TRushMIAR's Recipes

No Egg Cupcake

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 370 degrees F. 2. Grease a cupcake or muffin tray with butter and flour it lightly. Place cupcake liners in the grooves. Set aside. MAKING 3. In a mixing bowl, add flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda. Mix well with a... - 110.054

Chicken Frank

GETTING READY 1 Between the sheets of cellophane paper, place the chicken and beat it flat. MAKING 2 Dredge it in a mixture of flour and chili powder. 3 In a bowl, combine egg, tequila, parsley, garlic and lemon juice. 4 Dip the chicken breast in this... - 85.5097

Beef Fillet In Brandy Cream Sauce

MAKING 1. In a pan, add some oil and saute the beef fillet until golden brown. 2. Add in the brandy and let the meat absorb the flavor. 3. Remove the beef from the pan and in the same pan add the pate and mushrooms to prepare the brandy cream... - 79.3641

Hot Chicken Fruits Salad

MAKING 1. In a pan, heat the oil. 2. Meanwhile, butterfly the chicken breast. 3. On a plate, arrange the salad greens along with the berries and blue cheese sprinkled on top. 4. Sprinkle a dash of pomegranate vinaigrette on top. 5. Place the chicken... - 89.562

Mom's Special Spaghetti Sauce

MAKING 1 In a large pot, add the onion, garlic and hamburger along with salt. 2 Cook until the meat has browned and remove the excess fat 3 Add in the tomatoes, tomato sauce, bay leaf, oregano, thyme and parsley. 4 Stir well to combine. 5 Pour in the... - 88.5828

Valentine's Day Sweet Pizza Pie

GETTING READY 1 Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. MAKING 2 Roll out the cookie dough and line a round pizza pan with it. 3 Bake it in the oven until golden. 4 Spread the prepared crust evenly with the flavored cream cheese. 5 Scatter the fruits on... - 87.9161

Healthy Salmon Loaf

GETTING READY 1 Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F 2 Grease a regular size loaf pan and set aside. MAKING 3 In a mixing bowl, put the salmon along with the juices. 4 Using a fork, break the salmon so that there are no big chunks. 5 Add in the eggs,... - 93.3485

Martian Cupcakes

How about having fun and creativity in the kitchen with the whole family during the holiday season? Well, these can be memories to cherish in life. So, chef Tawnya gives some interesting ideas on decorating cupcakes with the entire family. While the kids... - 89.2693

Oatmeal And Gumdrop Cookie

Today, Chef Tawnya is sharing one of her family recipe and it’s a little twist in your regular oatmeal cookie. The surprise element is gumdrops hidden inside the baked cookie which gives a nice gooey texture to crispy cookie. In a nutshell, all it requires... - 124.209

Homemade Whipping Cream Biscuits

Want delicious homemade biscuits that are super easy to make and super delicious. Today, Tawnya on meals in a rush is making Homemade Whipping Cream Biscuits. Just 2 simple ingredients 1 cup self raising flour and 1/2 cup whipping cream mixed together to make... - 114.593

Quick Pizza Casserole

Want to prepare a meal with the help of kids? Chef Tawnya seems to be an expert at getting kids into the kitchen and thus this recipe can also be made with kids around to help you. The pizza is with the pasta base and she gives an important tip to making... - 107.711

Easy Strawberry Shortcake Pumped Up

Strawberries are wonderful and they are loaded with nutrition. And when you get loads of them, try making a scrumptious dessert that is easy to make. Chef Tawnya, the host of meals in a rush shows how to make strawberry shortcake pumped up in almost no time.... - 122.422

Sweet Banana Boats

Want a really delicious and quick dessert for a family gathering or get together with friends? Tawnya has a sweet banana boat recipe which can be prepared in a rush and it looks awesome. She shows you how to stuff the banana with chocolate chips, butterscotch... - 109.828

Quick Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo

If you thought making chicken Fettuccine alfredo is the not the meal to make while you are on a rush, Chef Tawnya Rush shows you how to put up this delicious meal in the least possible time. According to her, it’s all about multitasking which makes this... - 107.544

Graham Cracker Cookie

cookie make delicious desserts so why not make them with Chef Tawnya in meal in rush. At the beginning of the video, she shares some interesting facts about cookie, their discovery and their consumption. And the recipe for graham cracker cookie is the... - 121.094

Hot Chicken Salad

There is another better on a chilly winter night than a hot homemade meat to warm up. So, chef Tawnya is making hot chicken salad in her oven using canned chicken, celery, cheese and many more ingredients. This recipe also complies with her meal in a rush... - 128.996

Cereal Cupcakes

Cereals always doesn’t have to be poured into big bowls full of milk, so here Chef Tawnya has an interesting way for putting the sweet taste of cereals into cupcakes. This is a delicious twist to rice crispy treats or rather making cereal cupcake. She looks... - 112.779

Fiesta Salad Pizza

Who doesn’t like pizza? Well, if you do here is a fiesta salad pizza to treat your taste buds. This pizza has a nice crescent roll base baked in the oven and then topped with spiced up hamburger and other toppings. You can even get your kids or husband to... - 127.362

Cherry Turkey Salad

Cherry Turkey salad is a quick and easy salad recipe. The key to make a nice salad is a good mix of texture and flavors. The tender turkey tastes amazing. You can make this salad with the leftover turkey you have or use fresh ingredients and serve it. - 37.5003

Barbecue Sauce

Want a really fresh and refreshing barbecue sauce that is not very sweet? In this video, Tawnya is a making a delicious barbecue sauce using canned tomatoes, horseradish , garlic, green onions, green peppers and many more. This is her tried and true family... - 117.815

Summertime Barbecue Sauce

Summers are the times when we all go looking for barbecue sauce recipes to grill our meat in the garden. And you also need them while watching baseball matches and football matches. Today, Tawnya has Aaron Cook as guest in her kitchen and he is a basketball... - 118.847

Thanksgiving Turkey Fingers

This video is a television show hosted by Chef Tawnya and the guest is Alton Brown who has a Thanksgiving Turkey Fingers recipe for all those men out there who want to try cooking. As he says, the recipe is super simple, nothing to be scared off, a few simple... - 111.453

Summertime Steak Fajitas

This video is a television show hosted by Chef Tawnya and the guest is Kristen who is making a tex-mexican summertime steak Fajitas. The most important part of the dish is its marinade which is prepared with four simple ingredients. Its sweet with brown sugar... - 118.375

Monkey Bread

Monkey bread is an American breakfast dish. It is very sticky and gooey to be pulled and eaten with hands. This act of pulling and eating has got Money bread its name. The other names it has are African coffee cake, Pinch me cake. This is an extremely easy... - 34.1589

Quick Family Breakfast

Your favorite chef Tawnya Rush is on a television show and she is showing how to prepare a complete breakfast for a family. It’s not a messy job and you can even get your kids to help you. First, she makes an omelette in a zip lock bag, that's so convenient... - 120.233

Sweet Caramel Popcorn

Want a really delicious homemade treat for Halloween? Try making Caramel popcorn, it's a tried and tested recipe by Chef Tawnya's mother and here in the video Tawnya is going share her family recipe with the rest of the world. It’s such an easy recipe, you... - 121.434

Vegetable And Beans Chili

If your jargon for a delicious dish is " sugar and spice, everything is nice" then here is recipe by the host of meals in a rush. Today, she is making Vegetable and Bean Chili with, sugar and few spices. A lot of vegetables and beans going into the dish make... - 126.703

Oriental Salad Meal

If cabbage is not the food you love to eat, then this video is going to tell you about the nutrition in cabbage and some fun facts about this vegetable. Chef Tawnya has an interesting oriental salad meal recipe that has cabbage and many nutritious ingredients... - 113.186

Slow Cooked Drunk Chicken

When it’s the football season, there is no time to cook and lots of time to eat. So, today Tawnya is showing an easy meal in rush so you get to enjoy the game more and eat more. She is actually sharing one of his fan's recipe and he named it drunk chicken.... - 116.226

Quick Chocolate Mug Cake

Want a chocolate cake in just 3 minutes? Chef Tawnya shows you how to make a cake in a mug for one to two people. The same cup used for mixing can be used for baking as well and the cake looks delicious. Give it a right away and enjoy it with a dollop of ice... - 128.2

Quick Vegetarian Burger And Avocado Dip

Chef Tawnya has a special guest on the show who help victims of crime and trauma. They are going to show their favorite meal in a rush recipe for everyone to have something filling on a hectic day. They are making an easy portabella mushroom burger and an... - 120.141

Unbaked Orange Crush Cookie

Cooking in the oven during summers would heat up your house so Chef Tawnya shows us an unbaked Orange crush cookie recipe. This is her mother's recipe and she shares her interesting childhood memories about these delicious cookie. They are super simple to... - 105.18

Marvellous Meatloaf

Want to learn about America's most popular comfort food which is cost effective and a meal in rush? Chef Tawnya shares her mother's marvellous meatloaf recipe which is easy to prepare and the aroma of it going to fill you house, needless to say its filling as... - 111.313

Easy Salsa Chicken

If you love Mexican food, here is a quick salsa chicken recipe which you can make as per your own taste. This is also a meal in a rush and doesn’t need much cooking and standing in the kitchen. Chef Tawnya cooks the chicken in a pan and in a bowl mixes rest... - 116.733

Chocolate And Peanut Butter Brownies

The more you watch Chef Tawnya in meals in a rush, the more you get to know about her and her interesting childhood in the farms with a bonus of her family recipe. So, in this video, she shares her mom's chocolate and peanut butter brownies, yummy and... - 126.444


In this video, chef Tawnya has a young chef Mia Murphy to show us her favorite recipe. Mia made a delicious dessert called Zserbo using her favorite jam, nuts and chocolate chips. This is a great inspirational video for all those teenagers who want to cook... - 96.8712

Homemade Potato Soup

Sometimes a simple homemade potato soup is more satisfying than an elaborate meal. And if you love cooking in a Crockpot, this recipe is going to be very simple. Just dump everything leaving the evaporated milk into the Crockpot and cook for 10 hours. The... - 119.953

Quick Panko Dijon Chicken

After showing us a series of quick meals, Chef Tawnya has got Victoria who is a home cook and helps young moms prepare easy and budget meals for their kids. So, in this video which is actually an episode of meals in a rush, we get to see easy panko Dijon... - 109.989

Easy Broccoli Salad

In this video, chef Tawnya is starting the show with some interesting food facts and that is about broccoli. Then, she moves on to show a delicious and easy broccoli salad which is also a meal in a rush. The dressing of the salad is what makes the salad so... - 104.968

Easy Swiss Corn Bake

In this episode, Chef Tawnya shows a vegetarian recipe for kids that's easy to put together and sure the kids would give an A+ to this dish. It does take some time to bake it in the oven but otherwise this recipe is made effortlessly. It’s nice and cheesy... - 102.745

Holiday Sausage Dip

If you like your dip a little cheesy with a touch of spice, here is quick recipe by your Chef Tawnya, host of the show meals in a rush. She is showing her family favorite dip, which her family calls it as holiday sausage dip and its yummy. Tawnya shows the... - 102.873

Lemon Chicken With Whole-wheat Penne Pasta

This video is an episode of meals in a rush and the star of the show today is Jordan Prez. She is showing how to make lemon chicken with whole wheat penne pasta. Its yet another quick meal to make during rush. Only if the chicken is grilled and pasta is... - 121.22

Oven Baked Chicken And Wild Rice

Through this video, chef Tawnya wants to encourage you to the power of the meal. So, if you or any one you know is struggling to put a meal on the table, then this video must be checked out. Or if you want to invite someone special over the weekend and have... - 114.884

Homemade Banana Bread

if you love banana breads or even if you dislike them, then you must be trying out homemade banana bread straight from the oven. Chef Tawnya assures, you would fall in love with this bread if it is homemade and hot. And if you thought it was a time consuming... - 113.267

Apricot And Bran Bread

If you are not sure whether you would like apricot and bran bread, then you must be watching this video. This is a very delicious and healthy bread with lots of fibre in it. And the subtle taste of the apricot would not make you realize the presence of bran... - 118.432

Homemade Chocolate Bread

If you are scared of baking bread at home, this video on Chocolate cake recipe will help you bake breads with great confidence. Tawnya is making a moist chocolate cake by adding dates to it. It’s really easy to mix together all ingredients and takes just 10... - 109.924

Nutritional Culture Cakes

Nutritious meals in a rush is the call of time. Chef Tawnya is a making a delicious and nutritious meal and she has named it culturecakes. She is actually making pancakes with lots of eggs to make it high protein and adds fresh fruit for flavor. She blends... - 99.4274

Waldorf Bread

In this video, we get to see Tawnya in a school where kids learn how to make bread and ultimately these are sold out. It’s an initiative by the school to teach children the hard facts of life in a fun way. Children even get to enjoy their bread and they all... - 89.2441

Marshmallow Snowman

Holiday is all about spending time with family and kitchen especially with the kids. So, to have a fun and enjoyable time, you need a recipe that is not stressful to make. Here, is a very interesting holiday marshmallow snowman recipe that is so creative to... - 123.072

Easy Kick-off Casserole

It’s hard to find a recipe that can be enjoyed as a dip and as a meal. But here chef Tawnya has a recipe which would just do that and it’s meal in a rush for anyone who wants a meal in no time. She is making a Mexican casserole dish with hamburger and... - 115.661

Quick Chocolate Cookie Bark

Want a sweet delight which is very easy and you can even take help from your children to make it easier? Chef Tawnya is keeping up with her promise of delivering meals on the rush and as a part of it she shows this quick and easy dessert. She clearly... - 113.741

Unforgettable Kisses Cookie

Want a cookie that is as good as that unforgettable kiss? Yes, that is what chef Tawnya is calling these cookie, recipe for which is shown in the video, Unforgettable Kisses cookie. They are light, fluffy, soft and sweet as an unforgettable kiss. Like all... - 115.907

Summer Salad And Honey Curry Meat Marinade

Summer is the time to party and with a party mood all around, of course you would not want to spend your time in the kitchen. So, meals in a rush brings two good ideas for your rescue. She shows Honey curry meat marinade which goes well with chicken, steaks... - 119.535

Low Calorie Strawberry Yogurt Pie

If you want a low calorie, low fat and yet delicious dessert for summertime, here is a quick Low Calorie Strawberry Yogurt Pie recipe by Chef Tawnya. She is actually sharing her mother's recipe which was her favorite as a kid. The recipe is so simple that... - 113.419

Easy Sweet 'n Spicy Glazed Chicken

Here is a super easy recipe for those who have no time for cooking. Just throw everything into the crock pot in the morning and when you are home the dinner is ready. And if you want to impress your family and friends and want to serve something for which... - 118.04

Easy Turtle Cookie

If you like chocolates, here is a an easy turtle cookie recipe which you will gobble up in minutes. They are easy to make with few simple ingredients, of course you would need a waffle iron to get those turtle shape. The video is more interesting as Tawnya... - 117.62

Kid's Caterpillar Sandwich

Want an attractive looking sandwich for the kids party? And something which the whole family can make together and have fun. Chef Tawnya is making a very creative caterpillar sandwich with just using any of your favorite filling for it. She has the best... - 117.646