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Brewing The Beneficial Kombucha Tea Part 2

Brewing the Beneficial Kombucha Tea with Group Vegan Chef Patricia. - 76.7476

Brewing The Beneficial Kombucha Tea Part 1

This video Brewing the Beneficial Kombucha is in 2 parts. Watch Part 2 to get the complete recipe. - 72.5531

Simple Vegan Curry Part 3

The recipe Simple Vegan Curry is in 3 parts. This is Part 3. Watch the other parts for the entire recipe. - 65.6943

Simple Vegan Curry Part 2

The recipe Simple Vegan Curry is in 3 parts. This is Part 2. Watch the other parts for the entire recipe. - 73.3102

Simple Vegan Curry Part1

The recipe Simple Vegan Curry is in 3 parts. This is Part 1. Watch the other parts for the entire recipe. - 77.5346

Easy Cool Cucumber And Spring - Part 4: Serving

This is the ultimate warm-weather food for anyone who loves the cool, refreshing, juicy flavors of cucumber. The crunchy texture of the vegetable mixed with vinegary classics makes for a gut-appeasing treat. Just tune the video to learn how to makes this... - 78.5306

Easy Cool Cucumber And Spring - Part 3: Preparation Cont.

Wonderfully fresh, this lip smacking cucumber salad is a beautiful reminiscence of the arrival of the Spring. Quick and easy to make, this dish is ideal for summer parties or daily treats. This video serves as an easy guide on how to make this wonderful dish. - 78.489

Easy Cool Cucumber And Spring - Part 2: Preparation

Full of fresh flavors and bursting with the coolness of cucumber, this refreshing salad can surprisingly cool you down on blistering hot summer days. Not only filling and highly appetizing, this delicious salad is also quite easy to make. This video explains... - 80.5099

Easy Cool Cucumber And Spring - Part 1: Introduction

A lovely, crunchy, easy-to-eat summer vegetable, cucumbers are one versatile food that screams of summer flavors. Chock-a-block with lemony, cool flavors, this refreshing summer dish is sure to satiate. Stream this video to learn more on how to make it. - 79.8201

Stinky Tofu - Part 3: Preparation Cont.

Smelly tofu or fermented bean curd may not seem like a palatable bet, but quite surprisingly, it is. Before you twitch your nose at the acrid smell of this instant pickle wafting from some local roadside vendor's pushcart, know that apart from its strong... - 76.4849

Stinky Tofu - Part 2: Preparation

Love it or hate it, Chinese stinky tofu is one dish that you surely can't ignore. This acrid flavored pickle that is usually sold is pushcarts cannot be bought from any super-market stores. This video shows how to make this yummy yet stinky tofu pickle at... - 63.3607

Stinky Tofu - Part 1: Introduction

Golden, crispy, crusty, deep-fried stinky tofu is a popular Taiwanese dish that you will commonly found in night markets and roadside stands. This pungent fermented delight nicely compliments any Asian food. This video explains a step-by-step video on how to... - 75.5003

Sticky Happy Corn Coconut Pudding And Boiled Vegetables - Part 4

On those days when you feel like eating something different, a vegan treat like this wouldn't be a bad idea. Chang Hai whomps up a delectable treat using traditional Asian ingredients that isn't highly appeasing to the palate, but also very nutritious for... - 80.7055

Sticky Happy Corn Coconut Pudding And Boiled Vegetables - Part 3

You don't really have to spend a fortune to eat healthy food. Sometimes just curbing your carnivorous instincts and whomping up a delightful vegan dish in your kitchen might just be enough. Chef Chang Ghai presents a simple, satisfying lunch fare using... - 83.7065

Sticky Happy Corn Coconut Pudding And Boiled Vegetables - Part 2

If you though vegan food was boring, then this video recipe is likely to butt your notion for good. Packed with tons of fresh, exciting ingredients, this vegan delight might just inspire you to transform into a herbivore, or better an omnivore. Chang Hai's... - 81.8201

Sticky Happy Corn Coconut Pudding And Boiled Vegetables - Part 1: Ingredients

If you are slowly transitioning towards vegan food, then this recipes by Chef Chang Hai will help you cook up a great fare. Overflowing with health and taste, these yummy pudding and boiled vegetables will help your stay energized throughout the day and is... - 82.592

Vegan Vanilla Custard Pastries Dazzled With Berry Coulis - Part 2: Preparation Cont.

Custard lovers with a passion for berries will lap up this simple, vegan dessert. This luscious, lick-the-fork dessert makes for a spectacular treat and is quite a cinch to make. In this video, the chef teaches to prepare fresh coulis and yummy vanilla... - 81.6005

Vegan Vanilla Custard Pastries Dazzled With Berry Coulis - Part 1: Introduction & Preparation

Want a toothsome dessert idea to wow your family and friends? Try this luscious dessert that is totally droolworthy and easy too. The chef teaches you to prepare a lip-smacking coulis from the scratch to top vanilla custard pastries. A great way to add a dash... - 81.3087

Cinnamon Spiced Spelt Morning Porridge With Coconut Milk - Part 2: Fixings

There is nothing quite like the creamy, comforting porridge to kick-start your mornings. To ensure that you have a great start to every morning, Chef Rebecca Frye presents a simple, scrumptious porridge recipe using spelt, cinnamon, coconut milk and date.... - 82.1545

Cinnamon Spiced Spelt Morning Porridge With Coconut Milk - Part 1: Preparation

Starting off your day with a filling, delectable, vegan porridge is a great way to stave off hunger pangs throughout the day. Chef Rebecca presents a simple, sumptuous and very nutritious spelt porridge recipe that she lightly spices up with cinnamon and... - 83.5119

Easy Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

The vey name "banana chocolate chip bread" screams holiday. This melt-in-your-mouth treat can be prepared in less than an hour and makes for divine indulgence. Stream this video to learn more on how to prepare this soul-satisfying treat. - 84.8014

Cupcakes For Kids - Part 4: Serving

Whether or not it's his birthday, your child will simply love this treat. Easy to bake and great to eat, these miniature tips can be embellished with garden-fresh fruits, creamy whipped toppings or fondants for a really toothsome indulgence. Don't surprise... - 63.7172

Cupcakes For Kids - Part 3: Preparation Cont.

If you believe that cupcakes are timeless treats, then baking some at home will surely give you and your kids yummy excuses to devour them time and again. This miniature cakes taste refreshingly delicious and is quite a child's play to make, which is why we... - 63.3838

Cupcakes For Kids - Part 2: Preparation

Fun times with kids call for bright, colorful, and scrumptious cupcakes. Easier to serve and good to eat, cupcakes require no slicing, no plates, and no forks, which means every child gets his/her fair share of icing. This recipe video takes you down the... - 63.1024

Cupcakes For Kids - Part 1: Ingredients

Kids can't resist yummy confections, which is why we bring to you a cupcake recipe that your little ones will just love. Birthdays, holidays or vacations, cute cupcakes dressed up in fineries makes for delectable indulgence. This video recipe introduces you... - 62.694

Italian Seasoned Potato Veggie Casserole With Avocado Summer Strawberry Salad

Warm and comforting casseroles make for wonderful additions to your dinner or breakfast table. In this video, the chef teaches us how to make a rich, savory casserole studded with potato, broccoli and mushroom, that is irresistible, even to the non... - 84.6774

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches - Part 2: Preparation Cont.

Does the very thought of a delectable scoop of your favorite ice cream squeezed in between yummy buttered cookies gets you drooling? Then this recipe should help you make some at home. Easy to make and simply sumptuous to eat, this frozen confection surely... - 65.0889

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches - Part 1: Preparation

Your store-bought ice cream can become an easy-to-eat-treat when sandwiched between cookies. The best thing about this frozen confection is that you can easily whomp it up at home. Follow this recipe to pick your cues and get customizing your own ice cream... - 64.9857

Vietnamese Vegan Tomato Ginger Chicken - Part 2: Preparation Cont.

When feel like preparing something different at home, try making this delish tomato ginger vegan chicken, a la the Vietnamese way. Packed with flavors and different textures, this light and easy chicken dish is nutrient dense and is as easy as a pie to make.... - 54.666

Vietnamese Vegan Tomato Ginger Chicken - Part 1: Ingredients & Preparation

If you are looking for a hassle-free dinner recipe, then this comforting chicken recipe would warm you up. Mouthwateringly moist, this lip-smacking, easy-to-make recipe is a great way to fill you up. Next time you are cooking up a lunch or dinner for your... - 54.4848

Vegan Ham Musubi - Part 2: Preparation Cont.

Got some leftover ham from last night's Thanksgiving dinner? Lucky you. Then you can cut them into slices to make some lip-smacking ham musubi. This delightful Hawaiian favorite isn't any labor-intensive ordeal. So making them shouldn't be a big ordeal. Plus,... - 76.0951

Vegan Ham Musubi - Part 1: Ingredients & Preparation

The Hawaiians love their musubi, which explains why they have so many variation of this popular snack. This video features a simple recipe of the same. Learn, enjoy and make them at your home for a yummy evening snack. - 74.7607

Healthy Kale Coleslaw - Part 2: Preparation Cont.

If you are bored of the usual cabbage slaw, then replacing it with healthy kale would make for a refreshing change. This crunch-tastic summer dish draws much of its crunch after kale. Highly nutritious, delicious and filling, this yummy coleslaw surely is an... - 80.8357

Healthy Kale Coleslaw - Part 1: Preparation

There is something about sweet tangy slaw that makes it so versatile. Add kale to it and you have a slaw to die for. Apart from taste and crunch, kale adds good amounts of nutrients to this slaw which makes it a worthy indulgence. - 80.6411

Refreshing Raw Cucumber And Tomato Soup - Part 2: Preparation

If you are bored of eating the ready-to-eat canned soups and looking for a refreshing change, the cucumber and tomato soup would tot up as an extremely delish starter. Simple to make, this soup can be stirred up using the most basic pantry ingredients without... - 63.7254

Refreshing Raw Cucumber And Tomato Soup - Part 1: Ingredients

On sweltering summer evenings, when gorging on elaborate meals seems like a task, something as cooling, refreshing and 'raw' like cucumber and tomato soup won't just satiate your gut, but will also boost your health. Light on the gut and extremely simple to... - 64.1524

Hungarian Style Vegan Stew - Part 2: Preparation Cont.

One of the best things about fall is the hearty stew, brimming with garden fresh vegetable. This delectable winter stew is simple to make and makes for a nice cold-weather treat. Follow the video recipe to master this dish. - 64.3077

Hungarian Style Vegan Stew - Part 1: Ingredients & Preparation

A hearty vegan stew starring garden fresh vegetables served over a bed of couscous truly makes for a tantalizing treat. This super-easy dish is quite a cinch to make and is sure to please every taste bud. Follow this recipe to stir up this delectable treat at... - 61.0347

Delicious Burger With Brown Rice And Sunflower Seed Salad - Part 2: Preparation

When hunger comes calling, lip-smacking burger and rice and nut salad is what you need to gratify yourself. Healthy, flavorful and full of texture, this quick and easy meal is surprisingly simple to put together and makes for a heart-warming treat. - 80.616

Delicious Burger With Brown Rice And Sunflower Seed Salad - Part 1: Ingredients

What better way to add some sunshine to your dinner platter than whomp up some delicious burger and enjoy them with healthy brown rice and crunchy sunflower seed salad. Bursting with health and flavors, this wholesome meal won't just satiate your gut, but... - 82.3945

Rich Gold Carrot Spread And Black Bean Chili For Dinner - Part 2: Serving

Getting a healthy dinner on the table doesn't take arduous labor in the kitchen? Alice Leonard presents two simple, scrumptious dinner recipes that is extremely easy, fast and delicious. Made with wholly organic ingredients, this mouthwatering vegetarian... - 77.3629

Rich Gold Carrot Spread And Black Bean Chili For Dinner - Part 1: Ingredients And Preparation

Bored of your mayo dips and salsa and wish you had a better, tastier option when it came to slathering your pita crisps or bagel chips? Well, then this rich gold carrot spread recipe by Alice Leonard is sure to appease you. But that is not all. She also... - 78.1847

Homemade Jelly - Part 2: Preparation Cont.

What better way to enjoy the fresh bounties of summer than preserve them as jellies. Never mind if you don't find orchard-fresh fruits, you can still make delicious jellies at home by replicating this recipe as presented in the video. Worth the effort! - 80.6463

Homemade Jelly - Part 1: Preparation

Bursting with flavors and sweetness, homemade jellies are a total treat, especially when slathered over buttered bread. The best thing about homemade jellies is that they are chemical free and devoid of any preservatives, which means you get 100% natural... - 81.6394

Raw Corn Chowder - Part 2: Preparation Cont.

If you are a big-time raw food fan, then you will surely appreciate this raw corn chowder recipe by Nimisha Raja. Prepared in minutes, this flavorful chowder is so comforting, creamy and warm that you will feel like slurping on it everytime you are starved. - 78.4868

Raw Corn Chowder - Part 1: Preparation

When you have a house full of hungry guests but very little clue on what to feed them, raw corn chowder could surely bail you out. Bursting with summery flavors of rich, ripe, golden corns, this appetizing chowder makes for a win-win treat. Turn on this video... - 79.5836

Chocolate-cherry French Toast - Part 2

What better way to transform bread, eggs and milk into an indulgent treat than make some lip-smacking French toast. To make it a more melt-in-mouth delight, you can add some gooey chocolates and fresh cherries to amp up its flavor. This video explains a... - 75.7223

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie - Part 1

Who doesn't love the warm, gooey, delicious chocolate chip cookie? Here's presenting you a vegan recipe that is rich as the traditional cookie recipe, but much healthier. Just stream this video to learn more about how to make these heavenly treats at home. - 74.9411

Rainbow Rice - Part 1: Preparation

There is more to any food than just flavor and taste — it has to be appealing to the eyes too. Chef Alan whomps up a delectable, flavorful and colorful rice dish that is sure to add loads of cheer to your fare. What’s more, this eye-catching dish is one... - 56.4744

Japanese Style Soba Noodles - Part 2: Preparation Cont.

Soba noodles, made from buckwheat flour, leaves a nutty flavor in the mouth and makes for a filling treat. Stir-fried with vegetables, this lip-smacking treat tastes awesome, when eaten in a slurp. Follow this video to learn how to whomp up this dish. - 85.7072

Japanese Style Soba Noodles - Part 1: Preparation

Why order a takeout when you can make a quick soba noodles at home, a la the Japanese way. Usually packed with shrimps, peas and veggies, this lip-smacking treat packs in the authentic Oriental flavors, but just the fraction of fat that you would find in... - 84.6421

Chef Alan Chaves Presents Rainbow Rice (2/2) 大廚艾倫查維斯示範彩虹飯

Whether you are looking forward to "wow" your guests or just impress the fussy eaters, this lip-smacking, vibrant dish would surely hit home. Replete with the goodness of veggies and other fresh ingredients, this no-fail recipe will garner you all the... - 92.5286

Superfood Chocolate Truffles And Dipped Fruit (2/2)超級生食水果沾松露巧克力

If you have always yearned to make gourmet style chocolate candies at home, then this recipe shall get you started. This no-cook, vegan chocolate delight is so easy to make and so delightful to eat that you surely won’t mind making these truffles over and... - 103.501

Superfood Chocolate Truffles And Dipped Fruit (1/2)超級生食水果沾松露巧克力

If you love chocolates, here's another yummy reason to rejoice. One of nature's most potent superfoods, the humble chocolate makes for a yummy gourmet delight, and this recipe is no different. Supremely easy and sumptuous, this raw chocolate dessert can be a... - 106.634

Aussie Vegan Barbeque Party (2/2)純素串烤派對

In Australia, the onset of summer signifies loads and loads of barbecue fare. Whether it's impromptu get together or planned events, barbecues makes for quick-on-your-toes meal that is good enough to feed a multitude of guests. This video presents a fun... - 59.5566

Aussie Vegan Barbeque Party (1/2)純素串烤派對

The Aussie love to grill almost anything on their 'barbie' and this vegan fare is no different. Juicy, moist kebabs, veggies, tofu and ham skewered on the BBQ makes for a tempting accompaniment with a chilled glass of beer. This video takes you through the... - 59.5339

Raspberry Coulis And Caramel Fakiatto - Part 2: Preparing Caramel Smoothie

If you thought smoothies were mere fruit-dense health drinks, know that it's nothing more than a delectable dessert. At least, caramel fakiatto by Chef AJ seems nothing less than one. Supremely tasty and 'healthy' (yes, you heard it right), this lip-smacking... - 82.1411

Raspberry Coulis And Caramel Fakiatto - Part 1: Preparing Coulis

Desserts don't always have to be sinful. If you are scared of adding sauces to your tortes or pies for fear of adding inches to your waistline, then this lip-smacking, healthy, flavorful raspberry sauce recipe by Chef AJ will help you glut sans any guilt.... - 81.2327

Exotic Wild Mushroom And Pine Nut Filo Basket - Part 2

Looking for a dish that can be the show-stopper of your dinner table? Here is a dish that isn't just appeasing to the taste buds, but also to the eyes. Simple, sumptuous and filling, this dish can be prepared in a snap, given you stock u the ingredients and... - 108.979

Exotic Wild Mushroom And Pine Nut Filo Basket - Part 1

If you are a die-hard shiitake mushroom lover, then you will simply live to gorge on this delightful recipe. Piquant, zesty mushrrom served in a fancy, edible basket can be a perfect show-stopper for your dinner parties. Plus, this dish is so easy to cook... - 107.024

Homemade Pumpkin Soup -part 2: Preparation Cont.

Be it Halloween or Thanksgiving, your holiday platter is incomplete without hearty, delicious pumpkin soup that just oozes with fall's bounties. This video features an extremely simple recipe on pumpkin soup that is sure to get you drooling and inspire you to... - 63.8286

Homemade Pumpkin Soup -part 1: Preparation

The holiday season can do serious harms to your waistline. However, if you are wary of gorging into calorie-dense meat and pies, then something as light yet feisty like pumpkin soup will ensure that you enjoy your Thanksgiving treat to the fullest. Filling... - 64.54

Summertime Fun With Strawberries 夏日歡樂草莓

If you love strawberries and like to have fun with these juicy treats, then this video is rightly meant for you. The tasty morsels that regularly features in your smoothies, waffles, cheesecakes and ice creams abounds in nutrients and are so versatile that... - 104.006

Healthy Sea Palm And Cucumber Salad - Part 2: Tossing & Serving

When you are craving for something nice and refreshing minus the calories or the hassles, this crispy sea vegetable and cucumber salad will surely fill you up. Chef Cherie Sorie tosses up a tart-sweet-salty salad using sea palms and crunchy cucumbers that... - 82.138

Healthy Sea Palm And Cucumber Salad - Part 1: Ingredients & Preparation

For all the health seekers out there, there can't be anything more refreshing and satiating than a lip-smacking salad made from freshly harvested seaweed and veggies. Chef Cherie Sorie tosses up a wonderfully low-calorie, virtually fat-free salad that is... - 81.7014

Vegan Nachos With Ranch Dip - Part 2: Preparing Ranch Dip

Without proper food, your Super Bowl bash is incomplete. So before you stock up your fridge with beer, just get some easy to make, ready-to-eat-from-hand recipes to appease the couch potatoes and football-savvies. Buffalo hot wings with ranch dip and soya... - 70.3556

Vegan Nachos With Ranch Dip - Part 1: Preparing Nachos

Be it Super Bowl Sundays or any other weekend sport bash, the success of your house party totally depends on the food. And preparing game day favorites like buffalo hot wings with ranch dip and soya nachos with spicy vegan cheese just ensures the success of... - 74.8796

Raw Treats And Sweets - Part 2: Preparation

Transform your sinful sweet pleasure into a total healthy treat by going green! No, you don't have to make spinach ice cream or kale cookies. All you have to do is swap a few refined, synthetic ingredients with more natural ones and voila! you have a... - 69.0693

Raw Treats And Sweets - Part 1: Introduction

What better way to green up your sweet treats than flavor them up using au natural ingredients like honey. With more and more people advocating the benefits of raw food, this dessert recipe surely tots up as a refreshing example. Trail this video to know how... - 69.1264

Japanese Soba Noodle Salad - Part 1: Preparation

If you are someone who will eat just anything in the name of salad, then this recipe is for you. No, it isn't half as bad as it sounds, but rather has a very distinctive, earthy flavor of its own. Easy to assemble, this lip-smacking pseudo-Japanese salad... - 81.5765

Japanese Soba Noodle Salad - Part 1: Ingredients

If you are looking for an authentic Japanese dish, then this recipe surely misfits your bill. Soba dish isn't a true-blue Japanese culinary wonder, but nonetheless, very refreshing and hearty. These buckwheat noodle salad makes for a filling one-dish treat or... - 82.6597

Authentic Vegan Cinnamon Buns - Part 2: Preparation Cont.

Like to treat yourself to hot, fresh, spicy cinnamon buns straight from the oven? Then following this recipe and learning how to make cinnamon buns at home from the scratch will do you good. Subtly sweet and spicy, these savory buns make for delicious... - 91.5963

Authentic Vegan Cinnamon Buns - Part 1: Ingredients & Preparation

If you appreciate the spicy flavor of cinnamon, you surely won't mind baking these fluffy, flavorful buns for your loved ones. Big, rich and full, these buns tastes heavenly straight from the oven and makes for a warm, wonderful addition to your breakfast.... - 91.1567

Homemade Dolme And Kobeh - Part 2: Preparation Cont.

Although the name and Iranian origin of the dish might intimidate you at first, but then that shouldn't stop you from trying this recipe at least once in your kitchen. Rich and flavorful, this sumptuous dish is so tantalizing that the taste of it is likely to... - 83.0764

Homemade Dolme And Kobeh - Part 1: Ingredients & Preparation

Whip up Iranian flavors in your kitchen with this recipe. Dolme and kobeh are traditional Iranian treats that can be easily whomped up at home. Loaed with flavorful herbs, gorging this rich, delectable dish is nothing less than an enriching experience. Wake... - 82.5723

Tasty Moon Cakes - Part 2: Preparation Cont.

Your mid-autumn celebration is incomplete without moon cakes. Easy to make and good to eat, this delicious dessert treat is something that you should try making at least once. It's so delectable that we bet, you will feel like making it again and again. - 83.1305

Tasty Moon Cakes - Part 1: Ingredients & Preparation

Moon cakes, the traditional Chinese snack, usually eaten during the Moon or mid-autumn festival is a delectable treat that you simply can't afford to miss. Yummy pastries filled with red bean or lotus seed paste, this is one dessert that will surely impress.... - 84.7791

African Spinach Mushroom Peanut Stew 非洲菠菜洋菇花生燉菜

Is there any food more comforting and satiating than a piping hot bowl of stew in middle of winter? This African spinach mushroom peanut stew is one dish that won't just satiate your hunger, but will also appease your soul. This video recipe presents an... - 97.6094

Homemade Persian Walnut Pastry Swirl - Part 1: Preparing The Pastries

Making good desserts can be quite challenging. Fortunately, the dessert recipe shown in the video is not as complicated as it sounds, thanks to the chefs who presents a detailed instruction on how to work towards it and accomplish it in great flourish. Over... - 75.9055

Homemade Persian Walnut Pastry Swirl - Part 1: Preparation

If you are nuts about walnuts, then you will surely enjoy making this Persian dessert delicacy at home. Perfect in taste and texture, this delightful, sweet tooth appeasing dish takes a little extra effort to make, but then all the toil is worth it. Tart your... - 76.4327

Homemade Malaysian Vegan Mee Rebus - Part 2: Preparation Cont.

When you feel like experimenting with your regular fare, something as sumptuous as yellow noodles cooked in sweet sour potato gravy could help you get started. Vegan mee rubus is an integral part of Malaysian cuisine. Stream this video to learn more on how to... - 66.5681

Homemade Malaysian Vegan Mee Rebus - Part 1: Preparation

For all who don't know, vegan mee bus is yellow noodles served in spicy sweet potato gravy. This Malaysian favorite is quite a cinch to make and delish to devour. This video presents a detailed recipe on how to whomp up this treat at home. - 66.3379

Sweet And Sour Couscous With Soy Protein

Looking for a hearty dinner fest? Try this recipe. Couscous is one simple pasta dish that requires very minimal effort to make and goes well with almost any topping. Although its traditionally served with meat or veggie stew, this lip-smacking variation uses... - 73.0753

Delicious Creamy Vegan Cottage Pie

If you are bored of eating the quiches and stale pies at the bakery next to you, it's time you learned to prepare them at home. Rich and creamy, there is nothing quite like the vegan cottage pie. This quick and delicious supper dish never fails to impress... - 59.5743

Exotic Cameroonian Style Mashed Potatoes And White Beans

How would it feel to add a little exoticism to your daily fare? Well, if you are someone who loves to experiment with your food, then this Cameroon inspired mashed potatoes with white beans is sure to impress. After all, what could be a better way to tweak up... - 57.8869

Exotic Dyna-mighty Sandwich

What better way to appease your gut than munch on a hearty sandwich? Perfect for every taste-buds and event, a dyna-mighty sandwich is a dynamic sandwich. Packed with bold flavors and very satisfying to the taste buds, this vegetarian sandwich is sure to... - 96.9161

Thai Nut Pasta And Coconut And Durian Smoothie - Part 2: Preparing Coconut And Durian Smoothie

Thai food derive much of their flavor and exoticness from raw ingredients. And this coconut and durian smoothie recipe is no different. Chef Brian Lucas shares an extremely simple recipe of this easy-to-blend recipe that is not only healthy and filling, but... - 93.8484

Thai Nut Pasta And Coconut And Durian Smoothie - Part 1: Preparing Thai Nut

If you are of late transitioning towards raw vegan food, then you will totally appreciate Chef Brian Lucas efforts to bring to you two delectably 'raw' recipes. Thai nut pasta made of raw ingredients is any day a better option than your regular limp pasta... - 93.1201

Stuffed Raw Tomatoes - Part 2: Preparation

There are some days when cooking an elaborate meal might seem impossible. On those days, something as simple, quick and easy as stuffed raw tomatoes will make for a lovely treat. Follow this recipe to learn how to whomp up this tasty treat at home. - 87.8305

Stuffed Raw Tomatoes - Part 1: Introduction

If you are slowly moving towards raw indulgences, then this stuffed raw tomatoes dish is worth a try. The best thing about this dish is that you can just whomp up a filling of your choice and stuff your tomatoes with it. However, for starters, you can begin... - 88.6265

Guisantes - Part 2: Preparation Cont.

Colorful pea stew makes for heart-warming winter indulgence. While the fresh flavors of pea appeases the gut, the vibrant hues surely appeases the eye. Stream this video to know how to whomp up this delightful treat. - 73.5515

Guisantes - Part 1: Ingredients & Preparation

Does your regular dinner fare looks boring and uneventful? If yes, then this delectable, vibrant pea stew would surely spark up some fun. Good to eat and a breeze to make, this satisfying stew is all you need to fill your gut on cold winter nights. Pick your... - 75.1712

Tasty Indian Dinner - Part 2: Main Course Recipes

This video presents an incredible range of Indian vegetarian dinner spread that is rich in appearance, aroma, color and flavor. Easy to make and sumptuous to the senses, this lip-smacking spread is a cinch to put together. Stream this video to learn more... - 59.4996

Tasty Indian Dinner - Part 1: Preparing The Sides

Indians love to eat and this video is a real homage to their voracious appetite. And vegetarianism dominate the cuisine of it. This video presents a splendid dinner fare starting from salad, to a yummy appetizer, to the lip-smacking main course, this recipe... - 59.6491

Crunchy Brazil Nut Cookie - Part 2: Cooking

Brazil nuts add satisfying crunch and unique flavor to any cookie. Not only do they contribute to amp up the crispiness of cookie, but also offers myriad benefits to the health. Tempting to the core, this bikie promises the crunch of nut till the last bite.... - 57.7119

Crunchy Brazil Nut Cookie - Part 1: Preparation

Are you nuts about cookie? Then you surely won't mind adding some extra crunch to these delicious bikies with flavorful Brazil nuts. Satisfying and flavorful, Brazil nuts are the star of this delectable confections. Stream this video to know all about how to... - 57.6681

Bavarian Onion Tofu Delight - Part 2: Preparation

Wish to add some spunk to your suppertime? Try this hearty Bavarian dish. Bavarian onion treat served in a bed of cabbage not only makes for an eye-catching treat, but also for a gut-appeasing indulgence. This video teaches you how to whomp up this delectable... - 67.5112

Bavarian Onion Tofu Delight - Part 1: Ingredients

Heart, healthy and wholly satisfying, Bavarian onion tofu is highly appeasing to the taste buds. Simple and sumptuous, this protein rich treat is a healthy way to enjoy tofu. This video recipe guides you through the preparation tips of it. - 62.7473

Homecooked Lemon Marinated Mushrooms - Part 2: Preparation & Serving

Fresh mushrooms marinated in zesty lemony marinade makes for an indulgent treat. Tastes good when served with crusty bread, this spicy, zesty treat is a sure-fire way to appease anyone. This video teaches you a simple recipe on how to make this. - 58.8661

Homecooked Lemon Marinated Mushrooms - Part 1: Ingredients & Preparation

Whether you are looking for a make-ahead side dish or just need an accompaniment for a party, lemon marinated mushrooms makes for a zesty addition to any salad. The best thing about this dish is that it can be assembled ahead and won’t turn soggy too. This... - 61.8983