic chips. These chips come in 3 different styles including White Corn, Blue Corn... - 116.539

Pollo Con Pedro Ximenez (spanish Sherry Chicken)

Chef David is at his happiest when he is in the kitchen and he is REALLY happy when he gets a new cookbook! We recently received the cookbook 'Espana, Exploring the Flavors of Spain' by James Caruso and David found a great recipe in it that he just had to... - 106.516

Milo's Swedish Cream

We love Milo's City Café ! Owner, Chef Loren is such a great guy and the food is incredible! Today he is showing us how to make a Swedish Cream. This recipe can be a dessert for after dinner or as a morning brunch treat. This is also one of those recipes... - 106.053

Wood-fired Oven Pizza With Grilled Vegetables

In this pizza recipe video Chef Andy Arndt from Aquariva shows you how to make your own wood fired, authentic Italian pizza from scratch that's healthy and delicious and brings a little taste of Italy into your home. The wood fired oven does give crisp wood... - 125.573

Blt Pasta

Served as a main, this hearty pasta features all the components of the beloved sandwich—just better! And the lettuce is substituted with leeks! This is an easy but flavorful pasta is great for a hearty lunch or romantic dinner. This recipe is just bursting... - 122.341

Mixed Grill Platter

There is nothing complicated about cooking a mixed grill, but it does require your undivided attention until it goes to the table. A mixed grill offers your guests a selection of meats, allowing them to enjoy some of everything or just one or two favourites.... - 121.251

Simple Breakfast Strata With Sausage

A Strata is just perfect for a weekend brunch menu. It can be assembled the day before and like a casserole, it is indeed a one-dish wonder meal; your favorite omelet and toast in one dish. This recipe combines the spicy flavor of chorizo and two different... - 129.637

Light And Fluffy Sour-dough Pancakes

If you have a sourdough starter in the refrigerator, there is a good chance it hasn’t seen the light of day in quite some time. This is just the recipe to remind you why you have a starter; easy to make and a real crowd pleaser. Light and fluffy, with a... - 131.405

Lebanese-style Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves

These traditional Lebanese style rice stuffed grape leaves are fragrant with mint, parsley, and allspice and cooked in a flavorful lemon broth. These are indeed a delicious and healthful appetizer and should be accompanied with lemon wedges and a thick yogurt... - 134.531

Seared Avocado Cake With Sumac Peach Salsa And Chipotle Carrot Coulis

Eating food like this is a memorable experience. This dish is absolutely gorgeous and definitely represents the phrase “eating with your eyes!” A really simple yet gourmet, totally fancy dish that will impress your guests no limits when you are cooking to... - 128.524

Lebanese-style Stuffed Eggplant

Sheik-el Meshi literally translates to Eggplant Boats. This stuffed eggplant recipe is indeed fit for a sheikh! If you really love eggplant and have tried to grill it, fried it, baked it and sauteed it too, then this is one recipe you can not miss and just... - 133.52

Lemon Mint Vodka Martini

You can think up many different cocktails with martini and they always taste wonderful. Lemon Mint and Martini is a magical and happy combination that always works! This cocktail is fragrant, citrusy, pleasant to the palate and always goes down easily. Tart... - 124.705

Fettuccini With Crab And Prawns In A Dill Cream Sauce

This is a great dish because it is really easy to make and it is what many people consider gourmet cooking for the home chef! This Venetian-style Seafood Fettuccini is definitely a winner when entertaining non-meat eaters or seafood lovers. In this dish the... - 134.605

Healthy Dairy-free Chocolate Mousse

There is no better time than dessert time! And imagine a chocolate dessert which is healthy!? Yes doesn’t is seem like an oxymoron? This recipe uses tofu to make a delicious mousse. Well that may be a little scary for a few, but this tasty dessert has a... - 118.382

Crispy Fried Chicken Tenders With Spicy Creole Mustard Sauce

Cook your own at home and enjoy succulent, juicy and flavorful chicken strips instead of store-bought varieties that tend to be dry and not very tasty. These Crispy Fried Chicken fingers is a crowd pleaser and are extremely popular as well, especially with... - 130.708

Chicken Mojito With Couscous And Roasted Asparagus

Add some Latin flavor to your weeknight meal with this zesty chicken dish. This beauty tastes as good at it looks. This delicious chicken is a playful recipe that combines the ingredients of a classic mojito -- mint, rum, lime and sugar, and transform a... - 118.595

Healthy Buffalo Shepherd's Pie

What's for Dinner!?! This is a question that is heard in every house around the world! To help answer that question Mr. Mom, Dave Lilja, a stay-at-home dad who had to deal with that question all the time, shows us how easy it is to come up with easy,... - 137.548

Grilled Salmon With Potato Latkes And Eggs.

Potato latkes are one of those great old recipes you see in a lot of Jewish cooking. These beautiful little crisp golden pancakes are served with griddle fried wild salmon and sunny-side-up fried eggs! It sure sounds like the perfect breakfast for a lazy... - 129.076

Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich For Adults

Watch this video to learn how to make a grown up's grilled cheese sandwich! It's a tasty twist to the grilled cheese we all have childhood memories of! This sandwich is made with sourdough bread, pink lady apples, gouda cheese, prosciutto, and a fig sauce. A... - 121.085

Wood Fire Grilled Chicken Apple And Pear Salad

A gorgeous restaurant-style salad recipe for the fall, or even summer. The apple, cherry and mesquite wood flavored grilled chicken, along with the sweet juicy pears and crisp apple slices, dressed with a lemon-garlic and honey vinaigrette, is a magical... - 120.854

Delicious Beet Salad

Well, hello there my loves! Here is a simple and elegant salad – the Beet Salad! What more is that even the fussy eaters at home would take spoonfuls of it onto their mouths. This recipe would save you a lot of time. Enjoy making this delicious salad. Mazel... - 94.1603

Roasted Garlic Spread

Garlic is rich in flavor and good in sauces especially. Watch chef Sara showing how to make Roasted Garlic Spread with roasted garlic and low fat cottage cheese as the key ingredients. Good with breads, English Muffins, bagels or even as a dip with vegetables. - 91.308

Walnut And Chocolate Snowballs

Chocolate turns out with interesting flavor and texture when combined with nuts. Here is a video showing how to make a sweet and nutty dessert with white chocolate and hazelnuts as the key ingredients. A sure hit with kids! - 92.792

Asian Catfish

For recipe directions, please refer to the video - 90.5778

Homemade Enchilada Sauce

Enchilada sauce makes a great condiment and the pleasure of the food gets double, if one can make the sauce at home. The video here shows how to make tasty enchilada sauce using Mexico chili, tomato sauce, chicken stock and seasonings. Watch the video and... - 116.111

Blackberry Martini

If you are fond of martinis, then you must definitely try the black berry martini which tastes totally refreshing. Prepared using just 5 ingredients, this martini makes a perfect drink for parties and gathering. Have a look at this video to see how you can... - 107.127

Homemade Barbeque Sauce

If you thought barbeques are meant just for summers, then you are wrong as barbeques cab be enjoyed all the year round. And when we talk about barbeque fun, sauces hold a special place. Watch the video here to learn how to make brilliant barbeque sauce which... - 111.854

Homemade Tomato Sauce

If you are fond of tangy foods, I am sure tomato sauces must always be finding a place on your dining table. The pleasure of these foods can increase more if you prepare tomato sauces at your home and add it to the dishes. Here is an easy recipe for tomato... - 105.785

Shortcake Topped With Strawberry And Cream

Strawberries lying in your fridge and you don't know what to do with it? Watch the video out here. The chef demonstrates how to make an easy shortcake and makes it even more appealing and delicious by tossing strawberries on it. A dollop of whipped cream... - 93.5553

Sauteed Clams

Are you looking for some delicious seafood recipes? Here is one which will surely prove you be a great one for you. Sauteed clams with fennel and butter taste delicious and can be cooked easily. The dish pairs well with bear and other drinks. Just watch the... - 115.306

Grilled Tomato And Watermelon Salad

Want something juicy and delicious with your grilled fish? Try making grilled salad of tomatoes and watermelon…this salad is easy to make and can be garnished as per the preference. Top it with crumbled cheese or add some spicy sauces, the salad will taste... - 95.486

Tilapia Fillet Taco

If you are a seafood lover, then we have an amazing tilapia fillet taco recipe for you. Prepared by grilling fish fillets, these tacos are made in a traditional way. Topped with lime sauce or chipotle sauce, these are perfect to be served on a cold wintery... - 91.7746

Portobello Mushroom Sandwich

If sandwiches are what you love during snack break, we have got something special for you. The chef in the video shows how to make a Portobello mushroom sandwich. The mushrooms are marinated, seasoned and topped with cheese. The sandwich is then prepared... - 110.826

King Salmon With Grilled Vegetable Medley

For all seafood lovers out there, here is an absolutely mind-blowing recipe of king salmon for you all. Try the zesty flavors of grilled vegetable which include asparagus, mushrooms, carrots etc. along with the salmon pieces. The amazing taste and texture... - 105.472

Classic Eggs Benedict

Eggs are synonymous with breakfast in classic to contemporary styles. Check out the video showing how to make Eggs Benedict the classic way with poached eggs. Typical English breakfast to go with a beverage. - 80.8832

Savory Sour Dough Biscuit

Wondering what to do with the sour dough lying in the kitchen. Why not make some savory sour dough biscuits. These biscuits are easy to make and can be relished with tea or coffee. So, use up the dough by making delicious biscuits for all. - 108.501

Mushrooms With Chicken Braised In Wine

If you are planning to cook chicken for dinner, try this recipe for mushrooms with chicken braised in wine. Truly delicious, the chicken and mushroom pairing is a treat to the taste buds and the dish can be relished with rice, breads or as it is. So, open the... - 106.053

Sourdough Starter

This video is a creation of FusionGuy09. You can visit FusionGuy09 for complete recipes, and more videos. - 87.1571

Delicious Mardi Gras Pancake

Here is one more excuse that will let you eat pancake one more time. Well, you can not afford to miss it as these are special and delicious mardi gras pancakes. Watch the video and make these pancakes at your home and relish the bites while you also celebrate... - 110.295

Instant Spicy Dips

The taste of appetizers increase when a tasty dip is served with them. If you are also on a look out for some dips, watch this video and learn how to make these instant spicy dips. - 119.485

Creamy Cupcake Frosting

It’s the icing on the cake which makes the cake look more appealing and delicious and therefore we have a video for you which shows how to make an amazingly tasting frosting for cupcakes. The recipe here makes use of cream cheese and butter and comes out to... - 121.05

Bloody Mary With A Twist

If Blood Mary drink makes you crazy, then you must definitely watch this video. Here the host takes us to Salty's restaurant where there is an option of making our own Blood Mary by choosing different vodka, tomato sauces, and even condiments. The host shows... - 126.614

Cherry N Coconut Truffle

If sweets are you weakness, the here is a quick and delightful vegan recipe for you. The chef in the video makes some easy truffles by mixing powdered almonds with dates, cherries, and brown rice. Shredded coconut is rolled on these truffles and they are... - 114.848

Summer Watermelon Tomato Salad

Summers are here and have you been thinking of what needs to be done with the watermelons. Well, you can now make an interesting summer salad consisting of watermelons, onion, cucumber, tomato and olives. The garnishing of cheese adds to the flavor of the... - 120.511

Refreshing Basil Watermelon Martini

Hunting for some refreshing fruity cocktail ideas???Why not try this amazing martini of crushed watermelon and basil? This drink is amazingly refreshing and is easy to make. Just pick up the shaker and make this cocktail within no time. To know the recipe,... - 117.137

Crumbed Razor Clams

Are you a seafood lover but relish it only at eating joints and not home, probably because you are not confident of cleaning and preparing it? If you answer yes, then you must surely watch this video. The chef here tells about the razor clam, how to clean and... - 132.732

Easy Spinach Salad

If spinach is your favorite vegetable, you must try this easy spinach salad. The chef here shows how to make an easy spinach salad by mixing spinach with goat cheese and walnuts. A balsamic vinegar dressing adds zest to the salad and makes it flavorful. If... - 134.04

Pork Tenderloin With Maple Sauce

Spicy seasoned pork just tastes amazing and if you are craving for such a meal, here is a video for you to watch. Look how the chef makes a delightfully delicious marinated pork tenderloin along with maple/Dijon sauce. Watch the video and try it today! - 121.793

Assorted Tea Time Appetizers

If you enjoy treating your friends with different appetizers, here is a video for you. The chef here shows how to make some quick and east spicy tea time appetizers which are amazingly delicious and flavorful. - 129.204

Grilled Steak And Romaine Salad

If you are fond of grilled foods, this is a must watch video for you. The chef here shows how to make a delectable steak and romaine salad and makes it by using a grill which is heated by burning apple wood. The recipe is easy and the dish prepared looks... - 124.645

Raspberry Iced Tea

What can be better than an iced tea on a hot summer afternoon? And, the drink gets more refreshing when prepared along with some juicy raspberries. If your mouth is watering just at the thought, its time to quench the thirst by trying the recipe out. - 115.167

Savory Strawberry Salsa

Wanna add zing to your food? Just try this amazing savory strawberry salsa which is made of strawberry, pineapple, avocado and onion. Flavored with cilantro and lime, this salsa pairs well with all foods and make them more tastier. So just try it now! - 120.456

English Lavender Lemon Soda

Guests coming over and you want to surprise them with some amazing drinks? Try the lavender lemon soda drink. The beautiful color of the drink will surely impress your guests and the flavorful taste would make you win the title of best chef. So, if you are... - 119.349

Aromatic Lavender Salmon

If you get carried away by the fragrance of lavender, I bet this time your taste buds will tickle too as we are presenting aromatic lavender salmon. Flavorful and delicious, this salmon recipe is easy to follow and makes an interesting dish which can be... - 133.593

Mother's Day Tea Time Assorted Sandwiches

Mother's day is approaching soon and you are in lookout of mother's day special recipes. Well, your task is over now as we have brought an amazingly delicious snack dish which you can dedicate to your mother. Pistachios, olives, butter and cream will say all... - 121.772

Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

If you like hard boiled eggs you know that getting them to peel perfectly is hard to do. Chef David showed us a method for creating the perfect hard boiled egg. Plus, learn how you can tell the difference between hard boiled egg and a raw egg with out... - 111.066

Delicious Deviled Eggs

Eggs do make a complete breakfast and if you are fond of eating them too, here is a quick recipe fro deviled eggs just for you. Watch how the chef makes simply devious deviled eggs by mixing in some mayonnaise and sauce. Also, do make a note of tips which are... - 123.39

Pomegranate Apple Fruit Compote

If desserts make you drool, be ready for another such moment as we are bringing to you the pomegranate apple fruit compote. Fresh and flavorful, this compote is prepared by pomegranate juice, apples, vanilla bean and other ingredients. Top it on cinnamon... - 126.599

Braided Challah

If breads are your life line, then I am sure you must be always on hunt of breads at food stores. But what if you can have some amazing bread bites at your home. If you are a game for it then watch the video here and learn how to make Jewish braided bread... - 111.312

Hummus With A Twist

If you are a hummus lover and make it regularly at home; here is something different for you. Hummus with a twist is a recipe which tells how to prepare hummus in a different way. Red pepper, tahini, garlic are blended with beans and turned into a flavorful... - 116.269

Crunchy Pumpkin Seeds

Ever thought of making a delicious treat with pumpkin seeds? If not, make these crispy toasted pumpkin seeds now. These seeds are crunchy and make a great snacking option for both adults and kids. So, next time you make some pumpkin dish, keep aside the seeds... - 121.771

Italian Mixed Seafood Pasta

What can be more delicious than a pasta cooked with clams, mussels, scallops, calameri and shrimp? If you are drooling at the thought itself, why not then watch this video and learn how to make the delicious Italian seafood pasta. - 124.468

Preparing Squash

Squash turns out well when used or prepared the right way in dishes. Watch the video to know how to prepare squash for use in different food preparations with ease. Very useful for squash lovers who love botching up dishes with it in the kitchen. - 77.2057

Creamy Pumpkin Roll

Holiday time is here and you wanna delight your family with some tasty meals. Desserts and snacks hold very much importance during this time and so we are sharing a video with you which shows how to make creamy and delicious pumpkin rolls. Watch how the chef... - 139.674

Apple Pie - Part 2: Baking

Apples make a great fruit and also go well in pies. Watch this video of apple pie recipe and see how the pie is set and baked. Try this irresistible dish at home today! - 115.883

Apple Pie - Part 1: Preparation

If you are in love with pies, do watch this video to know how to make super delicious apple pie conveniently at home. The video here shows what preparation needs to be done for the pie and also the chef gives some useful tips to make this pie. - 115.499

Orange And Rhubarb Soup

If you are getting tempted to eat something sweet, do try this amazingly delicious rhubarb soup. Rhubarb combined along with sugar, orange juice and zest just tastes wonderful and can be relished as a dessert pairing with ice creams. - 114.857

Refreshing Rhubarb Margarita

Wondering what to do with the rhubarb? Why not make a refreshing rhubarb margarita. The drink can be made using a few ingredients and the output is so amazingly tasty and can go well with a number of appetizers. So, just add some ice and enjoy the drink! - 111.06

Easy Tomato Sauce

If you are addicted to tangy tomatoes, you can have the taste of them always through a tomato sauce. Here is an easy and basic recipe for tomato sauce. Watch how the chef makes use of different vegetables, sweats them and adds garlic, tomatoes and bay leaf... - 118.348

Spinach Pasta

Please see video - 76.515


Planning to go to Italy? Do try the hot and tasty Cippino stew. An Italian specialty, the stew is made by using clams, scallop, shrimp, mussels and fish. Watch the video and try it all by yourself! - 113.855

Healthy Spinach Pasta

If pasta makes you drool, here is one healthy pasta recipe for you. Made by using spinach powder and whole wheat, this pasta can be made easily at home and then cooked with choice of ingredients. So, if you are interested, just watch the video and make this... - 110.876

Fresh Garden Burger

If fresh foods are your obsession, then you must surely try garden burger. Garden burger is a burger made of fresh veggies like onions, mushrooms, garlic, bacon and seasoning. If you are curious already, try the recipe today! - 125.46