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Bruschetta recipe is made of grilled bread with a generous spread of garlic, topped with tomatoes,virgin olive oil,salt,cheese and lots more.You can always have a meaty touch to it by adding ham or meat as the topping.Americans use mozzarella,basil &... - 31.2139

Easy Bruschetta

An easy to make Bruschetta recipe to go along with your evening tea. So simpe and easy to make that you could even involve the kids and have a fun-filled evening. A great reason to spend time together. - 27.5975


Panini is plural for panino,which essentially means bread roll in Italian.This Panini recipe is your answer to a delicious stuffed grilled sandwich. Stuffed with ham,meat,cheese and mouthwatering salami. You could also give it a vegetarian twist with some of... - 37.3996


Have a wonderful cocktail party with this great looking beauty. A great champagne cocktail with Pomegranate & cranberry juice, you can not go wrong with such good choice. - 25.9794

Rum Cake

I had tried this rum cake recipe on the behest of my friend who once asked me if there could be a rum cake without rum.This is one wonderful creation that I have come up with. It sure does have a bit of rum in it but the quantity is minimal in it. I am sure... - 39.1873


I find that Muffin make a great snack to go along with your hot cup of coffee or tea.Eaten alone,muffin are a wonderful tasting snack. They are a snack that the kids would love you for making. A hot favorite with all age groups you are sure in for some... - 36.9725


Traditionally when fondue is made you begin with rubbing the garlic cloves in the fondue pot & then add wine & cheese to it.I made fondue for my family on Christmas in the same traditional manner not letting it loose it's flavor. - 31.4412

Fruit Punch

A great way to beat the heat. Fruit punch is a perfect drink for a hot summer day to refresh you. With cranberries, orange juice, lemon juice and soda you are sure to have a great time discovering wonderful flavors that all go to add the extra punch that... - 36.619

Espresso Tiramisu

This is a great lemony Tiramisu dessert made with rum in it.I like to have my Tiramisu with alcohol because liquor takes it to sublime height. You can now make this winderful Italian dessert right at home. - 35.4392

Classic Cupcake

A classical vanilla cupcake recipe.Simple, easy to make and ready in no time at all these delicious cupcakes are great with a cup of cinnamon tea. Enjoy a splendid evening with a hot cup of tea and dig into a freshly baked batch of cupcakes. - 36.4366

Valentine Day Cupcake

Wondering how to express your feelings to your loved one...?Your search ends here...This is an absolutely gorgeous cupcake which will say it ALL for you. Express your love with these freshly baked delicious treat. - 36.2802


Make these colorful cupcakes for your kids party.Colorful cupcakes have always been a hit amongst little kids.Kids love to eat their favorite color cupcake with lots of candies sprinkled on them. - 25.2205

Original Tiramisu

I had never tried a liquor based Tiramisu until my sister in law made one for me.Here,Tiramisu, is prepared with a generous quantity of dark rum,to be served to all those who would love to have a liquor dessert after their meal. - 35.5162


Tiramisu is one of most liked desserts across the globe.The origin of Tiramisu has been a topic of debate but for all those who enjoy bitting into this great dessert really don't bother where it comes from. - 34.3346

Pork Chop

This Pork chops recipe is for all those people who love to eat grilled food. Cooking outdoors can be a lot of fun. Molasses gives a great flavor to this pork chop recipe. Enjoy your favorite piece of meat the grilled way. - 26.6781


I have baked cheese ziti for a long time now but was looking for something which cuts down on the fat content in the dish.It was then that I came up with this super low fat Ziti recipe. A dish that is ready in minutes and absolutely gorgeous. Venture into a... - 30.7912

Vanilla Orange Julius

This Orange Julius recipe is especially for my friend Alok.A delicious and refreshing drink it is low on calories & healthy too. - 31.1393

Leftover Turkey With Vegetables

Wondering what to do with your leftover turkey? Here is a delicious Leftover turkey soup recipe that combines the goodness of mushrooms & parsley. Simple & easy to make. Do try it and let me know how it turned out for you. - 34.5522

Leftover Turkey Pie

Leftover turkey is being used to make a pie. You never know what you can do with leftover turkey but sometimes you can do magic with your hands.I make lots of stuff with my leftover turkey & make some delicious leftover turkey pie recipe. Enjoy! - 27.2038

Leftover Turkey

Have you have got Leftover Turkey?Here is what you would love doing with it...these rolls are absolutely delicious, easy to make and an anytime snack. You can also serve them as an appetizer at your next gathering. - 23.6113

Creamy Lobster Bisque

I have been always wanting to make a lobster bisque and this was my very first attempt. With expert advice from a friend it turned out to be a real delicious treat. Believe me, it is not so difficult to make one. Here’s a recipe that would make it real easy... - 35.845

Lobster Bisque

A delicious Lobster Bisque recipe with chicken broth & lots of other great flavors. A wonderful combination of flavors. I am sure you would love cooking this for your family and friends. - 38.0124

Cheesy Lobster Bisque

Lobster Bisque is a thick, well seasoned & creamy soup. Lobster Bisque is essentially made with lobster but you can make a variety of Bisque with crabs,shrimps & crayfish. - 28.6657

Pulled Pork

This is an amazingly easy Pulled pork recipe that you can make in 20 minutes. The subtle flavors and aroma of this delicious dish is one that you would like to come home to after a really hectic day at work. - 36.5864

Pulled Pork Barbecue

Have you been wondering what stuffing to put into your bun? This Pulled pork is a perfect filling for for your sandwich. Take a bite. Heavenly, isn't it? - 32.9705

Baked Ziti

I loved the delicious flavors of the Ziti when I first had it. This is what motivated me to go ahead and try it. Turned out to be absolutely amazing.Ziti cooked with beef, tomatoes and topped with my favorite ...cheese...just not able to have enough of it.... - 32.9237

Vanilla Flavored Chilled Orange Julius

For all those who like liquor based drinks try this orange julius recipe with dark rum. An absolutely refreshing drink that you would love. - 28.5903

Chilled Orange Julius

This is a classic orange julius recipe that is easy to make & great to taste.Orange julius is a refreshing drink just the thing you need to beat the summer heat. - 29.3483

Orange Julius

With a little creativity you can do a lot in your kitchen. This Orange Julius recipe is one such fabulous dish.I had this great orange julius pie at a mall shop in LA. I wanted to give it a try and created a pie with a popular orange julius recipe and the... - 42.2122

Rum Cake Using Yellow Cake Mix

This Rum cake recipe is my dad's special. This is one of his favorite recipes and he loves baking it whenever there is a gathering at home. The smell of rum, walnuts and all is something that I just love. I am sure that you would love this too. - 35.0192

Easy Mole Sauce

Chicken with easy mole sauce is a very popular dish. Here is an easy mole sauce recipe. - 33.4414


You can make Jambalaya with just about any meat. Rice is the most important ingredient of a Jambalaya recipe in fact, to the extent that the dish is incomplete without rice. This is another of my Jambalaya recipe. - 27.4437

Sausage And Shrimp Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a one dish meal that is absolutely delicious. It is a Southern delight that combines wonderful ingredients like sausages, bacon and shrimps cooked in a variety of recipes. This is a simple and mouthwatering recipe for you to make it at home. - 35.1936

White Wine With Halibut

My friend's recipe of Halibut recipe.It's a pan fried recipe with lots of great flavors in it.You will simply love this fish cooked in butter, lime juice, wine and with the flavor of garlic. A wonderful treat indeed. - 30.3614

Grilled Halibut

This is grilled Halibut recipe. This recipe is just right for when you want a change and take the cooking outdoors. Heat your grill and get ready to enjoy a meal that is absolutely wonderful. - 31.5082


Looking for a Halibut recipe?Here is one of many ways of making it. This is one recipe that my friend had made at a gathering. Believe me I just couldn't get this irresistible taste out of my head and just had to try it. It was divine. Try it and you will... - 33.7231

Taco Salad

Taco Salad is one of the best ways of stuffing tacos & tortilla chips.This is a very popular taco salad recipe & is made almost the same way every where. Enjoy!! - 37.2856

Butternut Squash

Simply delicious Butternut Squash Soup recipe with ginger & lemon flavors. - 34.5935

Blended Butternut Squash

My mother loves to make butternut squash soup for dinner.This is her recipe of a delicious butternut squash soup. I just love this recipe. Try it and do let me know how it turned out for you. - 34.0362

Baked Butternut Squash

A very easy to make Butternut squash recipe.Just make it and eat it. enjoy the delicious flavor and taste of Butternut squash. A real quick and easy recipe for when you are short on time and want to have a tasty treat. - 26.3091

Easy Waffle With Chocolate

Waffles are a wonderful breakfast idea and kids just love them. A choclaty breakfast for the kids and I am sure you would be making them every single day after that. - 27.5069

Blueberry Waffle

Easy to make Waffle with strawberry.You can make a variety of waffle combinations.This one here is a fruit based waffle recipe. - 29.3662


Simple and easy to make waffles to kickstart your day. This is a traditional Belgian waffle that makes a lovely breakfast food. This is one of my favorite recipes, do try it and let me know how it turned out for you. - 29.5351

Leavened Waffle

This is a simple & traditional Waffle recipe,made with flour,yeast,eggs & butter.I like to eat a waffle as it is with my cup of coffee but there can always be a variation.Add a waffle to your cup of ice cream and see how the taste and the crunchiness makes... - 37.6267

Eggnog With Cherry

This recipe of the eggnog is one that you would surely drool over. Eggnog is one great addition to this cherry bread that is delicious and is just right for your table this Christmas. - 34.8131

Delicious Eggnog

Here is another great tasting Eggnog recipe for you all.This is made with cinnamon & tastes lovely with the spicy,sweet flavor of cinnamon.There are different ways of making the drink,this is one delicious way to do it. - 33.4371

Eggnog Rum

This is an authentic Eggnog recipe with white rum & brandy in it.Liquor eggnogs are very popular on Christmas & Thanksgiving & who says no to a liquor drink anyway. - 31.9525


This simple and easy Eggnog recipe is one that can be made within no time. It is a traditional Christmas & Thanksgiving drink, that is associated with the festive season. Celebrate your special moments. - 29.3453

Blackberry Surprise

Great tasting Blackberry Punch with white rum.Lovely liquor based blackberry punch that combined with orange & pineapple juice. Have a blast. - 28.116

Blackberry Drink

This Blackberry Smoothie is a great drink to beat the heat.Healthy & low on fat, it is one of the best smoothies that I have ever tasted or made.Blackberries taste really nice when mixed with milk. - 29.7435


This Blackberry Yogurt is so easy to make that even kids can make it.It is healthy & low on fat.All you need is yogurt,blackberries & sugar and you can whip up this delight in no time at all. - 27.0773

Blackberry Tart

Blackberries are a highly versatile ingredient. This blackberry tart just goes to prove that. Try this recipe and drop a comment. A yummy treat for you, friends and family. - 33.738

Garlic Pork Chop

My brother loves pork chops & these happen to be his favorite.Sharing this very simple & easy to make pork chop recipe. You are sure to love these. - 23.4602

Nutty Zucchini Bake

Here is an easy recipe for Zucchini bread. It's a good breakfast time bread & you can have a zucchini bread without any spread since there are so many nice flavors to it already. I love a slice of zucchini bread with my glass of milk in the morning. - 43.4749


Zucchini stuffed with meat.I hardly cook Zucchini any other way because the meat gives it an excellent taste & your children won't frown eating green vegetable. - 29.9036

Fish Curry

Fish Curry preparation differs from region to region.The taste of a Fish Curry changes with every changing region in India.Fish curry made in Punjab very different from the one made in Kerela or Goa.Fish Curry,as I make it,has flavours from Koncon &... - 43.8989


Naan is a part of breads menu in Indian cooking.Naan is a kind of roti but is quite unlike it.Naan is a flat,round bread made with milk,salt & yeast or baking powder.Naan is served hot with dripping ghee or butter on it makes a great accompaniment for Indian... - 39.4967

Dum Lamb Biryani

Biryani comes from Hyderabad.This Biryani is made with Lamb & rice,cooked in Dum. - 45.9372

Cucumber Raita

Raita is curd served with some vegetable or fruit mixed in it.Cucumber Raita is cucumber grated or sliced mixed in curd.Cucumber Raita is a part of the main dish. - 33.4358

Banana Chutney

Banana chutney comes from the southern region of India.Banana is one of the most commonly used ingredient in Deccan food.Ripped Bananas are used to make this Chutney. - 35.5387

Cheese Paratha

Paratha has been a part of Indian food since time immemorial.Chesse Paratha is a creamy variant of the regular made Paratha.Mozilla cheese is used for making this Paratha. - 30.7093


Falafel,I always thought were Indian snacks but a food buddy told me that Falafel are from Middle East.She tells me,Falafel are fried balls or patties.I remember my mom making Falafel all the time at home & she made Falafel quite an Indian way with lots of... - 48.4973

Chocolate Coconut Crunch Pie

This chocolate coconut crunch pie is one with a real difference. A wonderful combination of chocolate and coconut it is just what you need to satiate your sweet tooth. - 48.0579

Chocolate Chip-peanut Butter Pie

A very easy to make chocolate Chip Peanut Pie with lots of great flavors in it.This Chocolate chip Peanut Butter Pie is so easy to make that you can make this even with your kids.15 mintues & your Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Pie is ready. - 32.4194

Chocolate Chip Nut Pie

I am giving you three versions of making this chocolate Chip Pie.In this Chocolate Chip Pie you can either use Black Walnuts or Chopped Pecans.Which ever way you make this Chocolate Chip Pie,it will come out beautifully. - 39.6684

Chocolate Banana Pudding Pie

Chocolate banana pudding pie is a superb anytime treat. A quick and easy recipe it is for anyone who loves chocolates. Chocolate and banana or what a great feeling!! - 36.7854

Cherry Cream Pie

This Cherry Cream Cheese Pie is creamy & cheesy.Delicious Cherry Cream Pie made on a Graham Cracker pie.Traditional Cherry Cream Pie for Christmas & Thanksgiving. - 37.4238

Cherry Cream Cheese Pie

If you are eating a Cream Cheese Pie,don't count on calories.This Cream Cheese Pie is delicious & easy to make.Cream Cheese Pie is a great holiday dessert. - 45.1153

Cherry Almond Pie

Cheery Almond Pie is a great Christmas & Thanksgiving dessert.Cherries & Almond combined make a great recipe that your friends & family will love.Cherry almond Pie is a crunchy not so sweet pie with lovely flavors of cream cheese,vanilla & chocolate curls. - 41.4913

Peach Apple Pie

Apples & Peaches make a delicious combination. Try this Peach Apple pie recipe by mixing the fruits in with butter,sugar & flour.Serve with French vanilla ice cream & a dash of cinnamon sprinkle.Enjoy!! - 45.5511

Apple Rhubarb Pie

Looking for an Apple Rhubarb Pie recipe?Look no further,try this recipe of Apple Rhubarb Pie and you are sure to love the delicious flavor.Serve this popular American dessert for your party this weekend. - 44.0527

Chocolate Sponge Pie

Chocolate sponge pie made out of grounded chocolate,flour,sugar & eggs.Mix in the ingredients with grounded chocolate,bake till it passes the knife test.Serve with ice cream or whipped cream. - 37.8561

Carrot Raisin Bar

Deliciously nutty recipe for Carrot Raisin Bar made easy.This double layered bar is absolutely out of this world. You would love both the creamy bottom layer & the crunchy top layer. Yumm... - 42.1373

Carrot Cake

This is a very popular tried and tested recipe for delicious Carrot cake.It has a rich taste and color that makes it irresistible. I am sure you would enjoy the little twist I have added with my set of ingredients. - 48.8206

Caramel Nut Angel Pie

This caramel nut angel pie is made with two ice creams -chocolate and vanilla.Bake the Caramel pie & garnish with nuts & vanilla.Enjoy!! - 44.9039

Caramel Apple Pie

Great tasting Caramel Apple Pie that will melt in your mouth.Easy to make Caramel Apple Pie. Nutty Caramel Apple Pie. - 40.1835

Fried Apple Pie

Learn how to make Fried Apple Pie. An easy to make recipe, this is easy to follow and great for even a beginner.Your search for a great apple pie recipe ends right here! - 40.2128

Fresh Strawberry Glaze Pie

A perfect Strawberry pie recipe for this Christmas.Easy to make and the perfect dessert for this festive season.A must try. Do let me know how it turned out for you. - 46.7578

Fresh Peach Pie

This is an easy peach pie recipe. With a lot of richness and taste, this pie recipe has great flavor. A great recipe for anyone who loves peaches. - 32.1545

French Lemon Pie

Do take a look at this traditional French Lemon Pie. I am sure you would want to try it for sure.This Lemon Pie will tickle your tangy taste buds.Enjoy!! - 42.5381

Freezer Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is a very popular dessert on Christmas.This Pumpkin Pie has Pecan & Ginger in it.Enjoy this Pumpkin Pie with sumptuous quantity of Vanilla ice cream.Delicious Pumpkin Pie that your kids will love. - 41.1559

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Take a look at this delicious Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.This is my personal favorite. It tastes out of this world when served with honey. - 48.0103

Fluffy Peanut Butter Pie

Absolutely gorgeous Peanut Butter Pie.Serve with a generous helping of whipped cream.Peanut Butter pie enriched with Chocolate baking chips....an absolute delight. - 42.3928


A popular Latin American Flan.Here is an authentic tried and tested recipe to delicious baked Flan that you would find in most of the American restaurants.Serve with whipped cream. - 40.5369

Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Recipe made with Lemon & Vanilla. This is a simple and easy Pie recipe with Sweet Potato. - 42.0068

Elderberry Pie

My dad's favorite Elderberry pie. This is a Classic Elderberry pie with a double crust and a dash of lemon juice. - 35.067

Eggnog Pie

Eggnog pie recipe is a traditional Thanksgiving and New Year's Day recipe. This is a traditional 19th century eggnog recipe for all to enjoy. - 44.1563

Egg Custard Pie

A great tasting Egg custard Pie. It is a really simple and easy Egg Custard Pie Recipe. It is for everyone. No complexity involved. You can serve this in a big party or make it quickly for a unplanned get together. A simply irresistible dessert. - 38.7329

Ecclefechan Tarts

This Ecclefechan Tarts recipe is my favorite. This Dry Fruit Tart recipe is full of nutts. It makes a great dessert after dinner, but can also be eaten anytime to sweeten your mood. Prepare and enjoy Ecclefechan Tarts. - 45.1159

Mince Pie

Finely chopped apples in a Meat pie.A variety of traditional Meat pie with dates & raisins.A very popular American Meat pie. - 32.3529

Easy Margarita Pie

Absolutely superb Margarita Pie.Want to bake a strawberry Margarita Pie...look no further,an excellent Margarita Pie with frozen strawberry & graham cracker. - 36.8012

Easy Chocolate Cream Cheese Pie

For all those who love chocolate based recipe,come try my Chocolate cream cheese pie.Chocolate cream cheese pie made from unsweetened baking chocolate.Make my Chocolate Cream Cheese pie & tell me how you liked it. - 45.292

Dutch Apple Tart

This is a classic Dutch Apple Tart made with butter,apple & Nutmeg.Originated in Netherlands,the Dutch Apple pie is now served across the world for it's taste & richness. - 36.4264

Dutch Apple Pie

This is a great tasting Dutch Apple Pie with low sugar.The ingredients used in Dutch Apple pie will give you the same taste but at a low cal scale.For all those who fear eating too much of sweet on festivals should try this Dutch Apple Pie. - 45.2883

Dried Cherry Apple Pie

A dear Apple Cherry Pie recipe.A double crust Apple cherry pie recipe with a wonderful cinnamon aroma.Treat your loved ones this Christmas with this wonderful Apple Cherry Pie. - 40.7766

Dried Apricot Pie

Cook apricots in water until pulppy. Soften gelatine in water. Mix egg yolks, brown sugar, salt, lemon juice and apricot pulp. Cook over low heat. Stir constantly until thick. Add gelatine. Chill until firm. Beat egg whites and sugar until stiff. Whip cream;... - 38.7631

Downside-up Apple Pecan Pie

A rare Downside up Apple Pecan pie an absolute delight this festive season.Apple pecan Pie with caramel pecan layer flavored with nutmegs,lemon juice & cinnamon.Apple Pecan pie that you will never miss. - 48.6303

Dried Apple Pie

Everybody's Thanksgiving Apple Pie.This is my creation of Dried Apple Pie for all my friends & relatives. - 35.2204

Double Layer Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie that you would want to share with all.Double Layered Pumpkin pie that you will make every year for all your near & dear ones.Wiped cream gives a smooth,creamy flavor to this Double Layered Pumpkin pie. - 47.418

Double Chocolate Pie

Pamper your kids with this chocolaty double Chocolate Pie.A chocolate pie that you will cook with your kids.Gift this lovely Chocolate pie to your children this Christmas. - 45.4502