Cooking with Arsenii's Recipes

Easy Battered Shrimp

Those who like eating seafood can check this out. Battered Shrimp is a very easy dish to make. It's simple and delicious. You can serve it with some spring mix. - 102.787

Banana Split

Banana Split is a super easy dessert to make. This dessert is mostly loved by kids. It 's really delicious so do try it out. I'm sure your family will love it. . - 112.511

Chambord Liqueur Strawberries

Those who are looking for a nice dessert recipe will surely like this one. Chambord Liqueur Strawberries is easy to make and tastes really good. I'm sure your family and friends will enjoy it. - 98.4744

Tasty Veggies

If you're looking for a simple vegetarian dish, then do try this out. Chef Arsenii makes this simple dish which goes well as a side dish. These Veggies are very tasty and healthy too. - 107.052

Portabello Mushroom Panini

Looking for some easy recipes for appetizers, then this is a good one. Chef Arsenii shows how to prepare Portabello Mushroom Panini in the video. This is an amazing appetizer and can be served with potato wedges as well. - 105.352

Crispy Sweet Salmon

If you're looking for some easy recipes, then you can check this out. The Chef makes Crispy Sweet Salmon which is a simple dish but very tasty. I'm sure your guests will enjoy it. - 104.34

Chicken Piallard With A Summer Salad

If you're looking for a quick recipe, especially when you get back from work, then look no further. The Chef makes Chicken Piallard with a Healthy Salad. It's delicious and healthy too. I'm sure you'll like it. - 86.0172

Herbed Salmon And Asparagus

If you're fond of eating salmon, then you can check this out. The Chef makes Herbed Salmon and Asparagus. This is a simple and easy recipe to make. - 107.36

Making Chocolate Truffles

Please See Video For more information please visit: Chef Arsenii's website - 14.2261

Infusing Chocolate With Orange Extract

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Garlic Trout

Please See Video For more information please visit: Chef Arsenii's website - 15.9544

Turkey Tetrazzini

Wondering what to do with last night's left over turkey?? Think no more, here's an easy to make and filling recipe of Creamy Turkey Tetrazzini. The dish can be served at any occasion and is sure to impress your family and friends. Do watch this video and try... - 117.083

Warm Romaine Lettuce

Are you always in search of innovative and delicious salad recipes? Look no further because here's one just for you. This Warm Romaine Salad is unique and will surely have your guests asking for more. Try it out today. - 112.939

Cheddar Beer Spread

Looking for an innovative dip to go with the appetizers for your next party?? Search no more; here's a simple and absolutely irresistible Easy Cheese and Beer Dip Recipe. Prepare it for your friends and family and bag a whole lot of compliments. - 105.812

Quick Collard Greens

All you salad lovers, if you have been hunting for a healthy yet delicious salad recipe, well you just got one. This healthy Collard Green salad recipe is not just easy to make but will also keep a check on your health. The ingredients used are low on... - 109.278

Sweet And Spicy Salmon

Are you looking for an interesting salmon dish?? Well here's an amazing Caramelized Salmon Steak recipe exclusively for you. The dish is really simple to prepare and is an absolute great blend of sweet and spicy flavors. After you watch this video, you will... - 108.952

Bananna Split

All Time Favorite Banana Split is one dessert which is completely irresistible. If banana split tops your list of favorite desserts then you have landed on the correct page. The recipe is really simple and totally delectable. Go ahead, watch this video and I... - 113.393

Hot Lemony Shrimp

Does seafood tops your choice of food?? Bingo! You have landed on the correct page. Here's an amazing spicy Lemon Flavored Shrimp Recipe that is totally going to delight your taste buds. Include it in your next party menu and watch your guests go gaga over it. - 109.461

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Do strawberries top your list of favorite fruit?? Even if it does not, this amazing recipe will make sure it does. Serve it with ice creams, pies, cakes or just by it self, these Chambord Liquor Strawberries will never fail to impress your guests. The recipe... - 106.196