Socalgrrrl05's Recipes

15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta And Quesadilla

MAKING FOR AVOCADO PASTA 1. In a pot on high heat, bring the water to a rolling boil and add the pasta once it starts boiling and cook for 8 minutes or until al dente. Once done, remove, drain and set the pasta aside. 2. In a food processor add garlic, lemon... - 85.8714

Marshmallow Chocolate Fudge

This was a weight watchers recipe and requested! I don't remember but I believe the WW points was 2 per piece if you cut it into 36 inches. I don't have the exact calorie count because I seem to use different ingredients each time. - 89.9527

Cooking With Socalgrrrl05: Chicken Parmigiana

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. 2. In a shallow dish, combine flour, salt and oregano. Place the egg whites in a bowl. 3. Place the breadcrumbs in a shallow dish and set those in order. 4. Dredge 1 chicken breast in the flour mix and then... - 91.5007

Cooking With Socalgrrrl05: Easy Fruit Salad

Super easy to make! All it takes is cool whip and various fruits. You can change it each time. - 80.4968

Chicken Cordon Bleu Cooking With Socalgrrrl05

Nothing like a French chicken cordon bleu with wine. Take a look at this impressive video that presents an amazing stuffed chicken dish. This flavorful chicken serves as a fabulous meal or holiday dinner along with rice or baked potatoes. See this video and... - 89.6963

Weight Watcher Peanut Butter Cookie

Peanut butter cookie is a favorite with all. Have look at this fantastic video that shows a recipe to prepare low calorie peanut butter cookie. The cookie would surely turn out to be delicious but they are healthy too. Enjoy these low fat cookie with tea or... - 89.4411

Cooking With Socalgrrrl05: Black And White Cookies

Here is an excellent video that shares a wonderful recipe for a perfect snack for the people who follow a healthy lifestyle. This recipe for black and white cookie is for the weight watchers and made with low fat unsweetened ingredients. Check it out... - 93.7139

Cooking With Socalgrrrl05: Black Bean Soup

How about a healthy and easy Mexican black bean soup that is a pure vegetarian. Watch this impressive video that is interesting to view. The video suggests great recipe variations to the original recipe. Try out this healthy soup that would surely be a hit... - 82.8609

Clc Week 6/ww Weigh In #43

Hamburger pattie with spinach and little blue cheese but no bun, sounds great isn't it. Watch this excellent video that is good for the weight watchers who are looking for a small meal. This dish would surely turn out to be delicious and a nutritious healthy... - 64.716

Cooking With Socalgrrrl05: Coq Au Vin

Won't you like to try out coq au vin, a classic French stewed chicken dish with bacon and mushrooms. See this impressive video that is well explained and displays the recipe in an easy manner. Try out this fantastic recipe on a relaxing holiday and serve... - 85.8224

Cooking With Socalgrrrl05: Skillet Macaroni And Cheese

Haven't you tried many baked macaroni dishes. Look at this amazing video that presents a macaroni and cheese dish is made in a skillet. The recipe uses most of the ingredients that are fat free making it a must try for those watch their waistline. Check out... - 84.1244

Cooking With Socalgrrrl05: Sliced Steak With Crispy Polenta

Would you like to have a simple healthy and delicious meal. Have a look at this amazing video which shows a recipe for grilled steak that serves as a fantastic meal with crispy polenta and colorful vegetables. Try out this wonderful low cal dish that is great... - 96.2408

Cooking With Socalgrrrl05: Weight Watchers Chicken Pad Thai

Why not try a chicken pad Thai with a slight variation in the flavor or with an American twist. The recipe uses ketchup and bean sprouts along with chicken and egg. Make this low calorie recipe that is great if you are trying to cut down on fats and loose... - 82.789

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Bars

Make your Halloween more special with a pumpkin spice cheesecake. Take a look at this amazing video that displays a recipe for a flavorful and aromatic cheesecake. The dish is delicious and great for the weight watchers too. Check out this video to make a... - 91.3812

Weight Watchers "perogi"

Why not make Pierogi as an appetizer for your party. Watch this impressive video that demonstrates a recipe for these delicious potato cheese dumplings. Make the dish with keilbasa, peppers and onions then serve with a sour cream-chive dip. You would surely... - 84.9744

Zucchini Spinach Lasagna

Healthy recipe for a vegetable lasagna. - 77.2285

Weight Watchers Marshmallow Fudge

For those weight watchers who are fond of desserts, here is an excellent recipe for marshmallow fudge. Have a look at this impressive video that shows a low cal and easy to make recipe. Prepare this delicious marshmallow fudge for any occasion and impress... - 82.3524

Shepards Pie Healthy

Weight Watchers recipe for Shepard's Pie! - 71.889

Cooking Salmon With Veggies!

Take a look at this video that would really impress you. The video shows a how a simple pan fried salmon can be combined with some vegetables and served with rice for a wholesome satisfying meal. Try out this simple meal for a healthy relaxing lunch or dinner... - 59.7181