CanolaOilGrowers's Recipes

Appleberry Crisp

Try using local honey which brings out the sweetness of the apples. Make sure to use an apple that will hold its shape like a Granny Smith, Macintosh, Honey Crisp or your favourite crisp local apple variety for the best results. - 121.006

Easy Cheesy Calzones

Calzones are a stuffed pizza or a home-made pizza pop. It's fun for the whole family to make and fill them with their favorite fillings. It uses our classic pizza dough recipe and if you want to make a home-made pizza sauce, check out our Quick Pizza Sauce... - 119.597

Stoplight Sandwich

Tired of the same old boring sandwich at lunch? This recipe uses the Kickn' Orange Chicken as the "lunch meat". Made with whole-grain bread a special sauce and packed with colorful vegetables, kids and adults will love assembling their own sub sandwich at... - 110.622

Sunshine French Toast

Using whole-grain bread is the perfect way to make a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner item. This recipe uses orange juice and orange zest to add a hint of sweetness with a pop of flavor. This recipe is straight out of the Quick and Healthy Recipe booklet,... - 126.715

Pickerel In Paper

"Be Well With Fish" as host Ace Burpee and Ellen Pruden from Manitoba Canola Growers prepare Pickerel in Paper. Learn a simple technique to prepare this heart healthy fish. - 116.019

Mussels With Chorizo

"Be Well With Fish" as host Ace Burpee and Ellen Pruden from Manitoba Canola Growers make Mussels with Chorizo. It's a meal that will definitely impress friends and family. - 112.26

Fettuccini With Shrimp & Spinach

"Be Well With Fish" as host Ace Burpee and Ellen Pruden from Manitoba Canola Growers prepare Whole Wheat Fettucini with Shrimp and Spinach. This dish will keep you satisfied and energized. - 103.577

Chicken Wraps

A delicious recipe for heart healthy chicken wraps using canola oil. - 96.8733

Cumin Fish

GETTING READY 1. In a bowl combine ground cumin, paprika, lemon pepper, thyme and salt. Mix well. MAKING 2. Heat canola oil over medium – high heat in a skillet. 3. Sprinkle dry ingredient mixture over fish fillets and rub. 4. Place the fish in the... - 94.4837

Oatmeal Cookies

A sweet treat that is heart healthy. Oatmeal cookies using light canola oil to make them a healthy homemade option. - 102.376

Easy Caesar Salad

Jam Pack your regular Caesar salad with nutrients and goodness! Don’t go for a store bought one but make one at home and be healthy! Watch the video for more on this! - 73.7053

Easy Breakfast Waffles

A healthy way to start your day is with a good breakfast! Waffles need not be your weekend breakfast, make it everyday. Watch this video on how to make your waffles! See and enjoy! - 114.514

One Pot Chicken And White Bean Chili

Go the healthy way by cooking with canola oil! Try this easy recipe for a chili dish with chicken and white beans! Watch this video for more on this recipe! - 126.281

Quick Chickpea Salad

Have you got a potluck party your going for? Need to plan and decide what to make, this is one dish - 91.3032

Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Have you baked cookies with your mum? Well that's one memorable experience! To bring back those nostalgic moments get yourself engaged in some baking! Watch this video for more on how to get going! - 92.1372

Stir Fried Chicken With Peanuts

Keep the family involved in your cooking. That way you would ensure your family gets the right amount of goodness! Make this quick and easy stir fried chicken dish! See the video for more! - 92.2658

Easy Pizza Dough And Pizza Sauce

Decorate your own pizza and get creative! To make the pizza the dough and sauce need to be right! So find the recipe here by watching this video! - 94.9691

Roasted Tomatoes

Want to start your winter season in health then you need to pair the right combinations of food! Watch this video to make a quick and easy meal of pasta with roasted tomatoes. Check the video for more details! - 128.579

Grilled Trout

Make a quick meal with a grilled trout and some aioli to go with it! Nothing like freshly grilled food in your kitchen. See the video for more! - 119.698

Baked Salmon Tacos With Slaw

Have you tried a fish taco somewhere and want to try it at home? Well in this video the chef shares her recipe of a fish taco which is fairly easy to whip up! See the video for more! - 118.966

Mediterranean Marination And Herb Citrus Marinade

Have you been relying too much on prepackaged marinades? Well all this comes with a dose of saturated fat which we do not realize! Cooking at home, will bring a healthier choice ! See this video for more on a healthier living! - 107.409

Quick Quinoa And Mango Salad

How about a quick healthy meal such as a salad! This salad will ensure you get all the good stuff, low sodium and is also gluten free. See the video for more on this recipe! - 109.225

Breakfast Blueberry Scones

Baked good are things your see all around you. The eyes are never devoid of wanting to see the delicious beauties around! Well these are healthy blueberry scones made to perfection keeper a healthier you in mind. See the video for more! - 126.792

Poached Pickerel With Fresh Herb And Mango Salsa

Poaching fish in parchment paper is one of the easiest and healthiest way to prepare fish without skimping on flavor! Serve this dish as a summer meal when you have company and let your guests enjoy the pleasure of opening the heart shaped packages to... - 128.481

Parsley Sauce With Chef Mj Feeke

MJ makes up a Parsley Sauce made with fresh herbs that can be used as a salad dressing or marinade. - 127.118

Tofu And Vegetable Stir Fry In Black Bean Sauce

Like tofu? This is meant for and healthy...great for vegetarians. Chef MJ demonstrates a delicious and healthy way to use tofu in a black bean stir fry. It is low in calories and full of flavor. This stir-fry is the perfect way to enjoy the colors,... - 129.883

Mairlyn's Triple Oat Cookies

Mairlyn Smith demonstrates how to make Triple Oat Cookies. A trio of oats- large-flake oats, steel-cut oats, and oat bran- makes these cookies just about as oaty as you can get. - 122.232

Mairlyn's Marinated Mushrooms

Mairlyn Smith demonstrates how to make marinated mushrooms. A heart-healthy immune-enhancing hors d'oeuvre- imagine that! Serve these with a glass of red wine and feel extremely virtuous. - 113.994

Slow Roasted Tomatoes In A Creamy Basil Sauce

SLOW ROASTED LOCAL TOMATOES 1.Preheat oven to 200 F ( C) 2.Prepare tomatoes and place on a foil lined cookie pan. 3.Sprinkle with salt and pepper and drizzle with canola oil. SLOW ROASTED LOCAL TOMATOES PENNE PASTA 1.In a large saucepan over medium high... - 133.382

Triple Oat Cookies

A trio of oats- large-flake oats, steel-cut oats, and oat bran- makes these cookies just about as oaty as you can get. - 127.293

Tofu Black Bean Stir Fry

1.In a medium bowl, add tofu cubes and black bean sauce. Toss to coat tofu. Let sit for 10 minutes. 2.In a large, non-stick wok or frying pan over medium high heat, heat canola oil. Stir fry tofu until lightly browned and heated through. 3.Add garlic,... - 131.468

Parsley Sauce

1.In a medium size saucepan, bring water to boil. 2.Drop all of the herbs into the water and blanch for 15 seconds. Remove from water and plunge into ice water to stop the cooking process. 3.Place the herbs on paper towels and pat dry. 4.Transfer the herbs... - 123.206

Grilled Rainbow Trout With Tarragon

Chef MJ cooks up rainbow trout with a terragon aioli. - 114.935

Salmon Tacos

GETTING READY 1. For the salmon, preheat the oven to 400 F, line an 8-inch square metal baking pan with wet parchment paper. 2. Using a Microphane grater, remove the zest from the lime and set aside. 3. Wash your hands and cut the salmon into 4-even sized... - 123.619

Coconut Cupcakes - Gluten Free

The perfect dessert for those on a gluten free diet. Great Tastes of Manitoba 2011/2012. - 128.336

Gluten Free Sesame Bread

A healthy gluten free loaf of bread that can be eaten on its own or as part of a larger breakfast or lunch. From Great Tastes of Manitoba 2011/2012. - 40.4795

Pear Quinoa Salad With Warm Toasted Walnut Dressing

Great salad to bring along on a picnic or to a potluck. It's sure to be a hit! From Great Tastes of Manitoba 2011/2012. - 31.1716

Jenn's Chewy Granola Bars

Makes a great snack for home, school or bring it along on a hike or camping trip. Great Tastes of Manitoba 2011/2012. - 28.0435

Warm Apple Pancakes

A fruity twist on an everyday breakfast favourite. From Great Tastes of Manitoba 2011/2012. - 25.315

Healthy Whole Wheat Pancakes

Want to know of a very simple recipe that promises to yield delicious and healthy pancakes that the whole family is bound to love? Then you must watch this video. Learn to make yummy whole wheat pancakes that promise to please your tastebuds without playing... - 94.7903

Minestrone Soup

This video is a creation of CanolaOilGrowers. You can visit CanolaOilGrowers for complete recipes, and more videos. - 85.3288

Healthy Polka Dot Mac And Cheese

Wish to whomp up this classic, kid-friendly delicacy at home? Please your fussy eaters with a dish they can't resist. This indulgent treat is quite a cinch to make, and with a little innovation, you can simply turn this basic dish from American staple to a... - 100.547

Easy Turkey Tacos

Soft, chewy tortillas stuffed with turkey makes for satisfying lunch option any day. To make this dish heart-healthy, yummy meat dish, you just need to get the recipe right. Just pick your inspiration from the recipe presented here and get whomping some... - 78.9918

Homemade Pizza Dough

Always wanted to make pizza at home, but had to settle for takeouts because you didn't know how to make pizza dough at home? Worry not, for this video brings you an excellent recipe that teaches you how to make pizza dough from the scratch. Just master the... - 117.738

Delicious Chocolate Cake Topped With Caramel Sauce

Good enough to 'wow' any crowd, chocolate cake are a huge hit with kids and adults alike. A delicious way to appease your chocolate craving, this video shows you how to prepare the cake from the scratch. For added elegance and taste, don't forget to top it... - 132.989

Canola Pastry

If you stay away from digging into your favorite pie for the fear of adding extra inches to your waistline, here is a recipe that can do wonders for your craving. This recipe tells you how to make healthy, low fat pie crust from the scratch. Just replace the... - 111.412

Apple Chutney With Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Sweet-and-spicy apple chutney can breathe a new life into any dish and grilled cheese sandwich is no different. If you would like to add a little more flair into your regular cheese sandwich, then jazzing it up with apple chutney could be a great way to amp... - 136.684

Homemade Warm Goat Cheese Salad

This elegant, flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth cheese salad is something you cannot afford to miss. This Greek style, healthy salad is extremely simple to toss up and makes for a real gourmet indulgence. - 130.974

Healthy Roasted Beet Salad

All you need to pull off this great meal together is yummy, colorful, earthy flavored beet. A powerhouse of antioxidants, this yummy salad makes for a great side dish and goes well with all non-vegetarian dishes. - 133.834

Basil Bread With Salad

If you enjoy the fine-tasting things in life, then you will definitely love this bread delicacy. Flavorful, healthy and highly appeasing to the palate, this dish can be whopped up easily at home using a handful of ingredients. Next time you are craving for... - 109.291

Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookie

If you simply love teaming up your cold glass of milk with chocolate chip cookie, then it would do you some good to learn how to bake this yummy nibbles at home. In this video, the cook tells you how to make healthy chocolate chip cookie using canola oil. A... - 113.877

Farfalle With Salmon, Asparagus And Canola Oil

If you love to eat pasta, then you surely won't mind experimenting with it. Farfalle with salmon and asparagus is a healthy dinnertime treat that barely takes any time to put together. In this recipe by canolaoilgrowers, you learn how to minimize the calorie... - 111.832

Easy Chocolate Orange Zucchini Bread

The name might baffle you a bit, but don't be fooled! This is no ordinary bread with a fancy-chancy name. Oozing with flavor, texture and health, this tasty bread is a riot of different flavors. This dessert is just good for any one who loves to combine... - 119.564

Roasted Vegetable Soup

On hungry evenings, when your gut craves for something nice, nutritious and filling, roasted vegetable soup could be your ultimate dinner choice. In this video, the chef tells you how to prepare a pot of hearty, healthy veggie soup using roasted vegetables.... - 118.532

Homemade Potato Curry Focaccia

A wonderful, quick weeknight dinner alternative, this flavorful potato dish is satisfying to the hilt. Layers of potato topped with onion and focaccia is something that you can't miss. This video tells you how to whomp up this delicacy. It might take you some... - 112.574

French Style White Fish

The heart healthy white fish not only makes for a nutritious addition to your dinner table, but is quite flavorful too. In this French style recipe, the chef uses shallots, mushrooms, onions, and herbs to whomp up a tasty dinnertime fish recipe that is... - 124.65

Homemade Pumpkin Muffins

Instead of throwing away the overripe pumpkins, you can puree it to make lip-smacking muffins. Pumpkin muffins aren't only an indispensable part of Thanksgiving table, but also makes for a great breakfast or snack option. Just replicate the recipe as shown in... - 105.971

Barley With Caramelized Vegetables

If you are looking for a low fat dish that appeases your gut without compromising on the taste and health, then this is your bet. Barley with caramelized vegetable is a hearty, healthy, wholly satisfying nutritious dish. A great way to get the required... - 134.312

Arrabiata Pasta

This Italian specialty is a rage everywhere owing to its great taste and texture. A blends of various spices and herbs, this scrumptious, hot and spicy pasta recipe is easy to cook. Just follow the recipe as presented in the video below and whomp up a quick... - 109.379

Roasted Pepper And Pecan Sauce

When you are looking for a zesty sauce recipe, you look no further than this. This yummy roasted pepper and pecan sauce is something that pairs well with almost all vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and is quite simple to make. Just follow the instructions... - 108.889

Healthy Salmon Salad With Lemon Tea Dressing

Refreshingly delicious, this good-for-you salad is quite a gourmet treat. This wonderful salad packs in the goodness of salmon and the flavor of lemon tea and is totally a treat for the senses. Besides its easy to make too. So what are you waiting for? Get... - 114.644

Homemade Bean Spread

Ditch the mayo! It's time to go healthy with bean spread instead. A blend of lip-smacking ingredients, this finger-licking good spread tastes absolutely heavenly and is a breeze to make. Just follow the recipe as shown in the video to quickly cook up a jar of... - 118

Tasty Rhubarb Biscuits

Bring in the flavors of spring to your table with this excellent tasting rhubarb biscuits. A great way to use broken biscuits and turn it into a delicacy by topping it with tangy, tart rhubarb. A fabulous recipe indeed. Once you try this at home, we bet you... - 136.543

Delicious Sautéed Apples

The versatile apple goes well with an array of dessert and can be savored in just any way. This dish is a simple tribute to apples. When in a rush or expecting last minute guests, this dessert will safely bail you out. Try this and we bet, there will be no... - 114.105

Tasty White Fish Cakes

Wondering how to use your leftover white fish from last night's party? Simple just combine the fish flesh with a slew of herbs and sweet chili sauce to prepare cakes that are not only nutritionally dense, but packs in quite a strong punch of taste too. - 111.297

Low Fat Pasta Dough

If you simply loathe the traditional refined flour pasta, then knowing how to make your own rye, semolina, barley or wheat pasta at home won't be a bad idea. This video teaches you how to roll pasta dough from the scratch using heart-healthy, figure-friendly... - 106.548

Easy Lemon Loaf

If you are a lover of all things citrusy, then you surely won't mind your loaf of bread with slight lemon tang. This healthy, low-fat loaf is rather simple to bake and delivers health and taste at the same time. Next time you feel like experimenting with your... - 123.072

Delicious Fortune Cookie

Celebrate your good fortune with these homemade fortune cookie that are a real treat. This dish is so simple that even your little ones can assist you in putting them together. What more, you can also gift them to someone and more colors and flavors to their... - 108.158

Homemade Pasta Sauce

Pastas are the best option for busy weeknights. Firstly, because it barely takes any time to cook pasta and secondly, it could be simply savored with a great-tasting homemade pasta sauce. Easy, inexpensive and healthy, this good for you pasta sauce is quite a... - 95.4221

Easy To Make Beignets

If you love to eat doughnuts, there is a good chance that you will like beignets too. Deep-fried dough sprinkled with confectioner's sugar or frosting is something you truly cannot afford to miss. This video presents a slimmed-down version of beignets that... - 108.493

Healthy Penne With Beef Strips

This pasta dish is surprisingly easy to make at home. Penne pasta cooked with beef strips and drizzled with tomato sauce not only makes for a hearty and a delicious dish, but this family-favorite uses low-fat ingredients too. A great dinnertime treat! - 103.106

Easy Mango Salad

Summer, sweet, sour and very simple, there could be nothing like mango salad to add some zest to your barbecue nights. This is one simple salad recipe that barely takes any arduous prep up time to put together. Just try tossing some at home and enjoy it with... - 101.726

Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie

Cinnamon makes this oatmeal cookie anything but ordinary. With the right amount of spice, these cookie are truly irresistible. Bob Baker tells you how to toss out batches of chewy, crispy cookie that also makes for a total health treat. This fiber-dense treat... - 111.25

Healthy Cumin Fish

For a fish dish that crackles with Indian flavors, this could be a great choice. The zesty flavor of cumin pumps up the flavor of all fish that makes for an excellent dish. This video presents a fish recipe that packs in tons of flavor but very little fat and... - 113.5

Tasty Chicken Wraps

If you are a foodie, then you surely won't mind the extra calories that comes rolled in chicken wraps. However, if you hate to compromise on your health for taste, then this low-cal chicken wrap recipe by Bob Baker will sure woo you. Zesty, filling chicken... - 102.22