Carpediem43's Recipes

Chilled Chocolate Mousse

Nothing like licking a nice bowl of chilling creamy chocolate mousse. The creamy texture of this delicious dessert. Watch this video on how to make this easy dessert and get it going! - 93.659

Easy Baked Potato

Enjoy a baked potato for lunch with some filling of choice! You could make your potato as interesting as ever and make it wholesome! Watch this video to make a bake for yourself! - 93.7135

Crunchy Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are a snack that can be made for children and adults equally! Its a snack that would be devoured in minutes once made! A easy video to watch and an easy recipe to make! See the video to make these crunchy delights! - 111.867

Chicken And Mushroom Pie

Want to prepare a delicious meal for the entire family in less than an hour? Watch the video and follow the chef for making this easy chicken and mushroom pie that would be filling and everyone would love it. Preparing the dish in a sauce pan is easy and it... - 131.876

Cannola/ Gujia

How about making a scrumptious Asian dessert with dry fruit filling? If you want to serve something unique for the upcoming festive season, this recipe is a must try recipe. Chef here kneads the dough and toasts up the semolina and adds remaining filling... - 131.701


This is a famous Italian dish love and enjoyed by many of us. Try out this recipe from us. - 114.399

Chocolate Marble Cake

Want a really delicious cake recipe that looks good enough to impress the kids and adults? Well, in this video, chef has a chocolate marble cake recipe that looks awesome with the brown and white swirls and looks extremely delicious. If you have a little coco... - 117.143

Easy Shahi Tukra

Shashi tukra also known as double ka meetha. A simple and easy dish to prepare and present. It is delicious too. - 126.829

Khow Suey

Want to try a totally different noodle recipe from South Asia? In this video, chef is making Burmese Khow Suey with chicken and noodles in coconut milk. She makes a chicken curry with coconut milk and many spices and serves it over cooked noodles. The... - 132.238

Daal Gobi Ki Subzi

This is a very simple vegetarian dish, served along with rice or flat bread. - 123.373

Easy Khubani Ka Meetha

Want to try a delicious Pakistani dessert? Today, chef is showing an Easy Khubani Ka meetha recipe for all those who have been yearning for a bowl full of this rich scrumptious dessert. It’s very easy compared to its complicated name. The chef is cooking... - 114.333

Chicken Butter Masala

Want a creamy spicy Chicken curry dish? Chicken butter masala is the perfect answer as the dish is spicy with spices and creamy with cream and it’s extremely delicious. The chef in the video shows step by step procedure for making this utterly delicious... - 126.229

Simple Roast Chicken

If you have a whole chicken, this is the recipe you must try. The chef is using herbs and spices that are available in her kitchen and so can you. It is important that the chicken is with the skin and follow the marinating process which ensures that the... - 128.104

Kadhai Fish

If you are a fish lover or want to feed someone fish at home, here is an Asian style kadhai fish recipe that is sure to impress everyone. This is a simple recipe requiring stir frying fish in tempered whole cumin and spiced up with chili and kasuri methi or... - 122.2

Fry Moong Ki Daal

Here , there is another great video with a delicious recipe stored in it. Fry Moong Ki daal is a vegan recipe made with split skinless mung with spices. It has all typical South Asian spices like turmeric, cumin and kasuri methi which gives a nice flavor to... - 125.371

Besan Ka Halwa

Want a scrumptious Pakistani dessert recipe that is also easy to make? Well, try making Bean ka halwa with the chef in the video, her recipe is detailed with every step explained well. Only if she had refrained from using Pakistani words in her English... - 96.3208

Homemade Mayonnaise

If you have never tried homemade mayonnaise, its time you should as it’s easy to make and you get fresh and delicious mayonnaise anytime. In the video, chef is showing how to make mayonnaise with a few simple ingredients from your kitchen. Give it a try and... - 114.822


Want a little twist to your classic faluda? Follow the chef in the video, for she is making Faluda with Jelly and Ice Cream. This faluda is as colorful as the classic one but this one has the flavors of vanilla ice cream and the jelly which every child likes.... - 82.5103

Easy Prawn Biryani

If you are a Biryani lover, its guaranteed that you will love to die for this Prawn Biryani. The recipe is very detailed and includes video of all cooking steps to ensure viewers replicate the dish successfully and enjoy it. The tips given by the chef on how... - 123.034

Sheer Khurma Sweet

How about making an Asian style pudding for the next festive season? Here is a rich pudding made with vermicelli, milk and assorted nuts. This desert is easy to make with juts simmering as the main cooking method. With the nuts and thickened milk this dessert... - 112.281

Suji Ka Halwa

Want a simple dessert to have after a meal? Suji ka halwa is a simple, easy and quick dessert made with few ingredients from kitchen cabinet and its extremely delicious. The chef is doing it in two simple steps, roasting semolina and making a simple sugar... - 122.022

Easy Lacha Paratha

If you like Indian and Pakistani flatbreads, here is another type of flat bread recipe to make you hungry. The chef is showing easy Lacha paratha or layered bread. Not many dare to try this recipe but here the chef has made it so easy that probably you will... - 121.696

Creamy Chicken Pasta

If you love pasta in any form, this creamy chicken pasta would be another treat for you. Chef has all the ingredients ready and shows you how to make the creamy sauce in just a few minutes. The chef has kept the recipe so simple that anyone can cook by... - 91.2234

Hari Mirch Ka Achar

How about having some Pakistani pickle in your kitchen shelf? Well, if you thought making them at home is difficult, this recipe video on Hari Mirch ka Achar will put an end to it. The chef is putting together the pickle in just about 10 minutes with lots of... - 118.155

Roasted Beef

Want to roast your beef in a frying pan? Here is a roasted beef recipe that is very unique by its marinade and its roasting style. The marinade is made of yogurt, vinegar, ginger garlic paste and seasonings. The chef pokes the meat with a fork which is a very... - 115.072

Microwave Urad Ki Dal

Here is a Microwave Urad dal recipe for those who are not well versed with the conventional cooking style. It’s actually easier to cook in a microwave as it doesn’t need constant attention while the dal is cooked. Then, all it needs is Baghar or tempering... - 120.764

Masala Kebab

Want a make your kebabs super delicious? Try this masala kebab recipe from this video as the chef shows how to spice up your kebabs. After making those delicious kebabs, she prepares a delicious masala or dry gravy using tomato, onion and spices. So, for the... - 115.41

Boiled Egg And Potato Curry

If you are a fan of curry, this boiled egg and potato curry will win a place in your menu. Like all her curry recipes, the chef makes a gravy with fried onions blended in yogurt along with the spices and cooks the potatoes in the gravy. The dark red color of... - 123.555

Deep Fried Battered Eggplant In Yogurt Sauce

Want a gourmet like side dish for a party or family gathering? Try making Deep Fried Battered Eggplant in Yogurt Sauce with the chef in the video. The recipe is very simple to make and it would surely taste delicious. The most important part of this recipe is... - 123.39

Shalgam Gosht Masala

Here is another treat for foodies who love to try out spicy curries. Shalgam Gosht Masala is a mouth watering curry to serve with steamed rice. Like all other recipes from this chef, this recipe is also very easy to make, if you follow her instructions. The... - 125.945

Chicken Pulao

How about preparing Chicken pulao with a few simple spices? Well, this recipe would come in handy when you don’t have all special ingredients for preparing a special dish. There is hardly any chopping or unique spices, a few assorted whole spices would be... - 123.481

Beef Nihari

Want a delicious beef stew recipe from the Nawab's Kitchen? Well, the chef in this video reveals one of the most secret recipe that is Beef Nihari. She slow cooks the beef shanks with onion garlic and a very specific Nihari masala or spice mix and tempers it... - 124.801

Lauki Chana Dal

Want to make a simple and healthy dish which has both veggies and lentils? Here, there is a video on lauki chana dal, which is vegan yet protein rich and delicious. Chana dal is cooked separately as it takes longer and then mixed with sautéed bottle gourd.... - 113.174

Spicy Lamb Chops

If you want to serve a spicy mouth watering appetizer for your next party, this is the only recipe that could fit your requirement. The chef in the video is making spicy lamb chops by marinating it in yogurt based marinade with ground spices. Hours of... - 118.527

Potato And Minced Meat Cutlet

Would you like to have Asian style cutlet with minced meat? In this Potato and Minced Meat Cutlet recipe video, we get to see a delicious meat stuffed potato cutlet. While the chef has shown all important steps of cooking, she has omitted the cooking process... - 106.006

Easy Fish Curry

If you are bored of grilled fish, here is an easy fish curry recipe to enjoy your fish. The array of spices and ingredients used in the curry recipe is what makes the dish so very unique and delicious. It’s very simple to make, fry the spices and blend it... - 123.463

Pakistani Aloo Ghost

Want a typical Asian recipe for lamb curry? This recipe may sound like a weird combination of lamb and potatoes but the outcome is unbelievable. When both the ingredients are curried the potatoes are infused with the flavor of meat which is very delicious.... - 111.266


How about serving an egg chutney with appetizers for your next party? In this video, chef is making a delicious looking egg chutney called khakina with eggs, tomatoes, onions and spices. It’s easy to prepare and very flavorful as the eggs are stir fried in... - 114.669


Want a really easy and delicious snack for the entire family? Watch the video as chef makes and peanut brittle with peanut, cashew and sugar. She caramelizes the sugar and adds the nuts. She even gives the freedom of choosing your favorite nut for the recipe.... - 108.97

Homemade Pineapple Chutney

If you have never tasted or tried making pineapple chutney, its time you do it. Follow the chef in the video as she has a very easy recipe for homemade pineapple chutney. All you need to do is put together all ingredients in a saucepan and let it cook until... - 121.956

Dal Tadka

If you are vegan or vegetarian and looking for a protein rich dish, try this dal tadka recipe. It’s simple and easy to make and its spicy and flavorful. The split red and yellow lentils used are easy to cook in a saucepan. And the star of the recipe here is... - 122.929

Dry Aloo Palak

How about giving an Asian twist to you fresh spinach? Try making a dry aloo palak curry or potato and spinach curry by following the chef in the video. The recipe is very simple to make with few ingredients that are easily found in everyone's kitchen. The... - 119.733

Keema Kofta Curry

Want to make a delicious curry with your minced meat? Try making Keema kofta curry by following this video. The best part of the recipe is the meatballs are not deep fried thus they are less oily or fatty. The yogurt, fried onion and tomatoes blended together... - 114.535

Peas Pulao

If you want to serve a nice and delicious rice dish which can also be cooked without any hassles, peas pulao is the answer for you. Your favorite chef in the video, is making peas pulao with assorted garam masala whole spices, jeera and bay leaf. Not everyone... - 101.717

Easy Beef Burger

A recipe like an easy beef burger can save you from starving. In the video, chef shows how to put up the dish together in few minutes so you have something filling for yourself. Learn the recipe or teach it to your children or even your husband, you will not... - 116.918

Crispy Bhindi

Everyone may not like okra, but if these are crispy anyone would love them. The chef probably knows her audience and that's the reason she has come up with this crispy bhindi or okra recipe. She deep fries okra and onion and spices it up with chaat masala and... - 113.071

Homemade Samosa

How about serving a delicious South Asian snack for your next party? Definitely, if you want to please guests of all age this dish will just do it for you. The chef is showing the recipe in parts as the dish requires assembling of ingredients. She also shows... - 125.451

Keema Matar

Turn you minced meat into a delicious South Asian dish. In this video, chef is making an easy and delicious keema matar or stir fried minced meat with peas. She just stir fries beef in a skillet with few spices and peas. Just a few stirs and the dish is ready. - 104.739

Dahi Wada

In this video, Chef is showing a delicious Indian snack recipe Dahi wada. Ideally this recipe is time consuming but it’s amazing to see that the chef has made it sound so simple. Deep fried lentil balls soaked in water and served with yogurt and sweet and... - 123.451

Easy Seekh Kebab

Want to serve a scrumptious Asian appetizer for a special party? There cannot be anything better than sheekh kebabs. The chef in the video makes it very easily by mixing all ingredients and rolls them into tubular shape and deep fries them. And those who like... - 120.819

Sweet Zarda Rice

Want a delicious sweet rice to serve with your Asian meat curry? Zarda rice would be the best combination for a scrumptious meal. Chef in the video is showing the simplest method for preparing this dish which actually looks like a gourmet and difficult dish... - 121.971

Easy Chicken Biryani

So far if you have been only dreaming of chicken Biryani, it’s now time to wake up and prepare it in your kitchen. This Easy Chicken Biryani recipe video has the best procedure for making this delectable dish. Don’t mind if you have to go shopping,... - 133.199

Deep Fried Eggplant In Red Sauce And Pine Nuts

In the video, chef is making a gourmet like dish in a very simple and easy way. She deep fries the eggplant slices in oil and makes a red sauce using tomato ketchup. She plates the fried eggplants and pours the sauce over it. Garnishing the dish with pine... - 111.953

Smoked Chicken Tikka

How about making delicious Chicken Tikka with a smoky flavor like that of a barbeque? Well, the very talented chef is making smoked chicken tikka without a barbeque or a grill. While the marinade ingredients make your mouth water, the pan frying and then... - 117.198

Aloo Cholay

Want to make spicy high protein Indian curry? Try making Aloo cholay by following the chef in the video. She is showing the easiest possible way by making the recipe very flexible in terms of ingredient usage. She is also using canned chickpeas to make the... - 109.282

Pakistani Pakora Kurhi

Want a hot and sour soup for a cold winter night? Something that is not so usual and vegetarian as well. In this video, chef is making Pakistani Pakora Kurhi in the most traditional or authentic way using the right mix of ingredients and spices. The soup is a... - 117.397

Onion And Eggplant Pakora

How about having some South Asian style fritters with a touch of spice to it? In the video, chef is making fritters with two different ingredients. However the batters for both are same and is made with chickpea flour and spices. While she dips eggplant... - 119.042

Pakistani Aloo Paratha

This weekend try Pakistani aloo paratha for brunch. The recipe is in the video, which has a detailed recipe and a nicely shot video to show how to prepare it successfully. The method of rolling out the paratha seems to be pretty easy which makes it an easy... - 117.771

Kadhai Chicken

If you have been trying Indian chicken curries for a long time, here is a slightly different recipe to bowl you over once again. Try this kadhai chicken recipe, which is not actually a curry as it's dry and more tomatoes. When you have very less time to cook... - 125.468

Easy Prawn Toast

Yet another delicious recipe for seafood and this time the chef is making delicious prawn toasts. She blends prawns with whole chili, garlic and spring onions and applies the paste over bread. And these deep fried prawn toasts looks absolutely mouth watering.... - 124.264

Prawn Roll

Here is an amazing appetizer recipe for seafood buffs. In the video, chef is making prawn rolls using pastry rolls. For spice and flavor she uses freshly crushed garlic, chili and spring onions and adds a bit to it while wrapping prawns in pastry rolls. Her... - 114.868

Phalli Aloo Ki Subzi

If you are a curry fan, this Phalli Aloo Ki Subzi is going to win your heart. It’s a simple green bean and potato dry curry made by stir frying in the skillet. The best of the recipe here is the crushed garlic, cumin and green chilli seasoning added at the... - 131.83

Kaju Burfi

If you have ever tasted kaju burfi, there is no way you can forget the taste of this scrumptious dessert. It can be easily bought from a store and enjoyed but once you get to taste a homemade kaju burfi you will never go to the store again for it. In the... - 105.848

Quick Chicken Curry

Want a Chicken curry dish in less than 30 minutes? In this video, chef has a short cut way of preparing chicken curry and it’s as delicious as the original recipe. It has all the ingredients of chicken curry, cooked differently that is easy and quick. She... - 117.892

Pakistani Style Bhindi Masala

Turn your sticky okra's into something delicious which everyone in your family would love to eat again and again. In this video, chef is showing Pakistani style bhindi masala which is actually stir fried okras with lots of spices. All you need is a frying pan... - 112.666