Imskinnyinside's Recipes

Broccoli And Rice Casserole

Maria is making her healthy twist on her version of the broccoli and the rice bake. Easily done in the oven! So watch the video for more. - 52.4147

Baked Enchiladas

Its bake with rich layers of meat, tortillas and enchilada sauce! Baked to perfection and full of flavour. The video is a typical home video which could lack in professionalism! See the video for more. - 67.0342

Low Calorie Spinach And Mushroom Wrap

Low calorie meal is the deal for the day. Maria shows you how to get this veggie wrap on the roll! See the video for more. - 52.0306

Spicy Shrimp Fried Rice

A dish to be had which is low on calorie and uses brown rice instead of the regular white rice! A recipe of the healthier you. See the video for more. - 69.3619

Low Calorie Turkey Pasta Bake

The pasta used here is a Japanese type of pasta which has no added transfats! Maria uses this version of the pasta to create a dish that is low in the calorie count. See the video for more. - 67.9981

Zucchini Fries

Everyone swarms over a plate of fries. This is going to be a plate of crunchy zucchini fries! A healthier option than potatoes! See Maria make these baked crunchy sticks in this video. - 78.1859

Stir Fried Chicken

An Asian influenced dish of stir fried chicken. Stir fried to a make a delectable dish. Watch Maria show you make this easy dish. - 65.9274

Cheese And Turkey Burrito

A burrito with cheese and turkey is what this video is all about! The ingredients are shown as clippings! A meal with a burrito which is so easy to make!.See the video for more! - 68.2921

Baked Dill Salmon Over Rice

The salmon and rice is a good lunch meal for the day! The salmon fillet is heavily marinated with dill and baked till just right! Watch Maria do her thing in the Kitchen in this video. - 57.8672