LobsterGram's Recipes

Lobster Gram King Crab 101

Dan "The Lobster Man" of Lobster Gram is here to show you the easiest way to steam and serve Alaskan King Crab Legs from Lobster Gram. - 85.1266

Roasted Rosemary Shrimp

Nikki the Foodie was cooking over the weekend, and this week's recipe was Roasted Rosemary Shrimp. This great seafood dish is quick, easy and amazingly flavorful. See how easy it is to prepare a gourmet meal like this in the comfort of your own home with... - 101.262

Crab Cake Stuffed Rib Eye Beef Steak

Crab cakes stuffed into the rib eyes and then grilled to doneness! The beef steaks just seasoned with salt and pepper and that’s all there is! This video seems to be a simple answer to your questions about grilling. Watch for simple grilling 101 right here! - 78.3867

Seared Scallops In Orange Butter Sauce

Kick off those winter blues and warm it up with the orange scallops and rosemary rice. Nikki the foodie is in the kitchen showing you how to get it done with scallops seared to perfection and served with some orange butter sauce! A worthwhile video to watch... - 101.736

Mashed Potatoes With Lobster

The ultimate decadent side dish to go with you seafood platter! Nikki shows you how to get this comfort food loaded. Watch the video for more. - 99.2015

Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich And Lobster Hushpuppies

Lobster Grilled Cheese and Lobster Hushpuppies are sure to make any winter day warm and toasty. See how easy it is to whip up gourmet comfort food in your own home with Lobster Gram and Nikki the Foodie! - 115.346

Veal Chops With Pear Slices In Rosemary Orange Sauce

Fresh aromatic ingredients used for this particular dish! The veal chops are fried till done and then served with pear slices and a wonderfully scented orange and rosemary sauce with some pear slices! A gourmet meal indeed! - 92.172

How To Heat & Serve New Lobster Gram

Premarinated meat with the sauce in a polythene bag! All that is required to do is to boil them and you have a spectacular dinner. Watch the video for more details. - 73.4653

Lobster Gram's Second Annual Memorial Day Staycation

Another version of how to handle a lobster video. This video is a guide on how to get your lobster and clams done to perfection. A video to watch to know how to do it the right way! - 77.9578

Crab Stuffed Bell Peppers

Bell peppers stuffed with crab meat is what Nikki is making for lunch for the day! Sinful or what! Watch the video to know how! - 95.3895

Sauteed Crabmeat With Pasta

Gourmet meal doesn’t necessarily mean complicated. Its all about the simplicity and the mingling of good ingredients cooked with love. Watch this video on how to cook this impeccable Sautéed Crabmeat. - 90.1702

Cajun Hot And Spicy Scallops

Make your dinner spicy with these spicy Cajun broiled scallops! Deliciously done by Nikki the foodie. Watch the video for more. - 87.0452

Roast Chicken

Stuffed Roast Chicken with the herbs and lemon! This chicken will come out nice and golden and delicious! Want to give this a go then see the video. - 98.5086

Whole Stuffed Lobsters

Nikki the foodie is makingstuffed lobster using the lobster meat! She presents the lobster meat into the tail of the lobsters! Delicious and meaty! Watch the video for more! - 100.466

Stir Fried Lamb Chops With Brown Sugar Glaze

Gourmet style meal right in your home, shown by Nikki the foodie! No hanky panky procedure, but simple and straight methods which are easy to follow on how to get these lamb chops caramelized brown glaze. Watch the video to know how! - 93.5942

Campfire Lobster Tails

You going camping over the weekend? And your wondering what is that you could get cooking over that campfire. This video will definitely get your ideas sparked up for a lobster! See the video and try it out! - 86.1683

How To Boil A Live Maine Lobster

If boiling a lobster is something you have never attempted then this video clearly shows your how to do it the right way! Get over the fear of cooking your lobsters by watching this video! - 82.1837

Marinated Grilled King Crabs

Nikki the foodie brings this dish together with some butter, garlic and white wine that’s all there is to this gourmet meal! Exotic crabs to make a simple dish. The video is a tad disappointing in terms of quality! - 76.8024

Lobster Gram Staycation Series 3 Of 3

This is a video on how to handle a lobster from the boiling to the cracking and pulling out the lobster meat. If you never knew how to handle one the right way. This video is the one! - 76.8953

Oven Roasted Crab With An Orange Dipping Sauce

These crab legs are delicately flavored with orange and butter and the dish is finished off in the oven to be rounded off. Nikki does a goo job on showcasing it! Watch the video for more. - 94.4338

Citrus Marinated Pepper Wrapped Scallops

Nikki the foodie gets going these scallops wrapped in roasted peppers and then seared off! A wonderful dish brought together by Nikki! Surely a must try after watching this video! - 94.364

Filet mignon With Peach Sauce

Nikki is cooking again! She enthralls her audience by cooking up a filet mignon and with a sweet and slightly tangy peach sauce! Yummy scrummy! Watch the video an enjoy! - 101.978

Crab Cakes Stuffed With Lobster Tails

Readymade crab cakes stuffed into the lobster tails sounds like a typical restaurant type meal! Nikki whips this up right in her kitchen and she will show you how! Watch this informative video! - 88.2974

Griling Basics Of Beef Steaks And Crab Cakes

A video guide on grilling your ready beef steaks to the tee with utmost direction and perfection. This video is a useful one on how to get your grilling skills right! - 76.468

Bbq Bison Burgers

These meat burgers are mixed in some whiskey bbq sauce! An excellent combo of and the sauce to make a juicy affair. Watch the video for more! - 94.0161

Barbecued Bison Steaks

Easy ingredients to make the marinade and slapped onto the grill to get these beefy bison steak done! A meat feast indeed! Watch Nikki the foodie get these steaks done. - 76.367

Great Gourmet Steaks For Father's Day

The beef steaks if needed to be grilled perfectly need to be shown how so that user is absolutely sure! This video has no demo of the same! - 40.1078

Broiled Lobster Tails Au Gratin

Lobster tails are usually served in upscale restaurants. Nikki the foodie get these lobster tails right on your dining table with the finesse and beauty! See the video on how!! - 91.5233

Drunken Grilled Pork Chops

A great summer recipe, a hot grill and an excellent marinade to make these pork chops! Watch the video on how to make this wonderful recipe! - 84.8299

Cooking Filet Mignon & Maryland Style Crabcakes

A video on how to get the grill marks on the beef filet mignon! If your wanting to how to get those restaurant style marks on your steak then this is how! - 40.4932

Broiled Lobster Tails

Dan shows us users how to crack open the lobster shell to crank up the meat and then broil to get the meat all done. Watch the video if your wanting to know how to handle a lobster! - 86.0634

Lemon Breaded Sea Scallops

This dish has the crunch and zest required! Try these scallops, its easy and hardly takes any effort! Be sure not to overcook them See the video for more. - 91.5149

Shrimp In Creamy Garlic Sauce

A nice and easy recipe for a shrimp and pasta which is the finished product! Enjoy Nikki show you make her comfort food and enjoy in this video. - 90.0786

Beer Steamed Lobster Tails

Beer steams through the lobster to give that extra boost in flavor of the meat. It’s a simple procedure of steaming the lobsters and no other ingredients except the goodness of the lobster meat naturally! Watch the video for more. - 75.4347

Creole Crab Burgers

Neikki will show us how to make delicious burger with crab meat. - 108.787

Lobster Sub

Cooked Lobster meat mixed with sour cream and mayo! A creamy filling for a sub to make a wholesome sandwich! Watch Nikki do her thing! - 75.9608