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GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven at 350 degrees F. 2. Grease the baking sheet with olive oil. MAKING 1. Roll the pizza dough to make thin crust. 2. Place the pizza base over the greased baking sheet and crimp from the edges, so, that sauce won’t spill in... - 93.6849

Pizza Dough

Patty James making organic whole wheat pizza dough. - 89.8025

Rice Porridge

Looking for some breakfast options to kick start your day? Try this version of the recipe. Wholesome and delicious! See the video for details! - 66.5572

Homemade Ginger Ale

Homemade Ginger Ale, its refreshing and easy to make at home! If the summer is near then you'd know what to whip up! Just see the video for more - 95.9067

Almond And Date Milk

Almond, dates and vanilla are blended together to make this healthy milk. Something to give a try at if your on a diet. Boosts your protein intake with the goodness of this milk. - 99.5181

Brown Rice And Yam Pudding

Crave for a sweet tooth? How about opting for making a pudding which is healthier for you? The this old fashioned brown rice pudding should do just the thing! See the video for more - 115.177

Salmon Pinwheel

This is a recipe Patty did to make an entrée using salmon. She is pleased with the outcome and it indeed looks appetizing. See the video to make this interesting salmon pinwheel - 105.14

Turkey Sandwich

Sandwiches are not only a healthy option but they are filling too. Patty does these great sandwiches for lunch or even be had for breakfast. See the video for more! - 114.418

Baked Potato With Vegetables

Looking for something to bake? Want to try something new? Then try this version of the baked potato! It wouldn’t turn you down. Watch the video for your guide - 110.856

Turkey And Zucchini Pizza

An Outlet for cooking up the plentiful zucchini's is to make a Pizza! Patty shows how to get these wonder-baked pizza's through! - 113.562

Artichoke And Rice Bake

A vegetable bake can be served at any occasion. Vegetables being the key ingredients can delight anybody's senses! Watch the video as Patty how to get started! - 106.977

Hummus Dip

Patty and her daughter show you how to make this dietary and fibrous dip with chickpeas! Goes well with cooked meat and some pita bread. Watch the video for more - 105.449

Baked Turkey Meatloaf

Turkey being the key ingredient, a meatloaf done with it is definitely yummy and delicious beyond a doubt. Patty does a good job of demonstrating how to make a nice meatloaf. Watch the video for details - 111.685

Salmon En Papillote

Salmon en papillote could be a complete meal for your family and friends. Check out the recipe right here. - 31.8263

Mixed Brown Rice Salad

Mixed Brown Rice Salad is the perfect accompaniment to a meat or fish dish! Refreshing and easy to make, that’s how Patty shows! A video to see for a salad idea! - 113.306


For more information please visit: - 34.5886

Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie

An all time kid favorite are the chocolate chip cookie! These batch of cookie are nutty and chocolaty all at the same time! Full of goodness than the fat! Watch Patty bake these goodies! - 116.731

The Best Raw Kale Salad Ever

Wash, de-stem and chop kale; place in large bowl. Add lemon juice and avocado, and with your hands mix together until the avocado is smooth. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well. Serve immediately. For more information please visit:... - 33.7956