Thedailyenglishshow's Recipes

Tasty Apple Juice

Apple juice is flavorful and nutritious drink. The children as well as the adults both enjoy this healthy drink. Now you can make perfect apple juice with the help of this video wherein the cook explains each step in detail. Go ahead and grab your perfect... - 88.1411

Easy To Make Baba Ghanoush

Add this exciting Mediterranean dish to spice up your boring dinner or lunch. Just follow the easy instructions from the chef to make this dip in minutes to dress up all condiments tastier. - 92.3773

Millet Porridge

Millet porridge is a rich and healthy way to have breakfast. Now give your family the nutrition of millet by making this extremely simple dish. The dish is even made simpler by the chef who explains each step in a simple way, so that you can enjoy your... - 99.5306

Chia Fresca

Looking to make your own energy drink at home? Then this recipe should help. Chia fresca is a popular Mexican energy drink that can be easily prepared at home. A natural, healthy alternative to store-bought sugary energy drinks any day. Stir up a glass for... - 114.406

Japanese Style Steamed Shrimp Dumplings

If you are on a healthy diet, shrimps can be a sensible choice. Sarah makes an easy-to-prepare, healthy, filling steamed shrimp dumplings. This tasty Japanese creation features succulent shrimps steamed to perfection and rolled into delicious dumplings. - 75.2828

Chocolate Birthday Cake

What is a birthday without a little chocolaty treat? This video presents a deep confection topped with a fudgy chocolate frosting that is just ideal for special occasions like birthdays. Be it an 8th birthday or 88th one, treat your birthday boy/girl to this... - 108.189

Tapioca Pudding

I’d never made anything with tapioca before, so I decided to buy some and try it out. I made something which was a combination of a recipe I found online and the recipe on the back of the packet. - 112.708

#1260 Kinpira Parsnip

One of the best ways to eat gobo in Japan is to make a kinpira. In this recipe, Sarah experiments with the traditional gobo kinpira recipe by adding parsnip to it. Healthy, flavorful, and very filling, this Japanese dish is very popular back home. So if you... - 116.159

Gluten-free Holiday Ginger Cookie

Just because you are intolerant to gluten doesn't mean that you miss your favorite holiday cookie. Sarah presents a yummy, gluten-free ginger cookie that can be prepared effortlessly in minutes. Flavorful and healthy, ginger cookie can truly make for a... - 99.3884

Hot Cross Buns

I thought I’d try making some hot cross buns … but I couldn’t really be bothered so I bought some from the supermarket instead. - 96.4922

Delicious Spicy Carrot Toasted Sandwich

Someone gave me an old toasted sandwich maker when I came back to New Zealand and I’ve been using it quite a bit. Today I made spicy carrot toasted sandwiches. - 109.636


It was Shrove Tuesday on the 16th, so I thought, “What a great excuse to eat some pancakes.” - 119.773

Special Valentine's Day Chocolate

To woo your sweetheart, there can be no better gift than home made chocolate for valentine's day. You can make this delicious any time sweet with simple ingredients in minutes. Head towards your kitchen and bake this delight to surprise your loved ones. Quite... - 119.639

Brussels Sprouts

Do you like brussels sprouts? Apparently the reason why many people say they dislike them is because they've only tried them when they're overcooked. - 96.5025

Watermelon Guitar Ice Blocks

I looked up ice block and was surprised to find that it's only (?) used in NZ and Australia. - 99.364

Oat Slice

There is simply nothing like oats to kick-start your mornings. And what better way to indulge into the goodness of this dietary fiber than roll it with delicious seeds, nuts, and dry fruits to make a delicious breakfast slice. Try preparing this simple recipe... - 109.398

Christmas Jingle Bells

It' amazing to see how simple things like dates can sweeten up your Christmas celebrations like nothing else. Tasty dates mixed with vanilla ice cream, cocoa, almonds, and coconuts truly screams 'holiday' like no other dessert. Just garnish this dessert... - 103.206

Hot Chips

When I was in Japan, a friend sent me some classic New Zealand tomato sauce and a tomato shaped tomato sauce dispenser to remind me of home. So, before I left, I decided to eat some chips, kiwi-style. - 100.39

Kawakawa Tea

According to Wikipedia, this tree is only found in NZ ... so you'll have to come to New Zealand if you want to try this tea :) - 95.2869

Easy Natural Yeast Bread

Nothing could be more easy and rewarding than learning how to make your own yeast dough treats at home. In this video, Sarah shows you how to bake irresistible natural yeast bread at home. Soft, steamy and slightly sticky, natural yeast breads makes for a... - 69.8665

Refreshing Cup Of Tea

Nothing could be more refreshing then a cup of tea when you are tired and drained. This video presents how to make a refreshing cup of tea in a few simple steps. So now, you can follow the instructions and stir yourself up a nice hot refreshing cup of tea. - 74.8202

Delicious Chocolate Cubes

Nothing says holiday like a decadent chocolaty dessert. A mouthwatering dessert featuring cocoa, coconut, oats, nuts and raisins, this luscious dessert is perfect for all times and occasions. Just follow the simple steps presented in the video and treat your... - 109.918

#1074 Sunday Salad

There is nothing more hearty and healthy than a light salad that is perfect when you don't feel like putting in an arduous meal together on a lazy Sunday. Very easy to make, this no-fuss vegetable salad barely takes more than 15 minutes to put together. - 88.5371

Kumara Chips

A healthy alternative to overtly salty, storebought chips, kumara chips not only makes for satisfying munchies, but is delightfully low in calories too. Sarah shows you how yo can prepare this Maori staple at your kitchen with a few simple steps. Hearty,... - 98.2745

#1032 Jenny & Me Spaghetti

Quick and simple, there is nothing more versatile than yummy spaghetti that makes for a perfect canvas for your culinary creation. Packed with the goodness of peas and carrots, this luscious spaghetti dish makes for a great meal that can be indulged in sans... - 86.4881

#1025 Easter Sweets

There are no dearths of things that can be used to make Easter eggs. In this video, Sarah uses a slew of luscious, round ingredients like strawberries, blueberries, and dango to make Easter eggs by coating them with nice, gooey, molten chocolate. A sinfully,... - 86.6551

#1081 How To Make Natural Yeast

Would you like to make your own yeast at home? Then take your cues from this recipe presented in the video. Natural yeasts tastes slightly different from store-bought ones, nevertheless, makes for a delicious addition to your regular bread recipes. Try it to... - 72.586

Vegan Banana Birthday Cake

This birthday, deviate from the regular cake and bake your special someone a vegan banana birthday cake. Light and fluffy, this unpretentious cake enveloped with a generous coating of creamy chocolaty frosting truly promises to make your celebrations an... - 93.661

#1011 Blueberry Breakfast

Indulge in a frozen treat for breakfast with this melt-in-your-mouth breakfast dish. Loaded with the goodness of delicious fruits like bananas and blueberries and garnished with green, ripe kiwis, Sarah tells you how to prepare this luscious breakfast at home... - 78.9964

#1004 Pumpkin + Spinach Salad

Not sure what to do with the leftover bits of pumpkin and spinach in your refrigerator? Simple, toss them together to put up a simple, healthy, tasty salad. You can also add other veggies like daikon and avocado to notch up its flavor furthermore. A hearty... - 79.8407

#990 The Goodbye Drink

Send-offs are painful. However, you can make your parting a happy one with delicious goodbye drink. Made of shochu, umeshu, lime, grapefruit juice, and tonic water, this refreshing drink can jazz up any event and make your goodbyes a really happy one. Raise a... - 88.8828

#983 Nabana

If you love your greens, then you will surely like this quick and easy recipe. Sarah, in this video, experiment with an exotic Japanese veggie called nabana. She slightly steams the vegetable and tops it with crunchy sesame seeds that make for a nice, light... - 76.9505

#976 Urui

Make the most of Japanese vegetable Urui with this easy to make recipe. In this video, the chef tells you how to prepare Urui with potato soup. A dish that would be just right to spark up your dinner. You can add urui to potato soup or any soup of your choice. - 78.7713

#969 Carrot Soup

Bored of eating the same old tomato soup for dinner ever night? Add some variation to your dinner table with the hearty, healthy, coral-hued carrot soup that isn't just filling, but is a cinch to prepare. The chef further jazzes up this soup using soy sauce,... - 96.9227

#962 Ferns

Young, succulent ferns aren't just packed with truckloads of nutrients, but makes for an exotic inclusion to your dinner table. Sarah shows you how to turn raw ferns into a real delicacy using olive oil and soy sauce. A quick, simple way to enjoy fresh ferns. - 81.8422

#955 Eho-maki

Eho-Maki is a traditional Japanese dish that is customarily eaten on the day before spring. These hand rolled sushi aren't just easy to make, but is also believed to bring good luck. Taste or luck, this dish is worth a shot. - 90.1318

#948 Love Pancakes

Pancakes make for great breakfast dish and are extremely easy to make. Our chef helps you to make the perfect pancakes. You will now be able to treat your friends and family with the perfect pancakes anytime. Just try this recipe and wow the world. - 105.174

#941 Spice Tea

Aromatic spices added to a tea blend not only make for a refreshing beverage, but also boosts your health in more ways than one. Sarah tells you how to prepare a nice, warm, spiced tea that makes for a luscious drink. Steep a brew whenever you feel like and... - 87.3442

#934 Kagami Biraki Oshiruko

One of Japan's favorite New Year dish, kagami biraki oshiruko is a simple grilled dish prepared using mochi, anko and water. This video tells you how to prepare this luscious dish at home using traditional Japanese ingredients. Try making it once to add a... - 92.199

#923 Shochu Mikan

Winters are the perfect time to revel in the goodness of mandarins. In this drink recipe, Sarah uses fresh ripe mandarins to prepare a refreshing drink that is just ideal for winters. Slightly sweet and tart, this drink recipe is the best way to enjoy your... - 83.7906

Dango Snowman

To continue with the Christmas-themed food, I thought I’d try making a snowman out of dango. Dango is incredibly easy to make. - 98.6117

Fried Christmas Trees

Today I’m going to show you how to make fried Christmas trees. - 95.6303

Macha Latte

Today I’m going to show you how I make macha latte. - 85.189

Apple Crumble

Tonight I made a dessert inspired by apple crumble. - 91.8549

Fruit Salad

Last night a friend came over and gave us a whole lot of fruit so today I decided to make a fruit salad. - 97.661

Kabocha Mochi

I thought of something else to make with pumpkin: kabocha mochi. Kabocha means pumpkin and mochi usually means rice cake – but other things that have a similar consistency to mochi but aren’t actually made of rice can also be called mochi. - 92.9283

Pumpkin Mousse

Seeing as though it’s pumpkin season, I’ve been trying to come up with many different ways of eating pumpkin. The other day I made something I called pumpkin moose. - 99.5588

Wats Salad

A vegetable, fruit and nut mixed salad. - 94.9044


This is sweetcorn, which is apparently also called sweet corn, indian corn, sugar corn, pole corn, or corn. Sweetcorn is awesome because it’s so delicious, it’s very easy to prepare and it comes with natural packaging – so it doesn’t have to be... - 92.9318

Toasted Potato

I decided to see what would happen if I cooked potatoes in the toaster. - 89.3677

Mashed Potato Peppers

I had this idea to make something with mashed potato and peppers that looked kind of like maki zushi. - 100.581

Mushrooms On Toast

Mushroom on Bread toast. - 102.169

Miso Daikon

Boiled daikon with miso and sesame seed. - 96.3428

Iced Tomato Salad

When I was in Sapporo for iSummit, I went to an izakaya one night and had a tomato dish. It was very tasty so I decided to try and recreate it at home. Not that it was hard. - 90.3425

Summer Somen Salad

A simple somen summer salad with vegetables and noodles. - 99.636

Yasai Somen

Another Somen salad recipe for summer with mushroom,eggplant, green pepper and garlic tops. - 104.177

Rosemary Tofu And Eggplant

Tofu in eggplant, mushrooms, soy sauce, chili and rosemary. - 98.5082

Tofu With Green Peppers

Tofu with Capsicum or green peppers. - 91.6165

Ume And Nori Pasta

Pasta cooked in Ume and Nori. - 94.455

Garlic Top Salad

A simple to make salad, seasoned with garlic tops. - 99.5596

Vanilla Ice Cream

OK, so I don’t really know how to make ice cream, but this is a kind of ice creamish thing that I make. - 93.5438

Macha Smoothie

A delicious smoothie made easily with frozen banana, macha and soymilk. - 87.7128

Daikon Crackers

The other day I made a snack which could possibly be the most delicious snack ever made. It’s very easy to make. - 97.5346


Recently I met a woman in Niseko who makes the most delicious bread. It's called Ramacipan. She kindly agreed to show me how to make it one day. The week before filming this I'd tried some of her pecan and maple syrup bread which was amazing - so I decided... - 100.203

Banana Cake

A Delicious banana cake using soymilk. - 105.743

Delicious Ginger Cake

This holiday season, add new flavors to the dessert table with ginger cake. Sarah shows you how you can add a little variation to your dessert by adding ginger flavors to it. The best thing about this cake is that it can be thrown together in minutes. An easy... - 97.6057

Delicious Miso Eggplant

To make Miso Eggplant, first you need to invite your friends from Aichi to come and stay and hope they bring some of this delicious sweet red miso with them. - 95.045


Marmite was invented in England in 1902. New Zealand Marmite was invented in 1919. And Vegemite was invented in Australia in 1923. In New Zealand you can buy New Zealand Marmite, Vegemite and apparently, you can also buy British Marmite, which is called Our... - 89.96

Pina Colada

The other day we bought a fridge. Our wonderful new fridge comes complete with a freezer on top, which means ... I can freeze stuff, like pineapple. So, it must be time for a pina colada. - 92.4076

Matsutake Gohan Bimbo

There’s a famous mushroom in Japan called matsutake. A common thing to make with matsutake is matsutake gohan. Matsutake is very expensive so I’ve never actually bought it, but thanks to my active imagination, I have created a special dish called... - 103.695

Pumpkin Udon And Soba

I thought I’d make some udon with pumpkin soup. - 112.649

Rosemary Vegetables

Today we have 1 onion, two small carrots, 1 negi and one eggplant. Let’s see what we can do with it. - 104.725

Anko Pancake

I decided to make something inspired by Japanese sweets like dorayaki and imagawayaki. - 99.4905


This thing looks like an alligator. But it’s not. It’s goya. The other day I had some goya for the first time in ages. - 103.391

Tofu Veggies

Tofu cooked with onion and carrots, seasoned with wasabi leaves and ginger. - 101.405


This stuff is called 油揚げ aburaage. It’s deep fried tofu. Usually you eat aburaage stuffed with rice, or in miso soup or with udon. But the other day, I suddenly had a brainwave. Why don’t I put chocolate inside it? I could call it agechoko! So I did... - 91.8484

Peperoncino With Eggplant

Last weekend there was a festival in Kutchan called Yukitopia, so I went along to check it out. - 103.075

Pineapple Lumps

The other day I saw a pineapple at the supermarket and I had a sudden urge to buy it. Mmm pineapple ... a little bit of tropics amongst all this snow. I had an idea to make something with pineapple and chocolate. Kind of like pineapple lumps. - 96.5068

Chocolate Oat Crackles

Bring it to the boil and simmer for two minutes. Add the liquid to the oats. Mix Then you can roll them into balls. Or you can do this which I think is easier. Press it into a container like this, wait for it to cool and then cut it up into squares. - 30.9931


10 different ways of eating a toast. - 99.4301

Toshikoshi Soba

Today I made some toshikoshi soba. It’s a day early, but, whatever. - 94.0693


One of the great things about winter is ... mandarins. If you love mandarins as much as I do, you should definitely buy a box. Then you can eat a lot. Let’s see what Wikipedia says about mandarins. The mandarin is easily peeled with the fingers, starting... - 90.661

Mashed Potato

Today I will tell you how to make a mashed potato Christmas tree. - 96.5621


Oshiruko is very easy to make. Especially when you buy the beans already cooked, inside a can. - 87.9362


This is daikon. Big Root. There are many things you can do with daikon. - 99.5477

Chocolate Brownies

Rich and chocolaty, brownies make for a real sinful indulgence. Sarah shows you how to prepare quick-and-easy brownies at home. Follow this recipe and make perfect chocolate brownies at home. - 95.3129

Pumpkin Pie

Today, I will tell you how to make pumpkin pie using pumpkin and apple. - 107.517

Carrot Cake

Delicious carrot easy to make. - 106.757

Okara Falafel

When your tongue craves for a spicy, zesty, zingy blast, just stream this video once. Sarah shares with her viewers an extremely tantalizing okra recipe that is pepped up with crackling spices. A lip-smacking side dish any day! - 105.18

Bottled Peaches

Learn how to preserve peaches in bottles. Its quiet simple to do, so enjoy. - 93.4389


Today I am going to tell you how to make muffins with banana and soymilk. This one is an ideal dessert for Christmas. - 106.484

Delicious Sesame Dressing

A few salads have garnered quite a bad rep for using creamy, high-calorie dressings, bad enough to derail your diet plans. However, with versatile and virtuous dressings like the one made from sesame, you can turn your salad into a hearty, delicious,... - 97.112

Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

If you love bagels then this dish is worth an effort. Cinnamon and raisin bagels are not only delightfully simple to make, but makes for great tea time snacks. So just follow the instructions carefully and get preparing. - 99.6191

Machine Bread

If you miss eating the fresh, homemade bread, then this machine bread recipe could pleasantly surprise you. All you need is a bread machine to get started. Sarah tells you how to bake the perfect loaf of bread at home using a simple bread machine. Simple and... - 101.324

Delicious Green Smoothie

On Monday, we visited Ulla and she made us some green smoothies. - 104.452

Apple Sauce

Mouthwatering apple sauce recipe. To make apple sauce, first you have to pick some apples. - 89.2401

How To Make Soymilk

Make your own soymilk and store it in fridge, use your homemade soymilk instead of packaged soymilk. - 95.8587

Delicious Chocolate Cake

Nothing satisfies a chocolate craving better than a luscious chocolate cake. Chocolate cake coated with chocolate frostings and topped with coconut and almond makes for a toothsome indulgence. Sarah shows you how to prepare this delight at home in a simple... - 112.631


One day I decided to make some pizza, I found a recipe on the internet for making the pizza base. - 90.3723

Chocolate Chip Cookie

I decided to put the oven to some good use and therefore decided to make some chocolate chip cookies. - 105.845