Seeker54's Recipes

Thai Fermented Pork - Naam

Want to try a delectable continental dish, try fermented pork by Ning. She excels in recharging your culinary skills with this easy recipe. Add this into cook books of healthy cooking. - 92.5088

Pad See Ewe

You can now cook tasty Thai food at your home. Easy to make stir fried noodles include greens and meats for both taste and health. Make this dish at home and impress your guest with it. - 86.5876

Easy Egg Rolls

If you are looking forward to Thai snacks but not getting the right ideas, try Ning's simple Egg Rolls. The best thing about this dish is that it can be prepared at home with available ingredients. - 91.0943

Thai Chicken Feet In Green Curry

Want to try a Thai dish, try chicken feet in green curry and be lost in the taste. Blending a green curry paste, coconut milk and water, you can create an exotic flavor. Easy to make and mouthwatering, you are going to get hooked to it forever. - 99.9299

Thai Homemade Sausage

This Asian treat is easy to cook and good to eat. Now all oriental food lovers can easily make authentic Thai sausage with the help of Ning who intricately explains each step in detail. You can make this perfect meat delight in your home kitchen. - 86.1217

Easy Chicken With Cashew Nut Dish

Want to enjoy a perfect dinner at home? Try simple chicken with cashew nut and enjoy with rice. Easy detailing by chef can help you to make this delicious Thai dish in minutes. - 89.4671

Shrimp And Pineapple Yellow Thai Curry

Making Thai food had never been so easy! Shrimp and pineapple yellow curry is one of the most flavored Thai curry. Now you can cook the perfect dish with the help of Ning in a simple way and accomplish in home kitchen. - 85.9401

Delicious Pad Thai

Want to make delicious Thai food? Enjoy healthy cooking with Ning who makes this easy Thai noodles with vegetables. It's surely one of the most delicious thing you have ever tried. - 83.4028

Delectable Tom Yum Goong

Just when you feel like slurping on a bowl of Oriental goodness, this spicy, clear soup will surely appease. This hot and sour soup packs in a slew of ingredients  that gives it it's distinctive flavor. Easy to make and good to eat, this is one soup that... - 87.7329

Thai Egg Preparation

This is for Thai food lovers! This perfect egg dish can be made in your home kitchen as you find your way out with Ning. She helps you make the perfect Thai dish that you would just love. - 88.5996

Thai Masaman And Chicken Curry

Whether you are serving a feast or making a delicious dinner at home, Thai masaman and chicken curry ensures good taste every time! Celebrate any occasion with this delightful dish by Ning and be an expert cook. - 93.8314

Easy Thai Chicken With Ginger

Treat yourself with health and good taste with Chicken and ginger Thai dish. These rich and tasty dish with Ning can be prepared in minutes. Enjoy the most flavorful dish you have ever tasted! - 81.5601

Thai Fried Rice

Bored of having the regular dinner meals? Switch to Thai Fried Rice. Ning impresses with combination of assorted vegetable and rice. So what's cooking for today's dinner? - 82.4233

Spicy Pasta Thai Style

Thai style pasta with an assorted mix of colorful vegetable, shrimp and mushroom would just win your heat. Easy yet super to eat, it is tasty and extremely appealing to eyes. Try it with any available pasta of your choice. - 96.612