Thai99lady's Recipes

Homemade Fresh Coconut Milk

In this coconut milk recipe learn how to make Fresh Coconut Milk at home, and if you've never tried fresh homemade Coconut Milk before you're about to learn something incredible. Many people think that, the best way to make coconut milk is to boil grated... - 82.3468

The Best Thai Chicken And Pork Satay

This is without doubt the best Satay recipe you will find anywhere. The secret is in the preparation but is well worth all the effort. When you make this Chicken and Pork Satay for your barbecue party, your guests are sure to beg you for the recipe. This... - 110.512

Thai-style Sweet Sticky Wings

It's a truly unique Thai Chicken Recipe. There are many Thai chicken recipes, most of which are curries, stir fries or soups, but this Thai Sweet Sticky Wings recipe doesn’t fit into any category If you're having a barbecue, this recipe of succulent fried... - 110.47

Classic Thai Kai Toon

This Thai recipe is a wonderfully versatile in Thai cooking, it goes well with so many meals but also is suitable for vegetarians and great if you're dieting to boot! Think of making scrambled egg, poached, crossed with soufflé and junket and you're getting... - 103.674

Classic Tom Kaa Gai

Thai soups are famous for their variety and aromatic flavors, and although this spicy, sour and sweet Thai soup is probably not as famous as the Tom Yam Gung recipe Tom Kaa Gai is much more delicious. This traditional Thai Chicken coconut soup recipe is full... - 103.888

Thai Style Stir-fried Salmon

This Thai-style Salmon recipe is a lovely quick and easy fried salmon, one anyone can master and there are no special or difficult to find ingredients in this recipe. A delicious salmon recipe where the salmon is flash fried and crowned with a glorious sour... - 98.4859

Traditional Tom Yum Goong

Thai soups are famous for their variety and aromatic flavors and this one is probably the most famous. There are many prawn recipes in Thai cuisine, but this soup has to be Thailand's Signature dish, Khwanjai's shares her own Tom Yum Goong recipe a version... - 111.736

Thai Glass Noodle Salad

This Thai Noodle Salad is simply delicious, packed with vibrant flavors. Succulent prawns, lean chopped chicken and glass noodles form the basis of this recipe but all the excitement comes from the vibrant dressing guaranteed to excite even the most jaded... - 95.6961

Spicy Sour Thai Fish Soup

This Thai Fish Soup is a delicious spicy sour soup fit, for kings and queens and ideal to grace the table at any Thai banquet. Watch the video clip to get tips on how to make this authentic Thai soup with Chef Khwanjai. Thai Fish Soup, comes in many varieties... - 103.269

Pad Thai

Easy to pad thai would be a perfect treat if you are in hurry to fix something quick for the dinner. This traditional Thai dish can be perfected in minutes with easy guidance from the chef. Just try it once and see it become a hot favorite of all. - 84.1265

Warming Bbq Sauce

Stir in the perfect barbeque sauce to make your barbeque dishes tastier and delicious. A simple recipe shows here how to prepare and warm barbeque sauce. Just follow the recipe to make this wonderful delight in minutes. - 59.2295

Thai Steamed Eggs

Eggs are both healthy and nutritious and Thai steamed eggs are a delight to savor. Made in quick minutes, this can be ideal for breakfast or in between meals. Taste once and feel the wonderful taste of Thai steamed eggs at home. - 71.2223

Thai Sweet Chicken

Appetizing chicken dishes can add the right spark to your dinner table. And this sweet Thai chicken dish can be the most appropriate thing to win everyone's heart. Just pick the right ingredients from kitchen and stir a tasty dish with the chef. - 79.2286

Hot Chicken Soup

If you want to make the best Thai soup, than this chicken delight is a must try at home! A quick and easy recipe showing how to prepare this dish, makes it very convenient to try this out for your dinner tonight. The aroma is sure to engulf your senses. - 82.0951

Thai Omelette With Pork

Here’s a Thai omelette that is easy to make and can be a wonderful delight whenever you are hungry! Make this quickly when you would want to grab something delicious and feel energised with this special Thai dish at home. - 73.7139

Quick Thai Egg Fried Rice

When it comes to prepare rice dishes, not many people would have novel ideas. The best suggestion is to try a different style of Thai preparation with egg that is both tasty and healthy. Very simple and quick to make with available ingredients from your... - 83.759

Beef Massaman Curry

Massaman Curry.... It's origins lie in India but the Thais have made this their own unique Thai style, masaman curry. You'll find in this version of Beef Massaman Curry, a delightful abundance of flavours all in harmony to produce a non spicy family dining... - 42.7913

Thai Hot Chicken Vegetable Soup

How would you like to enjoy a different kind of chicken soup? If you have not tried chicken with vegetable soup, then you should try now. Learn Thai cooking in simple manner and enjoy variety of delectable dishes just like this hot chicken soup. - 80.5233

Chicken Satay Peanut Grilling

Thai dishes are all about delicacy and flavor. This chicken dish exemplifies how in minutes you can stir a tasty dish and impress your family with it. Simple ingredients and easy method makes it a must try at home. - 80.467

Chicken Beansprouts Stir Fry

Health and taste is what you should try to balance while making dishes. And prefectly fitting the bill is chicken with beansprout, a nice tasting dish with an excellent aroma. It takes just few minutes to prepare this Thai dish with the combination of... - 78.1483

Chicken Cashew Stir Fry

For meat lovers, here’s a treat with the combination of chicken and cashew that would enrich your taste buds with a delighting flavor. This Thai dish is but simple to prepare and the combination of ingredients blends so well with each other that makes this... - 76.6147

Thai Bbq Chicken Preparation

Got a outdoor event at home and don’t know what to do? Start with preparing the outstanding barbeque chicken at home. Get ready to prepare with the ingredients and give the best shot to make your event fantastic! - 75.1724

Beef Massaman

If you are looking for a prefect Thai Beef speciality that would be ideal for dinner or party, here it is. Enjoy Thai cooking with this video and stir in beef with vegetables to make the rich massaman. This can be made very quickly in your kitchen too. - 81.2176

Thai Marinate & Fry Pork Spare Ribs

Want to make a different barbeque dish? Break the monotony of having same dish again and try this tasty pork barbeque dish. Create something very different and taste a different treat altogether. - 66.487

Spicy Panang Beef Curry

Here’s a Thai style beef curry that is easy to make and would be a perfect treat! You can recreate Thai dishes at home kitchen without frequenting any restaurant and make this wonderful dish that you would remember for long. You’ll enjoy this dish with... - 81.6713

Easy Satay Sauce

Tongue tickling satay sauce can lend the right flavor to your Thai dishes. Just follow the video to learn how to prepare this treat at home without much toil. The traditional flavors makes it a must try at home to surprise everyone with the exotic Thai touch... - 82.511

Thai Style Spring Rolls

Want to grab a tasty snack, but have no clue? Thai style spring roll is what would spark up your mood. And you won't have to give much effort in making this munchy snack at all. Just follow the simple recipe and perfect the art of making Thai spring rolls at... - 82.8406