Food Buddies's Recipes

Simple Tomato Salad

A very simple and easy to make tomato salad recipe. Benefit from the goodness of tomatoes. Olive oil and other ingredients that make it an absolute delight for the health conscious among you. Enjoy this quick tomato salad that would take you only 6 minutes to... - 94.1418

Cool Summer Salad

Good food does not mean having to toil all day in the kitchen. This healthy and refreshing summer salad recipe lets you enjoy your time and also cook up a great tasting dish in minutes. This is a sweet and tangy salad that is a pleasure to your senses. The... - 95.9566

Spanish Style Pork Chops

Enjoy your barbecue with this yummy pork chops recipe. Pork chops cooked in the special marinade made in Spanish style. Gather tips on how to make a delicious dish that would set the mood for your party. With a combination of fresh ingredients and yes the... - 91.6022

Barbecued Prime Rib Steak

Love your steak? Here is a prime rib steak recipe video that provides you a step by step guide right from the start. Learn how to cut your steak. A very healthy and easy steak recipe. Coook your meat with ingredients like wine, pepper and lots of garlic that... - 87.9487

Grilled Peppers And Onions For Sausages

A yummy seasoned peppers and onion recipe to go with your sausages. Add to the taste of your sausages with this easy to make dish. You can now have a wonderful time whether you are in the house or outdoors with this simple pepper and onion recipe video. - 91.8088

Mediterranean Burger

This wonderful Mediterranean hamburgers recipe is a great way to enjoy a day outdoors. If you are tired of the usual burger, here’s a special Mediterranean style burger just for you. With plenty of cheese and exotic ingredients we share with you some... - 100.041

Marinated Pork Spare Ribs

A very easy to make marinated pork spare ribs recipe. Discover this wonderful rub that is a combination of exotic ingredients like cumin, paprika, spices and salt. Marinate and enjoy juicy meat. You no longer need a barbecue sauce to make your meat taste... - 90.8736

Jerk Chicken Wings

Enjoy this Caribbean delight of jerk chicken wings prepared with the jerk seasoning. The jerk seasoning is a combination of cinnamon, all spice and other ingredients that go to add to the taste of your chicken. At Food buddies our endeavor is get you the best... - 96.9268

Grilled Eggplant

An Italian delicacy, this grilled eggplant recipe is just right for the great tasting dishes you would like to try for laying out a wonderful spread. Flavored with wonderful ingredients like pepper, garlic powder and balsamic vinegar, it is a yummy snack that... - 90.8333

Marinated Chicken Legs

A yummy chicken leg marinate recipe video that is truly delicious. This marinade recipe is my special and works for me each time. Cook and enjoy this juicy chicken. Enjoy this interesting culinary journey with me Frankie the Butcher and Chef Armand. - 94.688

Grilled Bistec

As famous as it sounds, this grilled bistec recipe is a perfect dish for barbecue cookouts. With a little ingredients from your kitchen shelve and these simple steps you can be a Master Chef and amaze your guests at the next cook out. Check out the video to... - 117.458

Baked Whole Striped Bass

Baked whole bass is definitely drool worthy, however, if not for this video, I would have always thought grilling whole fish is quite a task! See how the chef makes it look so simple, with a few flavorful ingredients to make one of the best baked whole... - 83.2679

Grilled Skirt Steak

This recipe of grilled skirt steak shows how a simple ordinary cut of beef can be turned into a tantalizing meal by simple marination. Trust me on this and you would be amazed to see how succulent a skirt steak can be. - 100.155