Insightfulnana's Recipes

Easter Treat

This Easter treat recipe takes only 4 ingredients and can be made in less than a hour. - 91.9651

Apple Crisp

An apple a day keeps doctor away…and an apple crisp a day, keeps tensions away…well, you will say this too when you will have some tasty bites of this crisp. Cinnamon flavored, sweet and zesty, it pairs well with vanilla ice cream. - 112.347

Potato Salad With Ranch Dressing

Looking for some mild flavored salad ideas? Then here is one for you; potato salad with ranch dressing. Combining the goodness of eggs, potatoes, onion, celery, and mayonnaise, this salad is best suited for any time of the day. Watch the video and try it... - 139.287

Easter Lemon Cake

If you look for new recipes on every Easter, here is one for you. The Easter Lemon cake recipe. It is a delicious cake recipe which is made in just few minutes and tastes simply delicious. Try this out today! - 132.951

Cheesy Mexican Ranch Dip

Try this amazing mild Mexican Ranch Dip which is full of flavors but still not spicy. Good for serving the kids because of it mild taste, this dip is easy to make. Relish its bites with crackers, chips or other foods. - 114.169

Easy Baked Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cakes are always in. Be it party time or just like that, chocolate cakes just melt in the mouth and add to the cheerfulness. If you are still looking for some easy chocolate cake recipes, just check this one out. It easy, tasty and quick. - 113.356

Homemade Fudge Brownies

If you are looking for ideas for making dessert for the crowd, here is one ultimate recipe for fudge brownies. Easily made with usual ingredients present at home, these can be made easily at home. - 120.829

Perfect Whipped Cream

Insightful Nana is going to show us how to whip cream perfectly. Whipped cream is always delicious on any dessert. Home made whipped cream is much better than ready made ones. Follow these simple tips and make perfect whipped cream every time. - 92.0273

Yellow Squash With Bacon

Ever heard of White Trash Cooking? If you are already aware of this term or even if you are not, log into this video to know more about it. Also watch on for a white trash cooking recipe which includes yellow squash, zucchini and bacon. - 119.437

White Trash Snap Beans

Green snap beans taste awesome with potatoes and bacon. If you have not tasted them so far, do it now. Just watch this video here and see how you can prepare the dish as well. It easy, quick and nutritious. - 106.327

Mexican Fresh Salsa

Mexican fresh salsa is something which is so delicious and simply irrestible. It can be made easily by using a limited set of ingredients and pairs well with chips, and fried stuff. See how the host makes it and enjoy it at your home now. - 111.748

Caramelized Popcorn

Wondering what tasty treats you can offer your children. You must surely try this caramelized popcorn. Also a wonderful Halloween treat, these popcorns just melt in the mouth and can be so much fun. - 110.523