Mybigbearron's Recipes

Homemade Spaghetti

Spaghetti is one of the few universal dishes that has takers all over the world. Big Bear Ron comes up with his own unique spaghetti dish that is not only a breeze to make, but also very satiating and appeasing to the taste buds. - 60.7295

Fruit And Nut Goodie

If you want to keep away your kids from bingeing on cookies and candies, this fruit and delight could make for a great after-school snack. Big Bear Ron shares a simple recipe to whomp up these nutritious, delicious snack at home that are truly irresistible. - 47.1535

Stir Fried Vegetables

If you thought that stir-frying vegetables was simple, know that there is more to the dish than meets the eye. Preparing the right sauce for stir-fry and cooking the vegetables till nicely succulent is quite some hard work. Big Bear Ron shares a no-fail stir... - 46.069

Korean Tomato Sandwich

One of the wonderful ways to enjoy fresh summer tomatoes is to cut them and squeeze them inside a sandwich. Just add dollops of mayo to it and you are done. Big Bear Ron shows how to make this simple sandwich at home. - 60.7222

Easy To Make Dessert

Making dessert isn't really a rocket science. You don’t always need the most exotic of ingredients to whomp up a toothsome treat. Big Bear Ron shows how to make a lip-smacking, utterly simple dessert at home with a few simple ingredients. - 59.2753

Homemade Cookie

Warm, gooey, and delicious, homemade cookie make for sinful indulgence in themselves. Big Bear Ron shares a fail-proof cookie recipe that is dense in flavors and textures. Thus delicious, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth cookie is surely worth a try. - 60.2639

Healthy Peanut Butter Sandwich

Quick, delicious, healthy breakfast treat, peanut butter sandwich makes for a yummy treat and is a great way to fill your tummy without derailing your diet. Bursting with fats and proteins, peanut butter sandwich makes for a great indulgence. Big Bear Ron... - 61.5212

Breakfast Toast And Eggs

A great breakfast is the best way to kick start your day. Watch this video for a breakfast recipe, that is healthy, tasty and can be prepared in no time. Do give it a try. - 75.4509

Glazed Chicken

One of the simple, sumptuous way to enjoy roasted chicken is bake them with yummy glaze. This fancy chicken dish is not only pleasing to the eyes, but also gratifying to the gut. Big Bear Ron presents a simple way to go about it. - 53.4274

Leftover Beef Sandwich

Got some leftover cooked beef in your refrigerator? Here's what you can do with it. Watch this video to learn a super simple and filling beef sandwich recipe which makes for a perfect snack. You can also choose to serve it as a light meal. Take a look. - 81.0712

Pizza - Part 2 Baking The Pizza

Pizzas are a real treat, especially the homemade ones. Big Bear Ron presents an easy, tasty pizza recipe that can be easily prepared at home. This one's so yummy that you won't mind trying this in your kitchen over and again. - 60.5015

Perfect Bread

Big Bear Ron prepares a pillow-soft, flavorful bread at home. In this video, he shows how to prepare and serve the bread. This tasteful bread makes for a lovely snack or can be gorged into dinner. - 60.1837

Onion-cherry Sauce

Cooking knows no limits. And you will rightly agree to this after watching this video. Big Bear Ron tosses up a unique side that can very well go with your pizza and pasta. Loaded with countless ingredients, this zesty, sweet, tart side can also make for a... - 47.5693

Pizza - Part 1 Preparing The Dough

At times when you are expecting guests at home but don't really feel like putting in much efforts to cook up a fancy chancy dinner, homemade pizza could tot up as an easy alternative. Big Bear Ron presents a yummy, homemade pizza recipe. Stream it and get... - 61.1505

Wholesome Korean Breakfast

A standard Korean breakfast typically includes fried eggs, kimchi, rice and other dish. In this video, Big Bear Ron puts together a wholesome Korean breakfast that not only bursts with flavors, but also health. A truly oriental way to kick-start your day! - 46.8244

Zesty Quesadillas

This easy-to-eat-out-of-hand delight is quite easy to make. Big Bear Ron shares a simple quesadilla recipe using leftovers from last night dinner. Hearty, wholesome and filling, this homemade Tex-Mex delight is truly good to make and eat. - 60.6608

Chicken And Coconut Stir Fry

In this appetizing recipe by Big Bear Ron, coconut adds a subtle sweetness to crispy fried chicken. A great side dish, this lip-smacking treat is quick and easy to make and makes for a delicious indulgence. Bursting with exotic flavors, this is indeed one... - 49.7534

Green Apple Snack

Bored of apples! It's time to go green! Green apples make for a healthy snack. And this yummy apple treat is so delicious that your kids won't miss the red apples at all. This no-cooking snack is easy to put together. Just follow Big bear Ron's recipe and get... - 55.4921

Fruit Cobbler - Part 2 Serving

Looking for a simple yet sumptuous dessert recipes? Deliciously simple and healthy, nothing beats the sumptuousness of fruity cobblers bursting with sweet-tart flavors. Big Bear Ron shows how to eat this good treat. Top it with your favorite ice cream of... - 71.8076

Fruit Cobbler - Part 1 Preparation

Nothing makes for a more lip-smacking treat than yummy cobblers. Luscious fruit cobblers served with a dollop of ice-cream makes for a tantalizing dessert. The good thing about this simple, delicious desert is that you can use any juicy summer fruit like... - 72.7922

Hot And Wholesome Sandwich

There can be no better way to use leftovers then squeeze them in a sandwich. Filling and very satisfying, hot and wholesome sandwich makes for quite a meal by itself. Pick inspiration from the recipe video by Big Bear Ron and get making them at home. - 55.2493

Korean Rice

With more and more people getting pressed for time, home cooked food has become an once-in-a-while indulgence. Nutritious, tasty, and cooked with care, nothing beats the delight of home cooked meal. Big Bear Ron shows you how to put together a sumptuous meal... - 60.8357

Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs

While it may not be that difficult to make hard boiled eggs, making soft boiled eggs to perfection may not be everyone's forte. Big Bear Ron shows how to make this gooey eggs at home in a few simple steps. Learn, make and enjoy! - 61.0796

Easy Chocolate Cake

Chocolate, just the word is enough to lift up your spirits Watch this video to learn a super simple and delicious chocolate cake with a twist. Your family will love you for this one. - 78.4661