TheWisestWizards's Recipes

Cool Pumpkin Pie Beer

Looking for an idea to rock over the upcoming bachelor party? Here is a sizzling recipe to make a drink out of your favorite beer and prepared pumpkin pie. Great with ice or when chilled. - 106.546

Spaghettios And Minty Oreo Cookies Smoothie

Would you like a try out a unique smoothie? Take a look at this video where the Wisest wizards are blending spaghettios and minty oreo cookies. The video is interesting and it is great to blend up various foods and try out new flavors. Just give it a try... - 101.286

Blended Green Eggs And Spam

Blended green eggs and spam, the recipe seems to be unique. The Wisest Wizards are out trying blends of different foods. In this video they are blending green eggs and spam. If you want to know the taste, just try out the recipe yourself. - 104.856

Baked Beans And Applesauce Smoothie

How about a unique baked beans and applesauce smoothie. Have a look at this impressive video shared by the Wisest Wizards. Wondering about how this unique combination tastes, then better got to try this amazing baked beans and applesauce smoothie. - 118.023

Jack Coke And Tuna Smoothie

Are you guys in a mood to relax a bit after a stressful and busy day at work. Watch this interesting video that shows an easy recipe for a great relaxing drink. So go ahead and sip in this Jack Daniel whisky, tuna and coke smoothie, enjoy! - 116.369

Scrambled Eggnog Drink

Take a look at this interesting video that shows the recipe for a very special holiday drink. The drink is surely going to be absolutely healthy with goodness of eggs in it. Watch this video and enjoy the delicious scrambled eggnog with your family and... - 112.697

Bacon Beer

Watch this video to have fun and a great party time with your friends. The video shows how to make a unique drink by blending guinness beer and fried bacon together. Just try out this amazing recipe for a wonderful evening with your friends and rejoice! - 97.5722

Fizzy Choco Orange Drink

Enjoy your evening with friends and a fizzy choco orange drink that is mind blowing and very easy to make. Take a look at this video that is interesting to watch. Make this wonderful drink for your friends and they would surely ask for more! - 101.621

Apple Cider Shot With Whipped Cream Topping

Take a look at this impressive video that shares a recipe for apple cider shot. This recipe is great for enjoying your holidays with friends. Watch this video to make these wonderful shots ahead and enjoy a relaxing holiday. Try it out….. - 127.452