Yardsnacker's Recipes

Strawberry Kefir

For those who are lactose intolerant, try out these probiotic kefir grains. Watch this impressive video that shares a recipe for strawberry kefir. Kefir is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins so excellent for overall health. See this step wise and... - 103.159

Banana And Strawberry Dessert

Check for this super healthy fruit dessert that would make you feel great. See this excellent video that shares a healthy, delicious and an easy feast. Take a look at this video to prepare a wonderful absolutely nutritious dessert for a fantastic treat! - 103.899

Vegan Nori Wrap

Nori can be rolled into a wrap for breakfast or for main course. Watch this video to see an amazing recipe for vegan nori wrap with plenty of fresh vegetables and seasonings. See the video to try out this outstanding recipe and rejoice! - 115.407

Green Smoothie

If you are following a raw food diet then this recipe is just perfect for you. See this wonderful video that shares an incredible recipe for an energy packed green smoothie. See the video to make the fruity green drink with required necessary nutrients and... - 99.2637

Watermelon And Cantaloupe Cocktail

Fresh fruit juices is nothing but a healthy way to drink. This video shows an absolutely refreshing cantaloupe and watermelon juice. Both these fruits have wonderful health benefits and great source of vitamins and essential elements. Take a look for a great... - 85.4393

Creamy Choco Banana Soft Serve

Choco banana soft serve is a wonderful dessert. See this interesting video that shares an absolutely easy recipe. The dessert is low in calories, delicious and perfect for people on a raw diet. Try out this choco banana soft serve at home and enjoy! - 84.6462

Orange And Spinach Smoothie

Won't you like to try out a refreshing and healthy smoothie? Here is a fantastic video that shows an absolutely nutritious spinach and orange smoothie. The video displays an excellent technique for peeling oranges. Take a look to make your own fresh green... - 93.4432

Mexican Chia Fresca

Here is a great drink for spring or summer time. See this interesting video that shares an amazing recipe for a delicious and healthy Mexican Chia Fresca. The video is informative and updates about the health benefits of chia seeds. Watch the video and give... - 115.394