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Exotic Dessert With Marigold, Rice Flower And Hazelnuts

Your holiday dessert doesn't get any exotic and simpler than this. Thekel whips up a truly mouth-watering dessert using marigold, rice flower, and hazelnuts that brim with texture and taste. Next time you are stumped while zeroing down on a dessert, you know... - 99.2462

Omelette With Yeast And Camembert Cheese

A well-made omelet can help you start your day off right. Just whip up a bath of eggs, prepare yeast and cheese filling, and you are all set to prepare a healthy, tasty, easy-to-make flavorful omelet. A delicious way to enjoy a healthy breakfast. Try it to... - 104.315

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup makes for a perfect first-course for any feast. In this recipe video, Thekel prepares a flavorful pumpkin soup and flavors it up using white pepper and bay leaf. Delicious and inventive, this savory pumpkin dish makes for an amazing addition to... - 98.6244

Citrusy Ham With Orange And Lime

For a seriously satisfying non-vegetarian dish, try replicating this ham dish at home. Thekel jazzes up a delicious dinner recipe with citrusy flavors of orange and lime that truly makes for a guest-worthy party treat. Just follow the step-by-step... - 97.4484

Easy To Make Bread

Treat your family and friends to this luscious quick bread. It is so good that no one would know that you have tinkered it. Light, fluffy, and mouth melting, this bread barely warrants any arduous labor. Just try following the recipe and you would know how... - 92.9078

Green Cabbage Noodles With Fish For Dinner

If you squirm with disgust at the thought of noshing on greens, this dish could pleasantly surprise you. To make cabbage tastes yummier, Thekel pairs it with yummy noodles and fish. A medley of taste, health and loads of greens, this dish can make for a... - 62.8004

Gouda Olive Oil And White Wine Dressing

Sautéed garlic and tossed into Gouda olive oil and white wine makes for a flavorful dressing that can be spritzed on your salads for an instant kick. Thekel uses her culinary ingenuity here to come up with a dressing that is indeed unique in its flavor and... - 71.437

Minced Meat And Bacon Burger

Fussy kids refuse to eat home-cooked food? How about making something that they are bound to love? Something that is also healthy? The next time you want to surprise your kids make burgers at home, the hygienic and healthy way! Watch the video to know how you... - 80.5213

Yummy Dressing With Peeps Mustard And Red Wine

If you are looking to jazz up your boring salads, try whipping this salad dressing which is yummy enough to appease an entire crowd. The zing of mustard and the rich flavor of red wine is what lend this dressing all its flavor and kick. Try it when in a mood... - 70.3838

Pasta With Bananas And Anchovies

What better way to incorporate hearty-healthy anchovies into your meals than add them to a pasta dish. Tasty, filling, and very, very nutritious, this unique pasta dish is supercharged with the goodness of anchovies and bananas. A simple and great tasting... - 61.3286

Brussel Sprouts With Lemon And Elderberries

Thekel presents a yummy dinnertime recipe that gets a flavor boost from elderberries, Brussel Sprouts and lemon. Perfect for a busy weeknight dinner, this recipe hardly takes anytime to prepare. Hearty and healthy, this Brussel Sprouts recipe surely won't... - 63.0139

Easy Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is a trademark winter dish. Thekel shares a foolproof pumpkin pie recipe that is as easy as a pie. Whether you are entertaining a big crowd or treating your someone special, this irresistible pie recipe will get everyone begging for more. Lace... - 76.838

Kalter Hund

A sweet tooth and a slim waistline are irreconcilable. But who cares when you have something so sinful to indulge into. Thekel presents a yummilicious, mouth-watering decadent dessert recipe that boasts of ingredients like peanut butter, short bread and... - 74.6598

Potato Chips, Pineapple And Walnut Snacks

If you are looking for a quick-fix snack, try munching this filling snack the next time hunger hits! Thekel tells you how you can prepare quick and easy munchies at home using potato chips, pineapple and walnuts. A powerhouse of taste and healthy nutrients,... - 72.2921

Italian Christmas Cookies

Looking for a way to make your Christmas party more fun? How about baking a batch or two of traditional Italian cookies that promise to please everyone's tastebuds? Watch this video and learn to make not one but two Italian classics that everyone is... - 100.409

Lamb Curry With Focaccia Bread And No Quail Eggs

Imagine how good it would be if you got easy, inexpensive and tasty dinner ideas all under one roof? This video does exactly the same. Thekel teaches you how to cook yummy lamb curry and pair it with delicious focaccia bread and no quail eggs. A yum-yum combo... - 69.89

Yellow Lentil And Green Beans With Lemon

This simple, easy-to-make side borrows much of its basic earthy flavors from yellow lentils and green beans and lemon juice adds to the zesty tang of the dish. Thekel plays with different flavors to make this healthy dish yummy and tantalizing to the taste... - 69.9621

Bread With Orange Jam, Olive Oil And Honey

With a recipe as tasty as this, there is no excuse as to why you shouldn't indulge. This good-for-your-taste bud dish melds in a riot of flavors, thanks to orange jam, olive oil, and honey. An instant crowd pleaser, this one's sure to wow you and get all the... - 72.7411

Zucchini With Pretzels And Cornflakes

Who says you can't whip up a comfy meal for your family on a busy weeknight? Thekel presents a melt-in-your-mouth dish that incorporates yummy pretzels, crunchy cornflakes and healthy zucchini. It’s so much full of flavor and texture that you will love it.... - 66.4892

Tortilla Wrap With John Green, Tequila, Peanuts And Avocado

A heavy blend of tequila, limejuice, and avocado gives the recipe much of its personality while crunchy peanuts just adds to the texture of this dish. Thekel tells you how to prepare this sensational recipe in a snap. Just follow the step-by-step instruction... - 96.6447

Feta Cheese With Chocolate Chips And Cumin For Dinner

Is a guilt-free family feast on your wish list? Then this flavorful dish is what you need to get started. Thekel prepares a mouth-watering dish that is deliciously spicy and surprisingly sweet. Made with feta cheese, chocolate chips and cumin, this dish can... - 119.195

Creamy Wasabi Pastry Puffs

If you love your Japanese food, then you are simply going to love this unique dish. Wasabi cream rolled into a puff pastry makes for delectable bite. In case, you are in a mood of experimenting with Asian cuisine, you can try preparing some of these wasabi... - 95.0172

Tasty Side Dish With White Mushrooms, Cottage Cheese And Black Pepper

Kick up the flavors of your usual meals with this interesting side dish. White mushrooms, black pepper and cottage cheese give this side dish its perky personality. A filling first course that is both healthy, tasty and very flavorful. Easy to make and good... - 87.8462

Cauliflower With White Chocolate

When in a mood for trying something new in the kitchen, you can safely turn on to this unique recipe that really boasts of being different. Cauliflower and onions cooked with white chocolate makes this dish extremely luscious. Hard to believe? Then try making... - 64.5629

Tofu Dessert With Cherries And Granola

What yummier way to make your desserts healthy than add some tofu to it. Yes, you heard it right. Tofu desserts are quite a rage with the health freaks which is why this video presents a tasty tofu dessert recipe that also incorporates cherries and granola. A... - 94.1931

Coffee Cake

Coffee cakes are simple pleasures of life. Pamper your sweet tooth with chocolaty, sugar-sweet coffee cakes topped with a rich, buttery streusel. This delicious rosemary studded coffee cake is quite a cinch to make and makes for a heart holiday dessert. - 99.0838