RVCookingShow's Recipes

Turkey Gravy And Roux

Learn how to make turkey gravy and learn how to make a roux in this RV Cooking Show holiday 2-Minute RV Kitchen Tip episode. - 102.536

Stuffed Banana Boats

MAKING 1. Cut the ends of the banana off and slice through the length of the banana. 2. Peel away a little of the peel and stuff with 2 ounces of chocolate and1 tablespoons peanut butter into the middle. 3. Fold the stuffed banana in an aluminium foil. 4.... - 92.7231

Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches

MAKING 1. Place Oatmeal Raisin Cookie on a plate. 2. Spoon the Ben & Jerry's Mud Pie Ice cream ice cream on top of the cookie and squish the ice cream down. 3. Place another cookie on top and press down slightly. 4. Place on a sheet and place in the... - 89.3465

Grilled Salmon With Dill Spice

Join us as we share the high points of the Olympic National Park then shows you how to make tasty salmon in a foil pouch on the grill in this episode of the RV Cooking Show. - 99.9964

Pizza On The Grill

Do you love Las Vegas - really who doesn't? Watch this episode of the RV Cooking Show and see the sights then learn the secret to preparing personal pizzas on the grill. (No, the dough does not oouze thru the grill grates.) - 106.402

Brunch Quiche

Take a virtual tour of historic Vicksburg, MS with RV Cooking Show host Evanne Schmarder and then learn how to make a beautiful breakfast quiche and pasta salad - perfect for any special brunch occasion. - 105.305

Grilled Panini Burgers

Discover this hidden gem of a National Park - Theodore Roosevelt - in North Dakota's Badlands with RV Cooking Show host Evanne Schmarder. After a full day exploring she'll show you how to make grilled "not-your-average-backyard" panini burgers and steak fries. - 107.871

All Purpose Dark Sweet Cherry Sauce

If you are looking for a sauce that saves you from any extra work, here is just the recipe for you. Try making this all-purpose dark sweet cherry sauce. This sauce goes great with desserts and grilled meat. Watch the video for whole recipe. - 105.353

Grilled Pork Chops With Compound Butter

Here is great recipe for a wonderful meal. The recipe is for Grilled pork chops, to know about the recipe you must watch the video. The chef should a simple and great way to prepare the dish. - 103.014

Grilled Fruits With Honey Balsamic Glaze

Summer in Lake Tahoe is delightful but add some fresh, fragrant grilled fruit (think peaches, plums, strawberries, and figs) and it is devine! Watch and learn in this episode, RV Cooking Show - Lovely Lake Tahoe and Luscious Grilled Fruit. Enjoy!! - 113.508

Pressed Cuban Sandwiches With Paulette's Cuban Cowboy Caviar Salad

The RV Cooking Show heads to the West Coast of Florida to bring you the beautiful beaches of Cortez and two Cuban taste sensations...pressed cuban sandwiches on the grill and our guest Paulette's "cuban cowboy caviar". What a wild ride...c'mon along!! - 105.311

Sweet Crepes

Terrific for breakfast or dessert, for company or just the two of you, the RV Cooking Show invites you to check out this little story of three crepes and a castle. It's delicious! - 113.14

Greek Salad

Discover the best of all worlds in this "international" edition of the RV Cooking Show. Say "Tarpon Springs" and you really mean Greek...tour the town and take on a tasty Greek Salad with a chopped Twist...it's delicious! - 111.683

Grilled Fajitas

Historic missions, a flowing river, fresh and fabulous produce...and toilet seats!?!? San Antonio has it all. Join your RV Cooking Show friends as we tour this Texas gem then get ready for your own fiesta with these fajitas prepared 100% on the grill! - 110.284

Slow Cook Navy Beans With Ham Steak

Here is another simple dish made with navy beans and ham to make a delicious meal. This is a dish for many who like beans and some corn bread. Watch the recipe for the whole recipe. - 101.836

Turkey Stuffing With Onion And Celery

Come Thanksgiving, and all the chefs are looking for a way to make turkey. Here is a suggestion to make a turkey stuffing to compliment turkey. This recipe is simple and usable even for first time cook. - 102.863

Tri-tip Bbq

Known as California's BBQ, Santa Maria Tri-Tip is nearly as easy as it is delicious. The RV Cooking Show is tickled to bring you this "Live at Flying Flags RV Resort" episode called Taste of Flying Flags with a bonus insider look at Enjoy Cupcakes. Enjoy... - 101.882

Baked Goat Cheese Salad And Walnut Honey Sauced Brownie

In this RV Cooking Show episode of the Food, Fun & Friends at Flying Flags series we'll visit with two Santa Ynez Valley 'oil barons' and make two elegant dishes with the fruits of their labor. RVing and camping just doesn't get any more local or luscious... - 113.264

Piadina Italian Sandwiches

Always interested in exploring an are without stepping foot in my pickup truck, I was tickled to put together this episode of the Food, Fun and Friends at Flying Flags RV Cooking Show series aptly named Flying Flags Walking Tour. Join me as I learn about... - 112.204

Cashew Chili

The RV Cooking Show presents Dinner and a Movie starring a visit with David Walker of Firestone Walker Brewing Company in Buellton, California and Monte Roberts - the Horse Whisperer – at his Flag is Up Farms in Solvang, California. Whip up a pot of... - 119.296

Seafood Pasta With Sliced Beef And Burrate Salad With Arugula And Citronette

Accomplished Trattoria Grappolo Chef Giorgio Curti visited Flying Flags RV Resort and prepared 3 Italy-inspired dishes for our RV Cooking Show luncheon episode - Gourmet Guests. Boy, are you in for a treat! - 116.542

Lavender Lemon Drop Martini Cocktail

For the lavender lovers, here is a beautifully prepared martini flavored with culinary lavender! Thanks to Chef Evanne for the interestingly deep insight on the culinary lavender, which makes the preparation of lavender lemon drop martini all the more... - 112.76

Grilled Ham And Cheese Sandwich

All those who prefer sandwich with ham here is a breakfast sandwich which gives you all the energy to start your day. Enjoy a brief tour to Hudson valley in New York with the chef before she makes the sandwich and gives innovative ideas to serve them. A great... - 105.374

White Bean Pesto Dip

What more fullfilling can it get for lovers of beans than a white bean rich side to accompany their favorite snacks! Thanks to Chef Evanne's outdoor tour to Linabelle's Gourmet Garlic Farm to share intuitive information about garlic. Pita chips or fresh... - 118.344

Slow Cooked Turkey Breast

An unconventional turkey recipe created by the chef is a must try this Thanks Giving season. Make turkey breast absolutely luscious and flavorful following the chef's recipe. Tempting and great for potluck or over any other occasion all the year long. - 109.917

Spinach And Mushroom Quiche And Pasta Salad For Brunch

What a better way to celebrate Mother's Day than a quick and delightful brunch all made by you! Beginning with a virtual historic tour to Vicksburg watch the chef making this amazing combination of Spinach and Mushroom Quiche with a side of Pasta Salad.... - 115.928

Grilled Portabella Mushroom Burger With Stewed Grilled Blue Cheese Tomatoes

Diet freaks and health food lovers here are heart-friendly low-fat foods to instantly satisfy taste-buds and appetite. Note useful tips from Evanne as she reveals essential stock-up of daily cooking ingredients in her compact kitchen before cooking. Treat... - 123.948

Champagne Shrimp And Pasta

Looking for a special Valentine's Day treat? Or maybe you just want to treat your loved ones to an exotic meal that is sure to please their taste buds...either way, this recipe video is just the thing for you. Watch and learn to make an interesting dish that... - 111.292

Tortellini Salad

If you want to try pasta in salad, here is the right one for you. Take intuitive tips and information about pots and pans from Chef Evanne before she begins the recipe. Wholesome salad, with sizzling drink. Truly scintillating! - 116.557

Fish Cioppino

Calling fans of seafood and fish- Cioppino- the signature San Francisco dish is a must try. Take a visual tour through the video with the chef into locales of San Francisco while she discusses the dish. Make this restaurant style dish pooling up all... - 120.813

Healthy Steamed Greens

On the lookout for a healthy dish that is easy to make and promises to taste really good? Then watch this video and learn to make steamed vegetables with dipping sauces that will add so much taste to otherwise bland greens that you would want to make this... - 111.3

New Year Crostini And Bruschetta

New Year revelers, begin the year with a bang with these amazing party appetizers over the New Year's eve. Virtually enjoy the chef's experience of kinetic races in Arcada along California's Northern Coast before she begins cooking. Get delighted with Toasty... - 120.107

Gourmet Trash Can Turkey

You must be knowing several ways to roast a turkey perfectly, however this is an amazing process which you could never thought of. Yes, this video demonstrates the easy process to cook up the turkey by covering with clean trash can and firing charcoals all... - 116.499

Foil Grilled Taco Chicken

For most Mexican food freaks what more can be interesting than chicken cooked with taco seasoning! In the video Chef Evanne uses exclusive Kraft products to make a perfectly grilled chicken. Perfect for a simple everyday meal or for outdoor barbecues! - 100.958

Chicken Breasts In Sesame Dressing With Pasta

All those who like fried and crispy chicken here is a quick and crispy chicken preparation. Watch the video with Chef Evanne making flavorful Kraft Foods style chicken just right for lunch. A wholesome affair indeed! - 97.0411

Pico De Gallo, Mango Salsa And Salsa Verde

If you want to have salsa and are a little adventurous, here is an ensemble of salsa on your plate with different variations. Take a quick virtual tour along the Riverside area of California along with the chef before beginning to make the salsa. Enjoy the... - 117.878

Low-sodium Cheese Chicken

If you like chicken and are on a low sodium diet, here's the right recipe for you. Inspired by the chef's friends at Kraft Foods, the chicken can be either made on a skillet or inside an oven with rich flavors of cheese and other ingredients. Try this easy... - 115.55

Creamy Southern Corn Casserole

For all Southern food fans -this classic Southern USA recipe is a great side with chicken dishes such as broiled or roasted chicken. Beginning with info on wild life amid the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the video watch the chef make this creamy and... - 115.928

Maryland Steamed Shrimp

Wanna try shrimp in a steamed version, this dish is a not-to-miss affair. Take a quick interesting tour with the chef into the town of Anapolis in Maryland before learning to cook. Just a few ingredients to go with the shrimp, the shrimp dish is just right... - 111.871

West Florida Style Key Lime Pie

Citrus food lovers, Key Lime Pie - the signature dessert from Key West Florida is truly universal . Thanks to chef Evanne's interesting information about Key West Florida region during the making of the pie. Using easily available ingredients, make this... - 113.17

Chicken In Marsala Wine

For all you chicken habitats here is a chicken preparation infused with flavor of marsala wine. Experience a virtual treat of the Falling Water Park in South West Pennysylvania with the chef before she begins to cook. Satiate taste-buds and savory cravings... - 115.362

South Dakota-style Chicken Bake

This anniversary dinner charm your guests by presenting them this flavorful and luscious chicken preparation from South Dakota! The chef's virtual tour across the Badlands National Park located in the South Dakota Black Hills is truly engaging! Fasten your... - 101.936

Grilled Meat For Camp

Cravers of any grilled meat, here is an outdoor grill recipe with simple flavors and easy to make. Take a virtual tour across the desert town of Bend in Central Oregon with the chef before she begins to cook. Use your favorite meat(steak, chicken or fish)... - 116.834

Sweet Potato Fries For Burger Or Sandwich

If you are an eater of exotic sandwich and burger here’s a simply great side to accompany made from sweet potatoes. Take a refreshing tour along with the chef across Georgia state particularly Cordial famous for watermelons and its National Park before she... - 112.664

Shrimp In Asparagus

Seafood lovers, how about trying shrimp with asparagus, here is a richly flavored shrimp dish you can enjoy over any meal. Thanks to the chef's tour into the little town of Port Aransas off the mainland Texas Gulf coast, prior to begin the recipe. Prepare the... - 117.789

Rock Fish In Lemon Butter Caper Sauce

Sea-Food Freaks or lovers, donot miss this saucy and meaty preparation with Rockfish right from the Pacific coast along California. Take a virtual walk with the chef into the Dockside Fish Market along the Central California coast before she makes this... - 119.486

Peanut Butter Pasta

If you want to try out pasta with peanut flavor, this one just right for you. Take a brief nice tour of the Portland Oregon located in Pacific North west with the chef before she starts cooking. With a few easily available ingredients and peanut butter of... - 111.517

Hot Chocolate Fudge Topping

For satiating sweet cravings through a dessert here's an amazing chocolate fudge that can make any dessert a sheer visual delight. Experience the chef's romantic escapes into the Big Bend National Park in Texas, San Francisco and other interesting places as... - 113.835

New England Style Fish Chowder

New England style Fish Chowder is a must try for all seafood lovers. Thanks to Chef Evanne for the wonderful tour along the coast of Maine in the New England before she starts with the recipe. From scallops to shrimps, cod fish and clams almost every common... - 117.787

Rosemary And Thyme Pork Arista

Pork aficionados here is a great way to celebrate special occasions- be it New Years Eve, Birthdays or anniversaries. Enjoy the lovely tour with the chef into the small town of Desert Springs, California before she cooks. Fabulous pork arista roasted with... - 109.674

Almonds In Soy Sauce

If nuts particularly almonds are a frequent part of your diet , here is a fusion style almond preparation that can be used just as you want. Know interesting information about Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona, from the chef before she begins to cook.... - 112.116

Traditional Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce

Looking for an easy way to make the traditional cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving? Then this video is just the thing for you. Watch and learn to make the perfect sauce that will add oodles of taste to your cooked-to-perfection turkey. This Thanksgiving, get... - 106.917

Fall-apart Tender Pork

For those who want to enjoy pork in its most tender form, here is the right one for you. While the dish cooks, know interesting information about travelling in Washington DC from her. With few flavors and pork, make this simple dish and serve with sides to... - 110.841

Dill And Lemon Salmon

For those who enjoy seafood and salmon here is a simple dish made using salmon and a few simple ingredients. Take a visual tour with Evanne through the Olympic National park and nearby locales in North Western Washington State. Make and serve the salmon... - 110.116


Refreshing mojitos are much loved during summers and what better than this delicious Cuban mojito cocktail can make your day! Get a hang of the picturesque Florida Keys region and try your hands on the quick and easy cocktail pepped up with fresh flavors. A... - 113.593

Classic Mexican Huevos Rancheros

All Mexican food cravers here is a classic breakfast dish with tortilla. Virtually enjoy a lovely tour inside the 505 Chile Factory to see the making of their Chili sauce.Tortilla filled with simple and varied ingredients with a garnish of Albuquerque's... - 101.243

Guacamole For Chips

Mexican food lovers fond of avocado here is a special treat, a must enjoy side. Watch Chef Evanne in the video making regional restaurant style Guacamole from Tucson, Arizona. Great with chips and truly irresistible! - 106.402

Traditional Broccoli Salad

A typical regional delight from New York! Chef Evanne talks about the Adirondack Park in New York in the video before beginning the recipe. Easy to make, it all involves tossing lightly steamed broccoli with simply interesting flavors and ingredients.... - 115.576