Radcliff's Recipes

Spring Vegetable Paella

No special pans required! Experience authentic-tasting paella with fresh vegetables, rice and saffron seasonings. It's quick and easy! - 37.7578

Tuna And Black Beans

Add a fresh twist to tuna with the flavors of lime, chilies and black beans—all the best that the Southwest has to offer. - 25.8645

Black Bean Soup

Less is more flavor! This simple yet flavorful black bean soup draws upon Italian and southwestern influences. - 37.8463

Spicy Chicken Chili

Lunch or dinner is just minutes away with this lightning-fast spicy chicken version of traditional chili with beans. - 27.6156

Black Bean-pasta Cancun

Take a Cancun trip for two without leaving home! This easy pasta salad combines pasta, black beans and all the flavors of Cancun. - 36.3131