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MAKING 1. In a big pot over camp fire, Heat water, add black beans, chopped onions and potatoes and meat. Let it simmer for a while. 2. Add tomatoes, carrots, corn and peppers. Stir for a while. 3. Add green beans and red currant jelly. Close the lid and let... - 105.936

Deer Steak & Mushrooms

If you had been craving for some venison, then this is it! Niki Farmer shares a venison recipe - deer steak and mushrooms. It is pretty simple to make. Watch and learn how to make this beautiful meal from this video. Bon app├ętit! - 92.0642

Apple Butter Pie

Join Barbara Bach as she shows us how to make a home-made Apple Butter Pie. Just in time for Christmas. So rich and so delectable! Watch and learn how to make this beautiful pie from this video. Cheers! - 114.423

Hush Puppies And Fish Batter

Take a look at this simple Hush Puppies recipe, which is sure to remind you of your good old childhood days. Watch the video to see how the chef combines few basic ingredients right from your kitchen cabinet to make a marvelous appetizer in no time. Better... - 71.434

Deer Meat Hamburger

Fond of hamburgers? Try this variation today. Watch the chef share his personal recipe to prepare these Deer Meat Hamburgers. The recipe is simple and can be easily replicated at home. - 112.754

Duck Hunt

If you think cooking an exotic duck dish at home is a little tricky, then take a look at this video to see how the chef makes duck combined with scrumptious flavors of white wine and tangerine with honey. Do not miss out the thrilling duck hunting experience... - 128.025

Dove Kabob

Looking for a nice snack recipe, which is simple to put together? Then take a look at this video to see how the chef combines meat with the flavors of beer and then combines it with mushrooms and pepper to make an absolutely luscious snack. Try it at home for... - 71.9462

Garfish With Corn Meal

For all those fish fans who like adding a little twist to their regular fish recipe, this video is a must watch the chef here provides simple directives to make garfish with corn meal and pepper to make an exotic dish. Though this fish is labor intensive to... - 90.342

Rabbit Pie

Got a dinner party and want to make something special to impress your guest? Then take a look at this Rabbit Pie recipe. Watch the video to see how the chef combines rabbit meat with spices and bacon to make a scrumptious dish. Seems like a nicest rabbit dish... - 127.588

Rabbit Pate

For all those French cuisine fans, this rabbit pate recipe is a must try. Take a look at the video to see very clear and simple directives to make rabbit combined with mushrooms, and whiskey to make a mouthwatering dish. Few minutes of baking and you are... - 105.528

Best Fish Fry Ever

Talk about fried fish and the mouth already starts watering. Watch this video to see how the chef makes a nice fried fish with absolutely flavorful homemade sauce. Clear step by step instructions and ingredient details could have helped understand the recipe... - 96.3891

Glumpkies With Red Wine

This is an absolutely handy recipe for moms whose kids do not like eating cabbage much. Watch the video to see how the chef makes exotic glumpkies combined with cabbage, burger meat and red wine. Looks absolutely flavorful and scrumptious, worth trying for... - 104.776

Venison Stew With Vegetables

Need an inexpensive thing to entertain the company coming over to your place? Then take a look at this marvelous venison stew with vegetables. Watch the video for step by step instructions. - 83.9979