Shantihhh's Recipes

Thai Red Curry With Duck & Pineapple

This Thai Red Curry with Duck and Pineapple is a delight and so easy to make. You can even buy an already roasted duck in a Chinese market. I prefer using Extra Dry Duck which is usually flattened and much more duck fat has been rendered off and it is very... - 45.9273

Jollof Rice

see video - 10.8869

Making The Best Roast Chicken By Thomas Keller

This roasted chicken is touted by everyone that tastes it as simply the best tasting and moisted chicken in the world. Save $$$$ make at home instead of spending over $100 for dinner at the French Laundry.................but then again it isn't cooked by... - 38.3644

Veggie Masala Burger

This is the best-tasting veggie burger I have ever eaten! The spice and veggie combination gives a wonderful flavor and terrific texture. - 46.2592

Granny's Killer-dillers

These are simply the best dill pickles ever! Your family and friends will love them. - 34.7832

Chicken Puff Appetizer

Puff pastry surrounds this flavour packed Thai Chicken filling. Great appetizer for a party. - 42.8062

Crab And Pork Stuffed Shells (poo Jah)

A delightful and festive appetizer for any meal. Make ahead annd cook at the last minute before serving. - 37.0353

Crème De Tomato En Croute

This wonderful tomato soup recipe comes from the Bistro Jeanty restaurant (one of my favourite spots) in Yountville, California. I love the cuisine and the delightful French ambiance of this bistro. The minute you open the door the aromas from the kitchen... - 54.8507

Grilled Asparagus Wrapped In Prosciutto

Easy flavourful grilled asparagus is sure to please all your guests. - 38.6429

Phad Radna Talay (guay Treow Radna)

Guay Treow dishes are common as ‘hawker’ or street food that is readily available all over Thailand as well as most South East Asian countries. This street food is often very inexpensive and always freshly prepared for you. This dish can be fixed fairly... - 49.3544

Traditional New Mexico Green Chile Cheeseburgers

Tasty New Mexican Green Chile Cheeseburgers over an open grill cooked by the Pope of Peppers Dave DeWitt and Gwyneth Doland. - 82.6116

Somlor Machoo Srai

Somlor Machoo Srai is a Khymer/Cambodian chicken soup with great flavours as is typical of this wonderful cuisine. Ma-Om or rice paddy herb gives this soup a unique flavour. Ma-Om or Phak kayang as it is called in Thailand or Rau ngô in Vietnam can be... - 36.3827

Spaghetti Squash Salad

Tasty warm spagetti squash salad is perfect for a light summer lunch. - 45.173

Korokke (potato Croquette)

Korokke is a wonderful snack food. Many times our exchange students would make these-sometimes filled with kani (local Dungeness), or with left over meats. Korokke is made by mixing cooked chopped meat, seafood, or vegetables with mashed potato or white... - 49.5304

Drunkards Noodles (gkuay Dtiow Pad Khee Mao)

Savoury comfort noodle dish is perfect for any time of the day. - 47.421

Tortilla De Patata

Spanish Tortilla In Spain, a tortilla is an omelette of potatoes, eggs, salt and olive oil. Sometimes other ingredients such as asparagus, spinach, onions, red or green peppers, tuna, anchovies, artichokes, and mushrooms are also used even cheese. This is... - 41.2239


This is another wonderful easy to make at home recipe from Cooking with Dog - 35.7192

Pico E Gallo & Guacamole Made Easy

Picco de Gallo is a wonderful Mexican spicy dip or condiment. Guacamole is always a favourite! - 16.5936

Bourbon Apple Cake

Yummy buttery bourbon apple cake-not for kids. This is a bit like the rum cake. - 38.6956

Powdered Olive Oil

Powdered olive oil? Interesting idea, but why? Is it better? Healthier? I don't know as I use healthy fresh real olive oil daily. What do you think? - 14.181

Roast Chicken And Red Chilly

This is Freida Pinto's favourite chicken recipe: Roast chicken and red chilly - 32.196

Miang Kum

Miang kam is a very tasty snack often sold as street food. It involves wrapping little tidbits of several items in a leaf, along with a sweet-and-salty sauce. Chewing all the combination of ingredients together is like a snap-crackle and pop of bursting... - 45.8655

Mlukhiyya With Chicken

This is a wonderful dish of chicken, Meloukhyia, spices, etc. that is served in a layered fashion in individual wide bowls. Variations of this recipe are popular in Egypt, Lebanon and much of the Middle East. We love it! The boy on the left is carrying a... - 31.8041

Spicy Red Chicken (gai Tod Pud Pad)

This is one of our favourite Thai meals. It is a red dry curry made with fried chicken, curry paste and no coconut milk. - 44.5686

Serbian Beans (pasulj Prebranac)

This is a national dish amongst Serbians. The beans used are a sort of yellow bean that has a buttery texture, but if you can't find them in a Blakan market, never mind. You can use Peruanos available in Mexican markets or a mixture of various beans. - 46.6293


Dolmas are made with rice, herbs, and ground meat. Some use beef, some use lamb, and some use 1/2 lamb & half beef. I always lay some lemon slices between the layers of cooking dolmas. In this video cilantro is used, but I actually usually use dill and... - 21.2058

Preserving Lemons

The distinctive texture and flavor of preserved lemons is essential to not only traditional Moroccan cooking, but also to the contemporary cooking of some of the best chefs in the South of France, Spain, England, and the USA. As Paula Wolfert - the world... - 37.8943

Preserved Lemons

Preserved Lemons are quite expensive to buy - often running $8 for a very small jar. Why not make your own? This is so easy with either home-grown lemons off your tree or from produce market purchased lemons. I use Meyer Lemons and also Eureka lemons which... - 42.5127

Chicken With Preserved Lemons, Artichokes And Olives Emshmel

CHICKEN WITH PRESERVED LEMONS, ARTICHOKES AND OLIVES EMSHMEL (Djaj Mqualli) is a typical Moroccan tagine full of exotic flavours. Served with couscous and harissa it is a perfect family meal or served to guests. - 44.9

Penne With Smirnoff Vodka Sauce

Vodka Sauce Penne sounds so gourmet and impressive and yet it is a very approachable dish for the home cook. This is a quick recipe if using store-bought, or better yet your own canned tomatoes. Garnish with freshly grated Parmesano-Reggiano cheese and... - 41.8978

Thai-style Suki-yaki

One of our favourite meals to eat in Bangkok is the Thai version of Suki-Yaki. We usually eat this dish at one of the many MK restaurants which specialize in this fun cook it yourself meal. Suki-Yaki is such a fun meal that you cook at your table in a... - 35.7529

Cracking A Coconut With Ease

Aunchalee teaches you how to make your own organic coconut milk from a fresh coconut. - 14.3247

Bûche De Noël! - Part 2 Of 2

see part 1 - 15.193

Bûche De Noël (yule Log) Part 1 Of 2

Instructions Preparing the Plain or White Génoise 1. Cover the cooled layer with a clean piece of parchment paper, and then cover the paper with a clean sheet pan 2. Whisk the eggs, yolks and salt in the bowl of an electric mixer. Add sugar in a stream... - 38.9878


Freekeh is an easy to make healthy grain. It can be made vegetarian or with meats, and herbs and spices. It also can be made as a breakfast cereal. - 34.5665

Yam Yai Bangkok

Thai salads are a balance of the exciting flavours of sweet-salty-sour-spicey. This is a fabulous side salad or main light lunch dish. - 43.8571

Kaisendon (japanese Sashimi Rice Bowl)

How to Make Kaisendon (Japanese Sashimi Rice Bowl) - 33.4058

Sukiyaki (japanese Beef Hot Pot)

Sukiyaki is a Japanese dish in the nabemono (Japanese steamboat) style. It consists of meat (usually thinly sliced beef), or a vegetarian version made only with firm tofu, slowly cooked or simmered at the table, alongside vegetables and other ingredients, in... - 49.7298

Potage Français D'hiver - Anne-marie's

This is a wonderful healthy winter vegetable soup! Two meals one cooking-chunky the first night and cream soup the next night. - 45.8613

Carving A Turkey

How to carve the turkey! - 15.4323

Kabocha Bisque (thai Curry Soup)

Thai Curry Kabocha Bisque (Fak Thong Gaeng Leang) is the perfect fall soup for holiday tables. The subtle balance of this creamy fragrant hot-salty-sweet-sour bisque will delight your guests. - 51.9691

Vegetarian Cacciatore

CACCIATORE (" in the style of foragers") is one of the most popular Northern Italian recipes. To me it is true comfort food, perfect for a fall meal. I use an assortment of available vegetables with the back-drop of tomatoes. I usually use some sliced... - 50.9465

Vanilla Gelato

Vanilla Gelato is always a favourite and not difficult to make. - 38.3586

Herbes De Provence

One of my favourite herb mixtures is Herbes de Provence, a classic herb blend using fresh or dried herbs. This mixture is very popular in France. It is used for many dishes every day in a French kitchen. Each area of France will have it's own variation... - 36.4532

Veal Mushroom Marsala

Classic Italian veal and mushroom dish flavoured with Marsala. - 46.4929

Curried Macaroni Salad With Fresh Shrimp

The combination of curry and sweet shrimp make this a very yummy pasta salad. - 43.9869

Mustard Seed Coated Salmon

A truly elegant yet easy to prepare mustard seed coated salmon with a lovely watercress sauce, the epitome of California wine cuisine. This recipe is from Annie Roberts, Executive Chef, Robert Mondavi Vineyards. - 42.7093

Roasted Chile Paste (nam Phrik Pao)

This a favourite condiment as well as a flavour giving ingredient for soups, stir-fried dishes, noodles, rice, dipping sauces, and even as a salad dressing. The flavour is addictive and you will find yourself spreading it on a piece of toast or crackers. It... - 43.8687

Stampy-irish Potato Bread

Stampy is a traditional name for one of the many Irish potato breads. This one is especially tasty and wonderful with Colcannon. - 41.6858

Colcannon - St Patrick's Day

Colcannon is a delightful hardy dish of potatoes and cabbage often served to families at holidays. - 35.9831

Mapo Tofu

This flavourful and easy quick stir fry of minced pork and tofu recipe is an Asian fusion of Chinese and Korean ingredients. It has a unique undertone given by the Szechwan Peppercorn - in this case in it's oil form. - 40.8206


Piskóta is a wonderful old Serbian recipe for cherry cake. This version contains many eggs. Sometimes these Piskóta recipes will contain only 4 eggs but a lot of butter, but no matter the recipe it is a wonderful cake of the former Yugoslavia with many... - 55.0757

Gai Yang Hua Hin

Gai Yang (Thai barbecued chicken) is a tasty way to serve chicken to family and friends. You can use chicken parts as this recipe calls for or whole chicken cut in half. Sometimes I use split Cornish Game Hens which have a milder and closer to a Thai... - 46.8121

Cambodian Shrimp & Pork Stir Fry With Smokey Eggplant (cha Traop Dot)

Cambodian Shrimp & Pork Stir Fry with Smokey Eggplant (Cha Traop Dot) make an easy and flavourful healthy stir-fry entre. - 46.091

Shaking Beef (bò Lúc Lắc )

Shaking Beef (Bò Lúc Lắc ) is a simple dish with amazing robust flavours of tender, moist, cubed filet mignon with garlic, watercress and red onions. This dish is one of the most famous at world famous The Slanted Door restaurant in San Frasncisco-where... - 49.4588

Shrimp Paste Rice (khao Krok Kapi)

This Thai fried rice dish is called khao kluk kapi. You don't see this dish very often and then only in Thai neighbourhoods and never in tourist regions. The big difference between this dish and normal fried rice is that the rice is fried with shrimp paste... - 51.3954


Pupusa is a tortilla made of corn flour (masa) stuffed with various things like cheese, pork, and beans. The pupusa is stuffed while forming the tortilla. It is a culinary artform, and not everyone can make them. It takes skill and practice to be able to make... - 38.1471

Mexican Sopes

Sopes pronounced "SOH-peh" are an amazing snack or light meal classified as antojitos ("little whims") in Spanish. Each geographical region has their own version of this south of the border dish originating in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Sopes are... - 57.9268

Assam Laksa

Laksa Assam is a very popular dish in both Malaysia and Singapore. It is often taken as a breakfast or a late night supper. If you want to make Laksa Assam the easy way useHup Loong Asam Laksa and for the fish, canned sardines and tuna. - 46.8414

Çerkez Tavuğu (circassian Chicken)

Cerkez Chicken (Circassian Chicken) is a favourite mezze o ours. It is served with pita bread triangles and small romaine or endive leaves which I love. - 45.8447


Stuffed Grape Leaves aka Dolmathes are a party food-just rolling the stuffed leaves, laughing and talking makes for the beginning of a party. A small glass of Retsina (Greek wine) helps in this labour of rolling dozens of grape leaves. Greeks always have... - 54.1827

Goan Paella

I kept wondering if there was a Goan recipe for Paella and started searching for same. Sure enough I found this wonderful sounding recipe on by Sanjeev Chandra and Smita Chandra. Rice cooked with sautéed chicken, chorizo sausage, assorted seafood... - 52.4795

Paella Valenciana

Paella is a robust dish of various seafood, meats and vegetables in various combinations, but always with Saffran flavouring and adding a lovely fragrance and colour to the rice. hat to drink with paella: With a seafood paella, try a Freixnet Cava, or... - 46.6125

Rice With Rabbit / Arroz Al Horno Con Conejo

This sort of a rustic paella dish is wonderful with rabbit and imported Spanish salchichones with potatoes. Oven rice is usually cooked in a clay casserole called a cazuela. If you don't have one, you can use a paella pan or even a heavy skillet. - 40.0765

Paella With Tomatoes

Paella is a traditional Spanish dish. This Vegan versian is perfect for a lighter meal with a large salad. - 37.1921

Classic Cheese Fondue

Fondue is a fun meal whether for an intimate romantic meal for two or for a party. Classic Cheese Fondue is wonderful. It is important to use a good crusty bread that will hold up on the ork and swirling in the cheese. Please use good cheese like imported... - 47.2029

Crni Rizoto

Black risotto Recipe - It is a very popular and delicious dish served along the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. This is a highly prized and unusual dish coloured and flavoured with squid or cuttle fish ink. If you are looking for a recipe to impress... - 52.0243

Homemade Root Beer

Root beer also known as sarsaparilla is a complex and delicious, old-fashioned, home-brewed root beer that has deep, intermingling notes of roots, bark, and spices, set against a background of molasses. There is no one recipe for this popular old-time... - 41.5584

Kaipen With Jaew Bong Dip

When Laotians make the jaew bong dip, they often toss in chewy bits of water buffalo skin. Some may consider that optional, however beef jerkey works great in place of the water buffalo skin. - 33.5251

Momo-cha (nepali Meat Dumplings)

How to make Momo-cha (Nepali Meat Dumplings) recipe by Tulsi Regmi is simply amazing! If you have ever eaten these you will surely delight in just reading the recipe and dreaming of the remembered taste. I hav made these with hand minced goat and also lamb... - 58.6285

Nam Phrik Kaeng Kare

To make your own curry paste is a most gratifying expierence. Best results are achieved by using a mortar and pestle, allow at least 20 minutes to make by hand using this authentic method. The flavours and aroma achieved due to pounding are far superior to... - 43.4859

Khao Soy (ข้าวซอย)

This creamy chicken coconut milk curry with egg noodles is the epitome of comfort food. It is the perfect bowl on a cold Winter night! - 49.8215

Khanom Jin Namya

Khanom Jin Namya Curry is a popular lunch for many busy Thais, and it is also a traditional meal for Thai New Year’s/Songkran. You can make it yourself as below, or use an easy and tasty Namya Curry paste from the tin or tub available at Asian Markets. I... - 51.7226

Chicken Curry Soup (somlor Curry Siche Moan)

Tasty Cambodian Chicken and bamboo curry. I question the amount of sugar-seems way off to me. I'd add 2 teaspoons, taste, and adjust to your taste. - 16.1486


This recipe can easily be mde Vegetarian by using a mushroom essence and vegetable broth in place of turkey pan drippings and chicken broth. Roastig vegetables in olive oil will give the same rich flavour to your Vegetarian Gravy. Chef Keith Snow is on a... - 20.729

Khao Tom (thai Rice Soup)

This flavourful bowl of rice soup with minced pork meatballs is the perfect day starter. Customize with your own choice of condiments ranging from preserved eggs to pickled radish and of course plenty of Thai chiles in fish sauce (nam pla phrik). - 49.3868

Mie Lueang (stir-fried Hokkien-style Noodles)

This is a popular noodle dish orginally from Fujian, China, but the Thais have adapted it to their taste. Hokkien noodles are very simple: quickly executed and very delicious. - 50.6441

Vegetarian Curry Or Chicken Curry

In this how-to video, Chef Keith Snow creates a delicious and healthy vegetarian delight with seasonal vegetables, coconut milk, and curry. Feel free to use hot-sauce, chilies, or other spicy additions to your taste. - 27.2366

Appam-south Indian Delight

One of my favourite breakfast is appam with fresh coconut syrup-terribly decandent. I usually only ate this once per stay, when I stayed at the malabar in Kochi as it is toooo good. They are easy to make, but they take a little practice to make perfect. The... - 70.2373

Idli And Sambar

Idli is an amazing South Indian sort of dumpling. steamed rice cake. It is made by steaming batter — traditionally made from pulses (specifically black lentils) and rice — into patties, usually two to three inches in diameter, using a mold. Most often... - 59.0529

Thai Mussels

This is a fresh tasting seafood recipe. - 33.6181

Thai'd Up Tomato Salad

This is an easy Thai'd up salad. Thai salads (Yams) are usually the hottest part of a Thai meal, but you can tame this salad by controlling the amount of minced chiles used. For more gorgeous foodie photos - 43.8859

Yemistes Domates Me Rizi

It is nearing the end of tomato season her and I am taking advantage of those last gorgeous juicy heirlooms. I picked some Caspian Pink tomatoes and decided to make Stuffed Tomatoes ( Yemistes Domates me Rizi). Sometimes I use feta in them but we prefer the... - 49.4676

Avocado “faux Gras” With “untamed (heirloom) Tomato Chutney” And Dungeness Crab Brioche Toast

Executive Chef Colin Moody, CCC of Asilomar, Pacific Grove came up with this extremely popular Faux Gras recipe as an answer to both vegetarians and those who choose not to consume foie gras. - 51.9061

Fried Green Tomatoes With Crème Fraîche Drizzle

Fried Green Tomatoes is a classic old American recipe. It is amazing how tasty they are. My grandmother would make a white pepper gravy for them and just flour and egg breading. I make Fried Green Tomatoes in the Summer using corn meal for crispness, white... - 44.1601

Chap Jae (jap Chae)

This is one of my favourite dishes and it is very healthy! The noodles are yam noodles and do not contain wheat or flour. Jap Chae is a fabulous Healthy Choices meal. - 49.5875

Champurrado (mexican Chocolate Drink)

This morning drink is especially popular in the Winter. This Mexican favorite is flavored with anise and sweetened with piloncillo (hard cane sugar). - 31.7632

Chiles En Nogada

This is a very interesting dish. The first time I ate it well it was icky sweet so b careful of the sugar ratio, as when done properly it is quite nice. I especially like the heat balance. - 46.6564

Homemade Sopes

Sopes are finger foods in Mexico - “antojitos,” the foods you crave. These are the snacks and street foods, as well as the special-occasion treats, that Mexicans love best–the stuff that comforts the soul and sets the heart racing. Sopes, little masa... - 49.7025

Kao Niow Ma-muang (stickey Rice With Mangoes)

This is an amazing Thai recipe and so addictive. There is nothing like warm coconut sticky rice with a sweet juicy mango. - 39.4401

I Love Butter

I love scallops especially with cream and butter. YUM! This is a wonderful recipe, but being in the NY Times not postable. Take a look at the video. Love MARK BITTMAN. His recipes are always so easy and perfection. - 38.6698

Issan Sausage - Sai Klok Issan

These unique, fragrant, Thai-style sausage contain the flavours of pork, garlic, cilantro, pepper, and cooked rice which makes them mellow and tnder. In Issan these sausages are wrapped in banana leaves and grilled, sometimes with grated coconut over them,... - 41.243

Thai Basil Chicken In Indian Coconut-curry Sauce

This spicy fusion of Thai and Indian flavors in this ethnic dish provides a dish full of flavour. Perfect with steamed rice either Jasmine or Basmati as you wish. - 42.3119

Italian Meatballs With Gravy

Yummy Italian meatballs in fresh tomato gravy with sweet Italian sausage over pasta. Just like Nonnie used to make. - 17.6374

Cheese Filled Zucchini

I love baby zucchini and in the summer when the plants are so prolific it is the time to pick the male blosooms and the baby zucchinis and enjoy this dish. I especially love it as it is not deep fried like most. - 29.4658

Easy Italian Cooking

This is a classic Italian veal dish that can be easily made with chicken or turkey breast or pork tnderloin pounded thin. - 18.8605

Pho-laos Style

This is serious comfort food from a Thai / Laos girl, Manivan Larprom who shows you how to cook Thai & Lao food. Her authentic cuisine roots from Sakon Nakhon, Thailand and Paksan, Laos. Enjoy! Remember once Isaan and Laos were one country! - 21.3668