Grilldogpresents's Recipes

Jerky Cheese Cake

In this raw footage recipe inspired by Chef Isabella Small, head Chef of Wit U in Johannesburg SA, Grilldog makes a cheese cake using Jerky as an ingredient! - 93.1412

South African Mango Atchar

In this snippet from Grilldog Presents Grilldog demonstrates his South African Mango Atchar Recipe for S.A.'s National Heritage Day. - 90.5063

Episode #27 Shrimp

Want to know of an appetizer recipe that is easy yet very impressive and unbelievably tasty? Then this video is just the thing for you. Follow GrillDog as he takes you on a flavorful journey that leads to perfectly grilled savory shrimps. Everyone is bound to... - 75.8121

Episode #23 Big Bear Lake Adventure

The Grillpack just loves a road trip and what better place then our favorite, Big Bear Lake, California. So we packed up and drove up to Big Bear to do some camping and lake activities. However, we didn't want to spend all of our time cooking and cleaning so... - 94.2518

Grilldog Presents: Episode #22 Grilled Tacos Intro

The folks at La cook a rack a ltd in New York supplied us with some awesome taco racks so we made a number of tacos, in the first scene we do the typical Mexican Style Taco and on the DVD we do a Gyro tack, a curried chicken and pineapple salsa taco plus a... - 76.2059

Episode #24 Grill'n With Tequila End

At the end of the show Puddle Dawg shows up and G Man makes the perfect Caddy margarita and of course we show tons of out takes LOL - 80.1945

Episode #24 Grill'n With Tequila Intro

When life hives you tequila and taco shells, make tequila tacos instead! Funny it may seem, but tacos stuffed with tequila-marinated veggies and meat not only makes for yummy hors d’oeuvres for the guests, but is quite a cinch to make too. Just try grilling... - 96.5284

Kidney-friendly Food Part 4

In the end, we wrap everything up nice and neat. Good ole Grilldog thanks you for showing up and remember, if you are not about Food, Fun and Friends, You are doing IT wrong! - 78.3647

Episode #29 Kook'n For Kidneys Part 3

If you thought that crowd-pleasing ciders were bad for kidney patients, re-think! Gman presents a sparkling cider non-alcoholic recipe that is easy to stir up and makes for a refreshing drink. Next time you feel your throat parched, just shake up this... - 79.1183

Episode #21 Grilled Drunk'n Beans Gman

Pack in some punch on to your next celebration with luscious Lynchburg lemonade. This classic, sweet-and-sour alcohol-spiked punch is an elegant concoction of whiskey and lemonade, among other ingredients. You can clearly get inspired from this recipe by... - 93.5644

Episode #20 Grilled Desserts

Part of what we do on the Grilldog show is try and show people something different to do without going to too much trouble. In this episode we grilled up a bunch of fruit that was marinated in brandy, used the reserve brandy in a yummy drink and made some... - 81.4113

Episode #29 Kook'n For Kidneys Part 2

Believe it or not, chicken is especially good for people suffering from kidney ailments. Grilldog shows how to prepare a delectable chicken recipe that can be put together easily. Try this recipe for it not only brings taste, but also health to your table. - 91.9374

Episode #29 Kook'n For Kidneys Part 1

I have many friends and associates that have Kidney Disease. If you don't know anyone with Kidney Disease, they have a restrictive diet. Unfortunately without creative ways of preparing the limited menu there food options get boring. Therefore, a chef friend... - 90.5303

Episode #18 Tortang Talong Intro

When I first started to write the Grilldog show I wanted to use Egg Plant. When I finally got around to doing an eggplant show I wanted to do something different so here's a great new twist (at least for Americans) on an egg plant omelet. - 69.6392

Episode #19 Grilled Ratatouille

Before you ask, NO the Cartoon did not inspire this episode. One of the first shows I wrote was the Grilled Ratatouille episode it just took me a while to get to it! I love Grilled Eggplant it is awesome. - 82.6078

Episode #17 Smokn Sausages

In Episode 17 we once again went to the Haciend de las Rosas Horse Farm and Winery in Romona and shot the episode on how to use a smoker and we smoked up a bunch of sausages. - 67.4775

Episode #15 Grilled Fries

At the end of the Fry episode, we thought we'd do something a tad different and post all the recipes again for you, sort of a re cap of the show. - 82.3227

Episode #16 Libations Vodka

For our 15th episode, Liquid Libations, I take everyone on a tour of your basic first 5 rail drinks, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila and Triple Sec. I make several drinks with each one and then end the show making a drink with all five.. - 92.9408

Episode #16 Libations Vodka And Gin

This is the end of the Vodka scene and we go on to Gin Drinks. The rest of the rail drinks are all on the DVD and it ends with a drink using all 5 rail drinks. - 81.0053

Episode #14 How To Grille Pizza - Rain

In this episode I really demonstrate the power of mind over the environment. You'll never ever see a food network personality or chef cook in the Pouring rain, but NOTHING stops good ole Grilldog. - 80.7598

Episode #14 How To Grille Pizza - Intro

What the chef's don't want you to know is that Pizza is just a plate made out of bread. Therefore, anything that you can eat with bread you can make into a Pizza. - 80.375

Episode #13 Fish Fry - Wrapping Up

Fish chips might be the most loved comfort food, but fried fish isn't anything less. In this video, the chef presents a luscious fish fry recipe that packs in a gamut of ingredients and loads of flavor. Crispy, crunchy fish recipe, this dish tastes good when... - 84.7119

Episode #13 Fish Fry - Billdog And G Man

For the Fish Fry we invited an alleged Chef from down south to show up. However, don't try and remake what he did it was dry and tasteless. However, we get a great skit from Billdog and G-Man makes a Red Beer - 82.3546

Grilldog Presents: Episode #12 Take Outs

No, these are not take out recipes these are out takes from the show, things that never made it pasts the editing room and for good reason. LOL.. - 54.3942

Grilldog Presents: Episode #11 Wine, Meats, Grille The Wrap

At the end of the show we ride off into the sunset (what did you expect?) Also, you find out how many men it takes to fix a broken grille. - 78.7036

Chocolate Martini

Whether you are looking to score a perfect ten with the ladies or just love your martini with a dash of chocolate, this recipe is for you. In this video, the chef tells you how to shake up a luscious chocolate martini drink that is appeasing to the tongue and... - 70.1075

Chocolate Truffle

Dark, rich, melt-in-the-mouth and nutty chocolate truffles make for exquisite addition to your holiday platter. Never mind if you haven't tried making truffles at home—there is always a first time! Just try replicating this recipe in your kitchen and you... - 68.9193

Healthy Macaroni Salad Part 2

Macaroni salad are simple, satiating and loaded with yummy ingredients. Just try tossing up some at home a la the Grilldog style and get ready to lap up compliments from all sides. An easy, effortless way to please the crowd. - 78.591

Healthy Macaroni Salad Part 1

It's impossible to say no to something irresistibly good as macaroni salad. Very easy to put together, this lip-smacking salad recipe as presented by Grilldog requires minimum effort, but ensures great taste. A great way to appease your hungry stomach any day! - 78.663

Easy Eggcellant Eggs Part 2

Eggs are very very versatile. This recipe is features yet another lip-smacking way to enjoy your eggs. Just pick your cues from the recipe given and storm up excellent egg recipes in your kitchen. Don't forget to save up some for yourself as eggs disappear... - 67.7453

Easy Eggcellant Eggs Part 1

Hard-boiled eggs are an easy, affordable way to replenish your body with protein and make for satisfying breakfast, appetizer, brunch, or dinner. However, before you get cracking you eggs, it's important to know how to boil them to perfection. This video... - 69.3597

Holiday Meal Special Part 2

Roasted chestnuts, corn salsa, grilled egg plant, grilled turkey — all makes for lip smacking holiday feast. Very simple to make, these recipes need a few extra hours of preparation time, but the effort is almost always worth it. Try cooking them next time... - 61.5759

Holiday Special Part 1

Planning for your holiday feast needn't be arduous? Grilldog sows you how you can whomp up holiday feast is five simple steps. All you need is a recipe plan and a few ingredients to get started. Just pick your cues from this recipe video and fix yourself a... - 61.2411

Tasty Ice Cream Part 2

Cap off any celebration with a delicious frozen treat. Grilldog shows you how you too can cook up a delicious scoop of ice cream at home with a few simple steps. No elaborate procedure. No painstaking wait. Try preparing this instant ice cream at home to know... - 79.6785

Tasty Ice Cream Part 1

Cool, creamy, sweet and refreshing, there can be no better way to appease your sweet tooth better than ice creams. In this video, Grilldog shows you how to prepare yummy ice cream at home using easy-to-find ingredients. Try making some at home. These melty,... - 80.1025

Tasty Shish Kabobs Part 2

There can be absolutely nothing like succulent, smokey chunks of meat grilled to perfection. Shish kabobs are surprisingly simple to make, given you have a simple recipe at hand. Grilldog shows you how to prepare lip-smacking kabobs at home easily. - 58.9649

Tasty Shish Kabobs Part 1

What could be more heartening than succulent chunks of meat cooked over flames. The delicious shish kabobs makes for a tasty inclusion to your dinner table. The best part about kabobs are that you can just put anything on the skewer, be it beef, chicken, pork... - 60.5264

Portobellos Burger

Enjoy a perfect vegetarian cook out with yummy portobello burger straight from Grilldog's kitchen. Bursting with flavors and loaded with yummy ingredients, this lip-smacking burger is quite a cinch to prepare, if you go by the recipe given here. So don your... - 78.017

Sushi Wrap

Wish to add an Asian twist to your dinnertime fare? Try rolling up sushi at home. Very easy to make, sensational sushi is no less than a gourmet delight. Just roll up some yummy sushi and wow your family and friends with your new-found culinary expertise. - 79.0306

Sushi Rice

If you are looking for a low-prep time food, then sushi rice could come to your rescue. Sushi is relatively simple to make, given you have all the ingredients at hand. In this video, Grilldog tells you how to prepare Sushi rice perfectly. Next time when... - 79.8556


Not everyone can claim to be a pro when it comes to Japanese cuisine. But with some interest and expertise, even you can roll up sushi just like another expert. Grilldog shows you how you can prepare delicious sushi at home easily and inexpensively. Just try... - 80.163

Pasta Wrap

Grilldog believes in making coking seem so much fun. And this is exactly what he does with this pasta recipe. Simple, sumptuous and easy to make, this pasta dish is a really cinch to make. Don't believe? Then try it in your kitchen to know it. - 77.4107