Beauwoodro's Recipes

Spicy Mexican Guacamole

If you want to have a taste of Mexico in your home, watch this video. The chef here shows how to make spicy Mexican style guacamole. This dip is flavorful and makes a good pairing with breads and finger foods. And not to miss, it is quite easy to make it! - 100.364

Spicy Salsa

If you are fond of having salsa with your meals, here is a delightful and spicy salsa recipe for you. Prepared by combining onions, tomatoes and herbs, this salsa is a must have. - 102.677

Yummy Butterfinger Cake

For all cake lovers out there, you have landed on the correct video. Watch it now to see the recipe of delicious and yummy Butterfinger cake. - 97.2986

Chicken And Beef Red Chili Enchiladas

If you want to have some spicy and delicious Mexican food, try this enchilada recipe out there. Stuffed with beef and chicken and baked these enchilada taste marvelous. - 107.843

Peach Veggie Salsa

If salsa is what you relish the most, you must watch he video here for a delectable salsa recipe. Creamy white peaches are mixed well with onion and tomatoes to make a flavorful and delicious salsa. - 98.5906

Pan Fried Talapia (contest )

Part two of panfried talapia, peach salsa,and garlic cream sauce - 100.989

Creamy Garlic Sauce

Want to add zing to your boring food? Make some creamy garlic sauce in this video. Delicious and flavorful, this sauce is easy to make. So, what are you waiting for??? - 97.4812

Summer Time Popsicles

Feeling hot! Try making these amazing sweet and delicious popsicles. Easy to make, these are made using simple ingredients and can be a perfect treat for your kids. Watch the video now. - 110.462

Cottage Cheese Noodles

A recipe shared that is four generation old and requires only 4 ingredients to make it, its yummy and tasty! See the video on how to make this cottage cheese noodles. - 41.8824

New Mexico Red Chili Burrito Part 2 - Finalization

Part2 of this video is getting the meat mixture cooked and then filled in the burrito to make it a complete meal. See the video for more details. - 40.2586

New Mexico Red Chili Burrito Part 1 - Preparation

A video done casually at home by Chef Ken, showcasing how to get Red Chili Burritos done! Part 1 is the chopping and the prepping of the vegetables, be sure to watch part 2 on how the burritos get filled. - 41.1014

Peruvian Potato Purple Hash

Purple potato hash and some burritos for the kids is the menu planned by Chef Ken for the day! Easy to make meal! A video which is callously done. But if your looking for ideas then this video is to watch! - 39.5462

Barbecued Steak

Chef Ken get this backyard grill going and gets his sous chef to assist. The audio directions are not quite clear in the video as the music in the background is overpowering. Never the less it’s a video to watch to see how the steak gets done. - 37.5588


Chef Ken has store toastadas which is a family recipe. Some seasonings and salsas from Mexico and you have one incredible dish! If not for the casual style in the presentation, the video is good to watch for some Mexican food! - 41.1556