ChefTeton's Recipes

Raw Chocolate Cacao Mousse With Avocado

Chef Teton's Scrumptious chocolate mousse - a healthy dessert recipe made with avocados, agave and a little coconut oil. - 105.858

Landon's Power Smoothie

Teen Chef Landon Bell makes healthy creamy chilled smoothies. - 104.83

Homemade Cultured Vegetables And Kefir

Susan Campbell knows how cultured food is good for health. One of the great ways to nourish yourself with probiotics and enzymes, cultured vegetables and kefir is one of the delectable ways to include probiotics in your daily diet. Just follow the simple... - 92.9149

Sauerkraut, Kefir, Cultured Veggies

Wish to amp up the health quotient of your daily meals? Simple, add some cultured vegetables and kefir to your platter and enjoy the goodness of beneficial bacteria. It's such a breeze to culture food at home that you won't mind trying this in your kitchen... - 79.5443

Landon's Radical Bakers

Chef Landon is all about healthy cooking and eating. In this recipe video, he teaches how to make healthy salmon dish at home using natural, healthy ingredients. Replete with flavor and health, this salmon recipe makes for a great suppertime inclusion. - 78.5002

Landon's Primo Pizza

Wish you could do something to make your pizzas all the more healthy? Well, then Chef Landon's pizza recipe could come as a blessing in disguise for you. Chef uses probiotic ingredients to make the pizza dough that not only yields light and fluffy pizza base,... - 81.0865

Landon's Carrot Cake

Sweeten up your holidays with this America's most beloved dessert treat. Carrots are one of the most versatile veggie that we have around that can be converted into greasy, moist cakes in instant. Just follow the recipe instructions to the T and bake yourself... - 83.6163

Maui Muffins

If you thought muffins was all decadent and sinful, this natural, healthy muffin recipe would surely ensure a guilt-free treat. Chef Landon bakes yummy muffins using all organic ingredients that helps you binge on your favorite dessert. A great way to treat... - 118.695

Fermented Vegetables

Fermented food have been a long-standing part of most global cuisines. Susan Campbell understands the goodness of cultured food and shows you myriad ways in which you can relish cultured veggies and kefir at home. A great way to include probiotics in your... - 94.4734

Barlean's Organic Oils - Sauces & Dressings

Flaxseed oil is not only good for your health, but for your taste buds too. Bursting with health benefits, flaxseed makes for a yummy addition to sauces and dressings. Apart from being low in transfats, this nutritious, flavorful oil is a great way to jazz up... - 69.0586

Coconut Oil, Hot Tempeh And Goat Cheese Salad

Being vegetarian doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on taste. Tempeh is not only a great way to add some soy protein and isoflavones to your daily food, but also is quick and easy to make. This tempeh dish features goat cheese and garlic that make sure that... - 85.0073

Delicious Chai With Raw Cacao And Agave

Wake up to a warm cup of refreshing tea every morning with this delectable beverage. Prepared with raw cacao and agave, this refreshing tea is replete with health and taste. Treat your friends and family to this luscious blend and warm them up to their bones. - 122.049

Raw Food Desserts

Dessert not always have to be decadent or sinful. Hard to believe? Then you have to try making this raw food dessert at home to know how healthful some desserts can be. This one's so quick and easy to make that you won't mind making it in your kitchen for... - 105.865

High Protein Smoothie

If you though that health and taste were irreconcilable, this super smoothie will surely change the way you thing Replete with yummy ingredients like chocolate, coconut, and raw cacao, this high protein, low-glycemic smoothie makes for ultimate breakfast... - 100.731