Laurasleanbeef's Recipes

Perfect Grill Marks

They say presentation is everything in a meal!But with steaks to have those grill marks add that’s extra finishing touch! Want to know how? Watch this video for the perfect demo. - 89.8703

Beef Burger Patties

Burger patties done in the right way right out of your kitchen and impress your little ones! If burger is everyone's favorite, try this version! Watch this video on how to make those yummy burger patties. - 90.369

Easy Beef Lo Mein

Anything homemade is better than a typical take out dinner especially for a stir fry. This video show how to get an easy stir fry done, to the tee! Have them hot with your spaghetti. - 90.5507

Seared Steak With Red Wine Sauce

Its easy to cook up this gourmet style beef steak with a red wine sauce! Follow the video to the tee and you d have one impeccable looking steak served with a crispy salad. See the video for more! - 92.2139

Beef Roast

Want to make that perfect beef roast? Want to know how to get it rare to medium to well done. This video explains just how long to roast your beef and how to slice them across the grain! Watch this video and next time you'd be sure to impress your guests. - 91.6993