Joe Bush's Recipes

Coconut Scented Shrimp Broth

Marrying Indian and Chinese influences, Chef-Owner Vik Lulla of I-Chin makes a fresh and flavorful shrimp broth - 13.944

Grilled Veal Chop With Sauteed Mushrooms

It's opening day at 7 square, a new chophouse in Times Square, and Chef Shane McBride prepares a veal chop the size of a broadway billboard. - 11.1525

Masala Meatloaf

This was an earth shattering discovery for is. Indian meatloaf exists and it is delicious. Chef Suvir Saran of Dévi is responsible for this masterpiece. Enjoy the joy. - 13.5228

Shrimp And Lobster Stir Fry

Mother-son cooking team Antone and Martina from Savannah, Ga have sent us a few great looking dishes. This one has lobster! Nice job! - 16.6188

The General's Flank Steak

Bob from South Carolina is a retired general. He demonstrates a simple flank steak recipe. Who says generals can't cook? Not us. We never said that. Not once. - 15.6313

Shrimp 'n Grits

Donna from Bluffton, SC sent in this southern delicacy with impressive amounts of bacon, sausage and cheese... and shrimp and grits of course too. - 15.078

Creole Chicken

Martina and Antone from Savannah, GA are a real mother-son cooking team. This chicken dish looks amazing. We might just have to go visit them and sample the real thing. We've always wanted to check out Savannah. We hope there's room for us. - 14.3564

Chili Rellenos

Penny from Bluffton, SC makes this look so easy. We're told there are no special effects... just pure spicy, cheesy goodness. - 13.044

Creole Stew

Ellen takes us down south with a creole stew recipe that will win you new friends. - 14.3356

Cannoli With Baccala

You read this right. A fish cannoli. And it's delicious. Chef Odette Fada of San Domenico prepares this unique dish that's part of her feast of the seven fishes. - 13.7151

Corned Beef And Cabbage

Larry shows us how easy it is to make this old Irish classic. - 15.574

Stuffed Peppers

Kory's risotto-stuffed peppers will get your meal off to a great start. - 12.016

Irish Soda Bread

Debbie and her grandkids make a 100-year-old recipe in honor of St. Patty's Day. SPONSORED BY ACME HOUSEWARES - 12.3374

Roasted Chicken W. Pumpkin & Feta

Jean brings us into a fantastic Greek restaurant called Parea. This roasted chicken is so crispy you'll think it's fried. And who knew you could eat pumpkin when it's not in pie? - 13.1754

Creole Cornbread

This cornbread is like nothing you've ever experienced... except maybe if you're from New Orleans. It's got bacon and crab and cheese and we love it. It's the creation of caterer Shelly Everett, aka the Gourmet Angel. It's what they serve in heaven. - 14.0213


It's Mardi Gras time and caterer Shelly Everett (aka the Gourmet Angel) shows us how to make a top notch - and surprisingly easy - gumbo. - 12.6735

The Elvis Sandwich

The king loves his peanut butter and banana sandwich. He also loves karate chops, karate kicks, and shaking his hips. - 13.8797

Wedding Cake

Forget the gift registry. If you want to do something really nice for the bride and groom, make them an amazing wedding cake. Well walk you through it step-by-step. - 13.5842

Atomic Wings

Chicken wing expert and author Chris O'Hara shows off his amazing atomic wing recipe. Enjoy the hottness. - 12.0722

Bbq Sauce

All the cool people make their own bbq sauce. - 11.683

Gefilte Fish

The mystery of gefilte fish is revealed. Grandma Sarah shows us how she makes this age old Jewish delicacy. - 12.2213

Matzah Balls

No joke: Grandma Sarah makes among the best matzah balls in the world... medium sized. Spongy on the outside. Slightly dense on the inside. Medium floaters. Second only to a certain other grandmother living in Ft. Lauderdale. (Hi Nana!) - 15.3753


We had this amazing German pasta with the short ribs at Bruno's -- but they're so good, we decided they were worthy of their own video. - 13.0763

Chicken Breast With Mustard Sauce

This chicken dish is from Jim Ruch in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Jim cooks on some of the greatest mega-yachts around, and he's a great filmmaker. His videos make you feel like you're in the pan with the food. Learn more about Jim at - 14.5555

Shrimp With Chili Orange Glaze

This dish is from Jim Ruch in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Jim cooks on some of the greatest mega-yachts around, and he's a great filmmaker. His videos make you feel like you're in the pan with the food. - 14.4661

Creme Caramel

Allison's talent for desert knows no bounds. This dish is like eating silk... edible silk... soaked in caramel. Trust us. It's really good. - 12.8307

Filbert Crusted Salmon

Follow the Video - 11.1468

Mustard Broccoli

Dress up those greens with a little bit of sass and class - 12.1342

Garlic-apple Mashed Potatoes

A classic staple gets a savory update - 11.754

Japanese Chicken Meatballs

Jean journeys to Izakaya 10 for some Japanese-style bar food. These chicken meatballs are easy to make and tasty. And you get to learn how to make homemade teriyaki sauce. - 13.8461

Triple Chocolate Pudding

We had no idea it was even possible to make pudding that didn't come in a small box (or a tiny plastic cup). This recipe from Allison is incredibly easy, and ridiculously delicious. Eat your heart out, Bill Cosby. - 15.4146

Ice Cream Sandwich

This is definitely one of the easiest recipes we have on the site. Ice cream. Cookies. Chips. If you can't replicate this, you've got problems (kids get a pass, of course). - 13.1785

Pierre's Egg

Chef Pierre Landet of Cercle Rouge shows us his version of the scotch egg. It will amaze you... - 14.0588

Eggplant Parmigiana

Joanne has been making this eggplant parm for years. Her family is crazy about it and you will be to. We sent Jeff in to find out how it's made and to hopefully get a taste. - 15.7442

Italian Sausage With Broccoli Rabe

You know you've always wondered how sausage was made. Admit it. Lucky for you, Jean meets Chef Don Pintabona of Dani in NYC and lears how to make fresh pork sausage with tender greens as a counterpoint. - 13.7504

Pine Nut Encrusted Halibut

Chef Daniel Angerer of Klee in NYC demonstrates this simple and tasty fish dish. The chef, and Austrian import, has a fresh approach to food... literally. He calls it "cuisine vitale." - 14.7931

Eggplant Bruschetta

Quick, simple, and colorful, Bella teaches us her secrets to this tasty eggplant bruschetta. - 11.7318

Blueberry Pork Chops

Blueberry porkchops: because why should applesauce have all the fun. - 13.0777


Comfort food with a healthy twist. - 13.0118

Kale Soup

Who knew a bowl full of everything but the kitchen sink could be so delicious. - 13.5047


Dont you wish you had some pita? - 11.2172

Fish Tacos

Completely amazing fish tacos with a twist. - 14.5454


Bella shows us the perfect use for all those leftovers. - 14.8172

The Elvis Casserole

The King loves him some casserole. And we were looking for an excuse to cook marshmellows and cheese together. Yummy. - 13.9369


Who wants a cookie? We do! - 14.4287

Braised Short Ribs

John Keller demonstrates how short ribs should be made. The meat melts in your mouth. Served over spaetzle, this dish is soooooooo good. - 14.7484

Black Bean Sauce

Who says healthy can't be delicious? Bryce shows us his recipe for vegan black bean sauce (don't worry, carnivores will love it too!) - 12.5056

Tofu Lasagne

Bryce's vegan alternative to a dinner time favorite. - 11.2714

Pasta Diente

The Crazy Chef runs us through this quick and easy pasta salad - 14.9932

Creamy Vegetable Soup

The Crazy Chef teaches us how to makes this quick and easy veggie soup. - 13.8118

Roasted Asparagus

Simple, elegant, AND healthy? Now thats something! - 12.9203

Chilled Pea Soup

Art Institutes master Chef Scott teaches us how to make his healthy and delicious pea soup. Chilled and perfect as a summertime meal. - 14.0267

Blackberry Pie

Ron, owner/chef of Bubby's Pie Company, invites us into his personal kitchen and teaches us the secrets of his famous blackberry pies. Don't drool too hard, its bad for your keyboard. - 13.1004

Chicken Pressley

The Crazy Chef teaches us his secrets for tangy wings....mmmm - 14.841

Chicken Vera Cruz

Our expert chef teaches us how to add a dash of Mexican flair to a healthy meal. - 12.0349

Maple Oat Scones

Hearty and sweet, these scones will help you start your day right. - 13.2901

Cookie Pies

Whats better than pie? Mini-pie! So cute, you won't want to share... - 13.4253

Blackberry Crisp

The Farm Chicks know that simple ingredients can make for amazing treats and want share their secrets with you. - 12.2785

Oven Pancakes

Amanda from Omaha makes yummy pancakes... you can fill them fruit, veggies... pretty much whatever you want. Plus, we just love saying Amanda from Omaha. Bonus. - 14.2859

Lemon Sour Cream Pie

Follow the Video - 12.4993

Spinach Ricotta Gnocchi

cook spinach drain ricoota cheese get the moisture out with help of weight drain water and chop spinach add grated parmeasan cheese add 2 eggs stir well add salt and pepper add nutmeg add a little flout to make it easier to make dough chiil 30min to... - 41.0368


Clean the basel and procee it as shown. Make Puree of basel Mix nuts, garlic and cheese Add extra virgin oil - 30.211