Ombhagya's Recipes

Classic Vegetable Pulao

Here's a delicious recipe of Classic Vegetable Pulao exclusively for you. Weather you have unexpected guests at home or you are running short on time, this Classic Vegetable Pulao will be your savior. Watch the video now and learn how to make this dish which... - 116.077

Mumbai Ragda Patties

Mumbai Ragda Patties is one of the most popular street food in Maharashtra. The dish consists of two parts, Ragda is prepared with white peas and Patties is made of potatoes. This dish makes for a great snack and is savored by all age groups. Watch the video... - 115.956

Rajasthani Dal Baati

Try this Rajasthani regional specialty of India for your next family get together. This recipe will sure make you savor the taste of real traditional Indian cooking. The blend of ingredients in this Rajasthani Dal Baati makes it completely irresistable.Watch... - 97.6253

Puran Poli - Part 1: Preparing The Dough And Filling

Puran Poli is a traditional Maharashtrian dessert which is quite popular. It is specially prepared for the occasion of Marathi new year and holi. However, this dish is so delicious that you really do not have to wait for a special day to treat your family to... - 117.001

Light And Healthy Poha

One of India's most staple breakfast dishes, this Light and Healthy Poha is easy to make and is full of taste. Prepared with beaten rice as the main ingredient, this poha can also be served as a light snack. The blend of ingredients impart this dish a... - 99.78

Rich Gajar Ka Halwa

No Indian meal is complete without a dessert and what better than trying out the very popular Rich Gajar ka Halwa/ The main ingredient in this dessert is carrots which are known for their abundance in vitamin A. This dish is a North Indian specialty and is... - 96.3004

Puran Poli - Part 2:assembling And Finalizing

Now since you have the dough and filling ready, this video will guide you to assemble and finalize the traditional Indian Puran Poli. You can choose to roast or fry the Poli after it is stuffed with the prepared dal filling called Puran. Watch the video and... - 99.1542

Maharashtrian Katachi Amati

Looking for a traditional Indian appetizer? This one will work for you perfectly. Katachi Amati is a regional specialty made with lentils and jaggery which gives it a perfect blend of sweet and sour flavors. Watch the video and treat your family to this dish,... - 94.266

Homemade Smokey Mexican Salsa

Chips, Nachos, Burritos or Tacos, this Homemade Smokey Mexican Salsa compliments everything just perfectly. The blend of tomatoes with jalapeno peppers and cilantro, gives this sauce a flavorful twist. Watch the video and learn this easy recipe today. - 108.056

Healthy Garbanzo Beans And Ranch Salad

Salads are known to impart additional nutritional value to your meals apart from adding taste. Here is an exceptionally good recipe of Healthy Garbanzo Beans and Ranch Salad that you will totally love. The salad is packed with essential nutrients and make for... - 112.189

Basic Indian Kadhi

One of India's most popular staple dish. This basic Indian Kadhi is prepared in a lot of Indian regions with their own variations. Here's the Basic Indian kadhi recipe for you which is excellent served with plain rice. You can also experiment a bit by... - 98.5858

Delicious Wheat Dosa With Special Dal Chutney

Looking for a quick recipe to prepare on a busy day? Well this video might just come handy. Delicious Wheat Dosa with Special Dal Chutney is an easy recipe since the dosa batter does not need any fermentation. Dal chutney makes for an excellent accompaniment... - 118.277

Healthy Blueberry Smoothie

For all the blueberry lovers here's an absolute treat. This Healthy Blueberry Smoothie is full of taste and packed with the goodness of blueberries which are rich in antioxidants. Blueberries are also known to protect against cancer and urinary tract... - 102.636

Mumbai Special Vada Pav - Part 1 : Making The Batata Vada

Mumbai Special Vada Pav is the most popular street food in Maharashtra. The vada is made with a potato filling which is coated and fried and then served with a pav (bun). This part of the video displays the ingredients and the procedure to prepare the vada.... - 113.659

Mumbai Special Vada Pav - Part 2 : Assembling The Vada Pav

Since the Vadas are ready now, you can now start assembling them in the pav as directed in this video. You can also choose to serve the vadas alone which also make a delicious snack. Watch this video now and treat your family and friends with this delicious... - 90.362

Punjabi Chhole Bhature

Fond of North Indian food? Your treat is incomplete without these yummy Punjabi Chhole Bhature. This dish is one of the staples in North India and is served as a main dish. The recipe is simple and completely deletctable. Watch the video and treat your family... - 97.2463

Easy Onion Paste

Are you the kinds who is always on a rush? Then this one is just for you. Make this Easy Onion Paste as it is going to reduce your cooking time considerably. The onions are already half cooked while preparing this paste, hence cutting down on your actual... - 76.2879

Creamy Mango Lassi

No other beverage can beat this Creamy Mango Lassi in taste. The blend of fruity flavour with that of yogurt makes a delectable and refreshing beverage. This Creamy mango Lassi is very easy to make. Treat your family to this yummy beverage and show them how... - 82.6691

Sankranti Special Til Gud Poli

Sankranti Special Til Gud poli is a Maharashtrian delicacy which beautifully blends the flavors of jaggery and sesame seeds in this dessert. The dish is usually prepared for the occasion of sankranti, which is a kite flying festival in India. Watch this video... - 109.773

Sesame And Jaggery Snack Bars

Here's a simple recipe of Sesame and Jaggery Snack Bars which makes for an excellent quick bite. These bars are easy to make and the combination of jaggery and sesame seeds impart a great taste to them. Watch the video and try these Sesame and Jaggery Snack... - 104.889

Sesame Seeds And Jagerry Ball

Another sesame seeds and jaggery dish made for Sankrant. The Maharashtrian community distributes these on the occsaion and wish for well being and prosperity to everyboby. - 32.9284