Tommy Gershey's Recipes

Pork Fried Rice

Chinese cooking has an unlimited number of variations in the ingredients, and the flavorings, and the way it can be cooked. Bits of roast pork, a variety a vegetables and a flavored Basamati rice make this recipe one of the best examples of true Chinese... - 38.8817

Mushrooms In Oyster Sauce

This dish is one of my own concoctions. It is easy to prepare and can be served as an appetizer or as side dish. Butter, Chinese rice wine and oyster sauce makes this dish savory. The use of butter is not Chinese by nature but adds richness to the mushrooms. - 24.1296

Pepper Steak

Marinated flank steak, stir fried with ginger flavored green peppers. (Flank steak needs to marinade 6 hours, so allow for the extra prep time). This recipe does not keep well. Also it cannot be kept warm while other things are being cooked. Serve it right... - 34.3963

Sweet And Sour Shrimp (pork)

There are so many variations of this recipe it took me years to finally settle on this version. With all the elements of true Chinese cuisine this one is a winner. With all the vegetables sweet and the addition of pineapple and complex flavorings this recipe... - 33.0244

Tempura Shrimp

A light air batter resulting in a soft batter coating on either shrimp or pork. Serve as an appetizer with some dipping sauce or as a dough coated element in a stir fried dish. I use the same batter for pork pieces when making sweet and sour pork. - 34.0402

Roast Pork Egg Foo Yung

Stir fried vegetables with little pieces of roast pork are cooked inside an egg omelet with gravy served over top. Most Chinese take out serve this with onion, Mung bean sprouts and bits of roast pork. I add match stick pieces of sweet bell pepper and... - 35.0256

Spring Rolls

A vegetarian mix of stir fried vegetables wrapped in a delicate spring roll wrapper. Fried right you get a crunchy wrapper with a tasty vegetable inside. Put dollop of Duck Sauce on the roll before each bite, it's fruity taste adds to the complexity of this... - 43.674

Roast Pork Strips

A staple in the Chinese diet, Pork is the "steak" of China. Those little red pieces of pork in fried rice are chopped from roast pork strips. Although the marinade is simple enough, Brown bean sauce may be difficult to find. (you may substitute black bean... - 42.6627

Velvety Corn Soup

A delicious and different soup as part of a Chinese meal. Made quite simply from chicken stock and sweet corn, the smooth texture is derived by blending and straining the stock. - 31.1559

Chinese Chicken Wings

Served as an appetizer in most Chinese restaurants and take outs, this version is a no brainer. Just marinade, place on a pan and roast in the oven 30 minutes. - 27.1649

Beef And Bok Choy

Savory mixture of beef and bok choy with oyster sauce - 25.3128

Shrimp Toast

A complex shrimp mixture is spread on toast and fried on both sides. A piece of parsley is put in the center to add green garnish to the pink color of the shrimp. This is always a big hit when I cook a Chinese banquet and include this appetizer. - 43.4119

Shrimp In Lobster Sauce

A rich pork and egg sauce known as LOBSTER SAUCE is served with stir fried shrimp. Other sea food can also be used such as lobster, scallops, or Alaskan king crab. - 31.4236