Veg foodie's Recipes

Cottage Cheese With Tomatoes And Peppers

An easy skillet tossed paneer/cottage cheese preparation made with vegetables like peppers and tomatoes. Seasoned and flavored with a hint of garam masala, this makes a great side, snack or appetizer! - 41.0789

Clove And Cardamom Tea With Holy Basil

A flavorful and healthy tea prepared with cloves and cardamom along with leaves of holy basil. it is both refreshing and can relieve sore throats and headaches. - 34.2619

Maggi Noodles With Soy Sauce

A quick to fix noodles snack made with maggi noodles. Flavored with soy sauce and chili sauce, this snacky noodles is quite savory and easily prepared. - 43.7605