TheBossWeasel's Recipes

Bacon With Cheddar Cheese

Whether you are attending a cookout this July 4 as a guest or hosting your own shindig, this delicious side dish coming straight off the grill will surely appease you. This video presents a sumptuous side dish that is both healthy and crowd pleasing. Zesty... - 83.3107

Breakfast Platter - Part 2 Cinnamon Buns

If you are looking for new recipes to jazz up your early-morning meal, grab a pen and a book and note down this amazing cinnamon bun recipe. So lipsmackingly delicious, this melt in the mouth buns flavored with cinnamon and topped with a dollop of fresh cream... - 84.0188

Breakfast Platter - Part 1 - Making Scrambled Eggs

No breakfast is complete without wholesome eggs and this delectable morning platter is no different. Besides fresh raspberries and oven-fresh cinnamon buns, this platter features scrambled eggs too. Prepared in minutes, scrambled eggs make for quick and easy... - 76.2523

Mac And Cheese

Craving a cheesy delight? Forget the box and try this easy-on-the-go mac and cheese recipe instead. It's so simple and soul-satisfying that you won't mind ditching your diet for once. And this video recipe only makes your task easier and tastier. Prepared... - 76.3087

Banana Bread

If you haven't tried banana bread yet, here's your chance to whomp up this toothsome treat right within your kitchen. Very few things in life compares to the delicious flavor of a homemade banana bread. Here is a quick roundup of this fabulously delectable... - 88.466

Strawberry Cheese Cake Muffins - Part 2

Not sure what to do with the extra bushels of midsummer strawberries? Simple, just use them to make delectable strawberry-cream dessert muffins. It's so simple, quick and easy that even you kids can assist you to whomp up this sweet indulgence. Just one bite... - 83.3203

Strawberry Cheese Cake Muffins - Part 1

Celebrate the sweet side of summer with a delectable fruity dessert that is sure to tickle your taste buds all season long. This video presents an extremely delicious muffin recipe with a creamy, fruity filling inside. Now these dessert muffins are so... - 86.1118

Mexican Pizza Grandes

You don’t have to sprint to neighborhood pizzeria every time craving hits you! With a little effort, you can make good chicken pizza in your kitchen. Here is an extremely comforting, quick, kid-friendly chicken recipe for you that will delight all — from... - 81.1293

Peanut Butter Cookie

There is nothing quite like homemade cookie to munch along with your tea. And peanut butter cookie definitely make for one such delicious morning snack. Here's a classic recipe of the much-loved peanut butter cookie. This crunchy, crisscross patterned,... - 84.8555

Fettuccine Alfredo With Chicken Breast - Part 2 Preparation Cont.

Getting a lip-smacking dinner on the table doesn’t really involve back-breaking efforts or culinary know-how. Here’s a video that tells you how you too can whomp up a quick delight at home, a la the Italian way, and entice all taste-buds. Fettuccine... - 84.268

Fettuccine Alfredo With Chicken Breast - Part 1 Preparation

Entrees make a stunning centerpiece on any dinner table, at least this one surely does. Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken breast make for full-sized entrees that are a delight to prepare and devour. Never mind if you don't the abc of cooking. With this recipe... - 83.3766