Lisagtrainer's Recipes

Great Tasting Low Fat Omelet

MAKING 1. On a skillet spray oil and cook egg whites on medium high. 2. Once the egg is cooked, put turkey breast over it followed by chopped broccoli. 3. Sprinkle cheese over it. SERVING 4. Serve it as breakfast with your choice of bread. - 107.588

Chocolate Lover's Pie - Quick, Easy, Delicious

Rich, decadent, great tasting dessert that won't leave you feeling guilty tomorrow. - 25.5539

Turkey Garden Burger

These lean turkey burgers are moist, full of flavor, and perfect for grilling! - 21.3608

Low Fat Banana Cream Pie

Great tasting, low calorie dessert the whole family will enjoy. - 22.5725

Healthy Homemade Pizza

Everything tastes better homemade! Great tasting, low fat, whole wheat crust, everyone will love it! - 36.6355