Amr3561's Recipes

Mashed Potatoes With Tomato And Beans

Here is a video that shows a very simple recipe for a kind of meal that is usually served in prison. Take a look at the video and make the dish that appears to be rather wholesome but not so flavorful. The dish has just some boiled and mashed potatoes, beans,... - 66.4722

Cheesy Steak With Mushroom And Vegetables Part-1 : Preparation

Here is first part of the video that shows a recipe for cheesy steak with mushroom and vegetables. The video introduces the ingredients and preapres the vegetables used in the recipe. Watch this video to make this recipe and look out for the second part of... - 66.4799

Crispy Salmon Fishcakes

Watch this video that presents an easy recipe for salmon and potato fishcakes wonderfully flavored with plenty of dill. Take a look at the video to make these delicious fishcakes for any special occasion. These crispy fishcakes would surely impress your... - 67.3139

Chicken Parmesan With Spaghetti

Chicken parmesan or chicken cutlets is a nice snack food or even as main dish. It is very easy to make and good to eat also. It has chicken, pasta and cheese. All the ingredients make food a treat. - 91.427

Baked Lemon Chess Pie

How about making a Lemon chess pie for a dessert. Watch this video to make a creamy lemon chess pie for parties or during holidays. The kids would surely enjoy this dish and would be asking for more. This dish would turn out to be a winner on all occasions! - 82.7035

Italian Black Bean Spaghetti

Looking out for a simple and delicious holiday meal. The video here has a super simple recipe for black bean spaghetti that would surely be a hit with your family. The dish is absolutely easy and can be made in just a few minutes. Watch this video and have a... - 55.8306

Mixed Vegetable Coleslaw

Why not involve you kids to make this easy recipe for a healthy coleslaw. Watch this video that shares a recipe for this quintessential American picnic salad. Serve this coleslaw as a great accompaniment to barbequed meats or roast chicken. Try it out... - 64.5555

Homemade Coconut Cream Pie

For all those who are fond of coconut here is a great coconut cream pie recipe. The video shares an easy recipe to make a delicious coconut cream pie at home. This dessert is an effortless dish that would surely impress your family and friends! - 74.5952

Homemade Cheesecake

Make these holidays special with a delicious and mouth watering cheesecake. Have a look at this video that shares an outstanding recipe for homemade cheesecake. The recipe is so easy that you can make the same effortlessly and treat your family and friends... - 71.6015

Jambalaya Soup With Sausage And Chicken

How about a hearty satisfying jambalaya soup that is as flavorful and delicious as jambalaya. Watch this video that has an easy to make recipe for a great comfort food for cold, winter nights Take a look at this video and serve this appetizing soup with bread... - 68.7442

Pork Roast With Apple And Vegetables

Amaze your guests with a unique pork roast with apple and vegetables. Watch this video that shows this recipe which is nicely flavored with nutmeg and vinegar. Prepare this pork roast for a gathering or get-together and enjoy a great sumptuous meal! - 81.9931

Hash Brown And Cheddar Cheese Casserole

Holidays were never so exciting without a delicious and satisfying hash brown and cheddar cheese casserole. Take a look at this video to make a this recipe not only for holidays but for gatherings or parties too. Add this cheesy yummy American dish to your... - 80.7889

Ham And Vegetable Salad

Salad with ham and vegetables serves a most healthy meal. Check out this video that presents a recipe for a flavorful and nutritious salad that can be prepared in no time. Try out your own ingredients to suit your choice to make a good mix of vegetables and... - 77.118

Miniature Chocolate Chip Cookie

Make your kids happy with delicious homemade chocolate chip cookie. Check out this video that displays a simple recipe to make chocolate chip cookie at home. Surprise your kids with a mouth watering treat that can be prepared in no time and have a enjoyable... - 83.4859

Beef And Vegetable Stew

How about a hearty and delicious beef stew for a relaxing meal on a cold winter day. The video here shows an easy recipe for beef stew that is a simple satisfying meal with soup, meat and vegetables. Impress your family with this beef stew and rejoice! - 79.1628

Homemade Butter Nut Cake

Homemade butter nut cake is always a favorite with kids. Watch this video to bake your own cake for parties, holidays or get togethers. Butter nut cake can be served as a delicious dessert or as a great snack, the way you like it. Check it out... - 89.9109

Barbeque Sauce Barbeque Chicken And Barbeque Ribs

Are you planning to have a barbeque party? Have a look at this video that has recipes for barbecue ribs, barbecue chicken and barbecue sauce. Out of all the three recipes barbecue sauce recipe is a must try as it would be handy when prepared in advance and... - 86.3526

Beef Lasagna

Impress your family with an authentic beef lasagna for a Sunday lunch or dinner. Look at this video that shows a recipe for this wonderful dish. The recipe in the video is simple and you would surely have a great cooking experience too! Check it out…. - 98.3148

Italian Multi Cheese Macaroni

Would you like to have a cheesy treat for meal ? Take a look at this video that would make you delighted with a variety of cheese and macaroni baked to make a delicious complete meal. See this video for the full recipe and enjoy the dish just like that or... - 88.6641