Todderman's Recipes

Clone A Big Mac

Todd Wilbur shows you how to make a home version of the world's most famous hamburger from scratch. - 118.293

Clone A Twinkie

Brand-name recipe cloner Todd Wilbur opens a box of 13-year-old Twinkies, and shows you how to make a home version of the world's most famous snack cake. - 120.792

How To Clone A Mcrib Sandwich - With Todd Wilbur

GETTING READY 1. In a food processor, combine pork, water, sugar and salt. Puree this on high speed for 30 - 60 seconds or until completely smooth. 2. Divide the pureed pork into 4 equal portions weighing 4 ounces each. 3. Line a baking pan with parchment... - 111.259

Serendipity 3 Frozen Hot Chocolate

MAKING 1. In a bowl, mix together sugar, evaporated instant dry milk powder, Ghirardelli cocoa, Hershey's cocoa powder and Scharffen berger cocoa to form the cocoa powder mix. 2. In a blender, add in the following order of milk,cocoa powder and ice. Blend... - 103.711

Healthier Kfc Chicken - From The Dr. Oz Show

Food hacker Todd Wilbur shows you how to make a lower-calorie/lower-fat clone of KFC Original Recipe Chicken without frying and without MSG in this clip from The Dr. Oz Show. Todd includes the 11 secret herbs and spices he discovered on his CMT show, "Top... - 120.12

Healthier Cinnabon Clone - From The Dr. Oz Show

Find out how to make your own Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll clone with 1/2 the calories and 1/3 the fat of the original in this cooking demo from Todd Wilbur on The Dr. Oz Show. - 117.478

Homemade Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake

If you have always wanted to recreate restaurant like delights at home, here is your hence to go for it. This video details simple instructions to whomp up cheesecake factory like cheesecake at home. Just go for it and be a true culinary queen. - 70.664

Homemade Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

This delicious peanut and chocolate candy is quite a rage among kids and adults alike. To recreate this yummy candy magic in your kitchen, follow Todd Wilbur's recipe of the same. This recipe is so simple that you won't think twice before recreating it again... - 67.5916

How To Clone An Oreo Cookie - With Todd Wilbur

This favorite cream filled cookie is a huge hit with kids and adults alike. And the good news is that you can whomp up 'oreo' magic at home with this simple biscuit recipe. Rest assured, these tasty morsels is likely to get you hooked. - 94.4234

Todd Wilbur On Gayle King's Show Part 2

If you would like to clone commercial food in your kitchen a la Gayle King style, this recipe video would help you. Todd Wilbur shares a recipe that is a clear winner, so far replicating the store-bought pizza. Try this and we are sure you will be hooked to t... - 99.3473

Todd Wilbur On Gayle King's Show Part 1

Have you wondered what makes the pizza at Gayle King so lip-smackingly delicious? Well, the secret is out. Todd Wilbur shows you how to make stuffed crust pizza at home just like Gayle King. Try replicating this recipe at home and enjoy bistro-style homemade... - 96.9515

Cloned Burger Part 4

Wish you could replicate the magic of big mac in your kitchen in minutes? Then try this recipe by Todd Wilbur that is surely to outsmart even the best burgers in McDonald's. It's so finger licking good that you simply can't stop at one. - 104.493

Cloned Burger Part 3

Todd Wilbur is a master when it comes to cloning famous branded recipes. In this video, he shows how to make oreo biscuits at home that any day tastes better than the store-bought ones. Don't believe? Then try replicating this recipe to know how good homemade... - 83.5515

Cloned Burger Part 2

Ever wished to recreate the magic of junk food in your kitchen? Try replicating this Todd Wilbur style junk food at home that tastes much better than any store-bought stuffed food. This recipe indeed speaks for Todd's ingenuity as a cook. - 85.9315

Snapple Ice Tea

If you wish to cook like a pro, then all you have to do is to replicate this Todd Wilbur recipe in your kitchen. In this video, he shows how to make ice tea. This ice tea is so good that it can even beat Snapple ice tea at any restaurant. - 85.869

Homemade Twinkie

Love for twinkies indeed reigns supreme among chocolate lovers. If you would love to make these sweet treats at home, try replicating the recipe by Todd Wilbur. Very scrumptious and easy to make, this recipe is worth trying and indulging. - 105.302

Cloned Double Cheese Hamburger

The more said about Todd Wilbur's culinary ingenuity is less. In this video, he recreates America's popular junk food — the in-n-out double cheese hamburger. Todd prepares this American favorite just like any other fast food restaurants. Prepare this at... - 110.829

Big Mac Burger

Dream of replicating Big Mac Burger at home a la Maury style? Todd Wilbur shows you how to recreate the magic of Maury at your kitchen using this easy to make recipe. Try this recipe in your kitchen and whip up delicious restaurant-style hamburgers at home. - 97.3776

Cloned Pecan Chicken Salad

If you thought that home cooked food cannot be tastier than store-bought ones, then this recipe will surely surprise you. In this recipe, Todd Wilbur recreates the magic of pecan chicken salad that tastes as good as or even better than the one found in... - 96.7805

Homemade Kfc Grilled Chicken

Ever sat with a KFC chicken and wondered the 'secret' behind this delicious chicken snack? Well, with this recipe you will be able to emulate this yummy KFC style chicken right within your kitchen. A very simple, tasty and no-fuss recipe. - 96.9618

Homemade Snickers Bar

If you love to eat snickers, you surely won't mind making your own chocolate bar at home. Chewy, crunchy chocolate bars makes for tasty morsels. Next time you are craving for something sweet, this yummy bars could happily satiate you. - 99.9994

Homemade Romano's Penne Rustica

If you always wanted to cook like a top chef, but always ended up in a rut at your kitchen, this recipe could be a break-free for you. This interesting restaurant style recipe taste very much like the ones found in bistro. A satisfyingly delicious dish. - 107.112

Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bar

If you totally drool over Cranberry Bliss Bars, then this easy-to-make restaurant-style bar by Todd will surely appease you. Very easy to make, this simple yet scrumptious bliss bar is a simple way to appease your sweet tooth. Make a tray full of it and get... - 109.574

Planet Hollywood Chicken Crunch

Todd Wilbur in this video shows you how to clone planet Hollywood chicken crunch. He reveals all the secret ingredients to whomp up this restaurant style food. Delicious and simple, this recipe is all you need to appease your hungry gut. - 104.543

Homemade Chili's Molten Chocolate Cake

Looking to throw a super treat at home? Try cloning this chili style molten chocolate cake at home. This dessert is so sinful and so accurate like the store-bought ones that you really won't notice any difference. Just follow the instructions to the T to... - 100.256