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Budget Bistro - Season 2 - Episode 7 - Chicken Panchinis

This recipe by Budget Bistro is just the one to pull out when you want to make a gourmet meal on a dime budget. With Host Eric Reinert, you will learn how to impress family & friends, and maybe a girlfriend/boyfriend or two! This Italian recipe with a twist... - 117.574

Paillard Chicken

Not able to figure out what is to be done with some left over chicken pieces? Why not make Paillard chicken with them If the term sound new, don't worry as this video will tell you what is it and how it is made. Juts tune in and enjoy! - 111.986

Baked Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushrooms are your favorite but you have not yet tried baked stuffed mushrooms….yes, you heard it right, I ma talking about stuffed mushrooms and that too with a delicious stuffing of olives, cheese and bacon. If you are drooling at the thought, just watch... - 101.772

Egg Drop Soup

If soups are your latest addiction, then you must try this interesting egg drop soup, which is also known as egg flower soup in many parts of the world. The most interesting thing about this soup is that the egg is dropped in the soup and the flavors of the... - 114.843

Chinese House Fried Rice

If you are looking for something that can be served with the egg flower soup or egg drop soup, here is a quick and inexpensive recipe for Chinese House Fried Rice. These rice go well with the soup and are often served together at Chinese joints. Now you can... - 121.594

Cheesy Steak Bruschetta

So, you have guests today at 4 and you don’t know what to cook and there is also nothing much to cook…what will you do? Well, make cheesy steak bruschetta. The recipe is very simple and delicious bruschetta will be made in less than 30 minutes. Seasoned... - 120.873

Seasoned Captain Salmon

If salmon is what you love eating, here is one more recipe of salmon just for you. Watch this video to see how the chef makes a delightful salmon by topping it with spiced rum, brown sugar, butter and seasonings. The baked fish tastes absolutely delicious and... - 113.991